Internal Enjoyment - Sex Position 178

Internal Enjoyment Sex Position

This is again a position in which you allow her to play the game to her satisfaction and you remain a mute participant until she screams in ecstatic orgasm.

Here, you lie down flat on your back and allow her to sit over your organ sidewards, not facing you. She will simply position her pleasure hole over your stiffened pillar and move up and down. She would be facing your right hand side and move herself up and down.

As she gathers pace, you can find her gasping and moaning in pleasure. As she is in complete control over the proceedings, she knows which part of her pleasure zone to get required pleasure and she can position her groin in such a way to receive maximum pleasure.

She will ensure she receives sufficient vaginal and clitoral stimulations to the point of achieving highly sensual orgasm. You can simply give her a hard missionary once she receives orgasm and probably allow her to experience multiple orgasm.

Divine moment:  Give him a surprise and then give him a hard grind

Pure nirvana: Experiencing a dose of femdom once in a while is good.