Lightning Strike - Sex Position - 114

This is an acrobatic position that requires physical strength and endurance. This thunderous position that allows both partners to enjoy a thoroughly orgasmic sex as this position allows for a deeper penetration and vaginal and clitoral stimulation for her.

Further, this position allows her to dominate the game and have better control over the direction and depth of penetration. Lightning Strike is a hard hitting position in which he leans back by positioning his buttocks on a small block while rests his legs on the ground for support.

She can position herself over your organ with her legs on the block and position her hands on your thighs for support. She can move forward and backwards and enjoy the pleasures of penetration.

As she is under control, she can pace the ride according to her wants and control penetration to experience vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

He can enjoy rubbing of vaginal juices over his organ hold her legs for position while she is in action.

Divine Moment: She bounces and quivers in pleasure during orgasm

Pure Nirvana: Say how divinely it feels to feel her vaginal juices dripping over your organ