How to use a condom correctly?

How to use a condom correctly?

Open the pack carefully:  Don't think you don't need this instruction as many people have torn the condom using sharp objects like scissors or knife while opening the pack. Don't use your teeth to open the pack either. Condom pack can be comfortably opened using your hand.

You should make sure you are not giving too much force as the outer pack is fragile enough that your force may tear the condom. Never use your nails to split open the pack. When you do such things you are at the risk of breaking the condom, which makes your sex completely unsafe.

Hold the tip: After removing the condom from the pack safely, hold the tip of the condom with one hand. Again, you should hold it gently. If you have sharp nails or hold it roughly, there is a possibility of condom tearing. So, you have to be gentle while holding the condom.

Roll it over your erect penis: After holding the condom at the tip, use the other hand and place the open end over the tip of your penis. Then gently roll it over your erect organ till the end.

Indulge in sex - Have fulfilling penetrative sex.

Post Sex - After ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom and pull out your penis from your partner's organ. Do this immediately before your penis become flaccid. Otherwise your condom will get loose and fall out letting the semen flow out. You have to be very careful while holding the condom so that you don't accidentally spill semen, which will defeat the very purpose of wearing a condom.

Tie the condom carefully and throw it away in the garbage. Don't flush it down the toilet as it can clog the drain pipes.

Never reuse - Condom is meant for single use. Never ever think of reusing the condom by washing it.

Don't worry if you lose erection while wearing a condom, this is very common. Change condom if you completely lose erection and use a new condom once when your penis is hard again.

Tips for Correct Condom Usage

Condoms are most commonly used for safer sex and to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs. But many are still not sure about the correct ways of using condoms. Using condoms correctly is important, as incorrect usage may lead to untoward consequences. Here are some simple tips for correct condom usage:

  1. Check the quality

Check weather the pack is intact. If you find lubricant seeping out, then you should not use the condom. Check also the expiry date. If the condom is close to expiry date or if it is older than 5 years, it is better not to use that condom and use a fresh one. Condoms will lose strength and flexibility as it ages. So, it is better to use condoms within 2 years of its production date. Though condoms come with 5 years of expiry and manufacturers say that it can be used safely for up to 5 years, it is better to restrict its usage to 2 years for best results.

  1. Open the pack carefully

Don't open the condom pack using a sharp device like scissors, knife or any other sharp objects as it can also tear the condom. Don't use your teeth or sharp nails to open it either. Condom packs can be easily opened with your finger. Don't also tear open the condom in the dark as you may not know whether you have damaged it accidentally.

  1. Put condom correctly

You should definitely learn to put on your condoms correctly. Wearing the condom improperly can be risky and may actually defeat the very purpose of using the condom.

  1. One at a time

There is a most popular myth that wearing double condoms, one over the other, can provide extra protection. It is under the belief that twice the condom means twice the safety. But it is a wrong idea. Wearing two condoms increases the risk of condom break as two condoms rub against each other, there is always a risk of condom tear due to friction.

  1. Ensure there is space at the tip

Make sure you use a condom that has teat at the front. Teat is meant to take your ejaculated load and makes is convenient to remove your condom safely as the semen gets settled down there. If there is no space at the tip, there is always a possibility of semen entering through the sides and come out from the outer opening.

  1. Know your lube

Never use oil based lubes while using a condom. Oil based lubricants react with latex negatively and lead to condom breakage. It can weaken the latex tissues leading to tears. So, always use water-based lubricants. Never use coconut oil, Vaseline, petroleum jelly and other oils as a lubricant.

  1. 30 minutes per condom

If you are able to go pretty long, say longer than 30 minutes, then you should remove the condom and put on a new one. Prolonged friction will weaken the surface of the condom and exposes you to the risk of mix up of bodily fluids. Usage upto 30 minutes is fine. But using it any longer is risky. So, it is better to wear a new condom to be on the safer side.

  1. Carefully remove after ejaculation

Don’t think just wearing condom makes you safe. Your ultimate safety relies on how carefully you remove your condom after ejaculation. If you don't remove it carefully, semen can seep down and fall into your partner's vagina, particularly when you are involved in post-coital cuddle.

So, after ejaculation, you should hold the tip and wait for a while and then hold on to the rim of the condom with other hand and remove it carefully from the organ. Then you should tie the condom at the top and dispose it carefully to your dust bin. Never flush it down your toilet as it could clog your drainage.

  1. Never reuse a condom

Remember, condoms are meant for single use and you should never reuse a condom. 

  1. Store condom safely

Condoms should be stored in dry, cool place. It should not be kept under the direct sunlight or heat. Never store condoms in your pocket or in your car as your body heat and heat generated in car can affect its texture and lubrication.