Myths vs Facts about Masturbation

Myths vs Facts about Masturbation

May is the National Masturbation Month in USA. As this being the month of masturbation, we intended to debunk some of the myths associated with masturbation. We feel these facts might take away the anxiety and fear associated with masturbation among several young men and women in India. Let us see some of the myths and facts.

Myth 1 - People don't masturbate when they are in a relationship / Married men and women don't masturbate

Fact - Self love is a great thing. Masturbation is a healthy aspect of life and it is part of married men and women as much during their adolescent days. You may love apple, but would you say no if a tasty banana is given to you. Similarly, masturbation is a sexual preference. Since it doesn’t hurt anyone, break any relationship, there is nothing wrong in someone indulging in masturbation even after marriage. There is no need to restrict yourself just because you are in a relationship.

Myth 2 - Regular masturbation make you porn addict

Fact - Porn and masturbation are two different things. A person can watch porn and not masturbate. And anyone can masturbate without the aid of porn video. Sometimes, porn and masturbation can go hand-in-hand. Just because someone watches porn doesn’t mean he or she is addicted to it, as they may watch it for an enjoyment. Anybody drinking a beer casually cannot be deemed as an alcoholic.

Addiction is a state which means you can no longer do anything without it. If you come to a stage that you won't get arousal or orgasm without watching porn, then you need to change yourself and that is a sure state of addition. If you no longer enjoy your partner who is near you with love and passion, and you are so hooked up to the photoshopped and staged beauty, then there is something seriously wrong with you and you should certainly seek help.

This behavior or state of mind has nothing to do with masturbation.


Myth 3 - Masturbation can lead to blindness

Fact - If that is true, the world would have ceased to exist as blind people can't create or do anything. So, it is baseless.

Myth 4 - I shouldn't tell my partner that I masturbate

Fact - But the fact is other way around. For many couples the most exciting experience is to see their partner masturbating in front of them. Phone sex, sexting are ofcourse are other forms of inciting masturbation.

But for many, knowing that their partner is masturbating in their absence can be very uncomfortable. It is better to keep 'see-nothing-say-nothing' policy with such partners. Ideally you need someone as a partner who will not probe whether you masturbate or not. He or she should be matured enough to understand that masturbation is part and parcel of your life and there is no need to brag about it.

Myth 5 - Your ability to climax during sex will diminish if you indulge in masturbation regularly

Fact - No. There is no truth in it. Masturbation will never affect your sex life or your ability to give and receive pleasure. In fact masturbation is a great way to know what gives you pleasure and thus you can guide your partner to act in ways your body likes. It actually helps in enjoying a better sex life. Sex is awkward during the first time for many people because they don't know what gives them pleasure and how to pace their moves.

Myth 6 - Masturbation can affect your fertility

Fact - No, not all. Your ability to produce sperm never dries up due to masturbation. Your body constantly produces more sperm. Similarly, women don't eject eggs every time you masturbate. Masturbation can never destroy your ability to having a baby.


Myth 7 - Masturbation can cause mental problems

Fact - Some may be feeling guilty about indulging in masturbation. Other than that, there is no way masturbation affects the mind. It is perfectly normal to have sexual urge and give vent to it in a way that is comfortable without hurting anyone. In fact it can relieve stress and mental worries.

Myth 8 - Masturbation is a must to stay healthy

Fact - No. This is never the case. You can still remain healthy without indulging in masturbation. While it is true that masturbation does have some health benefits, you can still remain healthy without masturbation as well.  If you don't feel the need to masturbate continuously for weeks or months, don't worry. You can still freak out. You need not consider yourself asexual, sometimes this kind of feeling too is natural.

So, if you are not masturbating, don't worry.