MOTOR BOATING - Sexopedia Term 37

Motor Boating Sexopedia Term

Motor boating has nothing to do with high-octane water sport. This is a sexual term that refers to placing your face in between your partner's breast and moving your head back and forth while making a hissing sound with your tongue and lips.

It is ideal for those who enjoy boob fetish and women who like boob attention can really enjoy motor boating. This can be ideally done when a woman is on top and during such intercourse she can push her breasts over the face of his man by leaning down and gag him a bit by forcing his face with her breasts.

Needless to say, motor boating is only for those women who have larger assets.

For women with smaller breasts, motor boating may not work out well as they may not be able to push their breasts together to cover the man's face completely.