Love's Arrow - Sex Position 60

Women like to be cuddled from behind. Give her a bear hug and slowly run your tongue along her neck line. That is the trigger and she could be turned ON instantly. When you know that she is wet down under, down turn her over. 

Make her stand and slightly lift her one leg. Hold that one leg so that she doesn't fall over. Ask her to lean against a wall using her hands touching the walls firmly so that you are behind her with your snake ready to get into action.

Now penetrate her from behind with one leg raised up. She could bear your thrust by balancing her hands on the wall. Make her lean in such a position that it is convenient for you to continue your action with your piston. She can stand in such a way that she is ready to beam out of an arrow.

This position could spell magic when it is done under a shower and when you both are wet, this position can be the best bet for an exploding climax.

Divine moment: While you push in and out, bend over and plant a kiss on her back

Pure nirvana: Stimulate her clits with one hand while you are in action