How to Use a Vibrating Penis Ring?

A vibrating ring is essentially an erection ring with a small vibrator. A vibrating ring makes your penis a little harder, bigger and more sensitive. Using a vibrating ring can make your sex lot more enjoyable and the kind of stimulation that you and your partner receives is unimaginable, that such sensations can never be experienced with your dick under normal circumstances.

When you begin to use vibrating ring for once, it is difficult for you to stop and even if you want to stop, your partner will insist using it as the sensations are truly out of the world.

How to wear a Vibrating Ring - Step by Step Guide

  1. It is recommended to shave your scrotum before putting a vibrating ring. Because if the vibrating ring is made up of latex or silicone, chances of your pubic hair getting stuck and pulled out is very high, which can lead to discomfort and distraction.
  2. Keep your hands also try. You need to grip the ring firmly and snap it at the right location.
  3. You need to put the ring when your organ is flaccid or not in a fully-erect state. This can make wearing the vibrating ring easier.
  4. Use little lube to make it go down quite easily.
  5. You can either wear it at the bottom of the shaft or around your balls. To put one around your balls, slip the testicles in one at a time, then fold the penis in half and slip it through.

Positioning it right

To allow your partner to get the full experience of the vibration, you need to position the ring properly.

Position 1 - For Clitoral Stimulation

Putting your vibrating ring in Facing up position will help you stimulate her clitoris. If you want to stimulate her clitoris, then you should position your vibrating ring as shown above

Position 2 - For Anal Stimulation

Putting your vibrating ring in Facing down position will help you stimulate her anus. When she wants an anal stimulation, then you can change the position and give her a sensual anal stimulation.

You and your partner can decide and try different positions by adjusting the position of the cock ring accordingly.

Careful About Battery Consumption

Turn the vibrating ring ON only when you are ready to use and switch off when you're taking a break. Remember, batteries in most of the vibrating rings don't last longer than 30 minutes.

If you are able to end your session well before 30 minutes, take out the batteries to preserve their life, otherwise you may have to use fresh batteries next time.

Changing batteries in the middle of action can drain the fun and nobody likes an interruption during passionate indulgence, what do you say?

So, be careful about your battery usage.


Remove the vibrating ring immediately if the following occurs:

-          Your organ begins to feel cold

-          Your penis swells noticeably, much more than just a little bit

-          Your penis beings to feel hurt

Even under normal conditions, it is not recommended to switch on vibrating ring for more than 20 minutes.  Leaving vibrating ring on for too long, wearing it incorrectly or wearing the wrong erection ring size can result in permanent damage to your ability to get erection normally.

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