How to please your girl Emotionally in bed?

How to please your girl Emotionally in bed?

This is a big question before many young adults in India, particularly among bachelors, who have neither or very little sexual experience. Their idea of pleasing woman is derived solely from porn videos or erotic scenes shown in movies.

Little did they know that it has nothing to do with the size and shape of the body and it has nothing to with the size of the male organ too? Pleasing your girlfriend of wife in bed doesn’t call for six pack abs or that special stamina that propels you to push up between her thighs for an extended time.

Men in general are not aware that women in general are not impressed with the abs or energy or that vitality or vigor when it comes to sex. All that they expect is your ability to understand them, know their sensibilities both in bed and outside.

Women’s sexuality in general is quite complex and has many layers. To satisfy a woman in bed, you need to understand her sensibilities, you need to feel her completely and know what is going on in their mind at any given point of time and convert that understanding into action under the sheets.

Reducing your speed and going slow should happen by listening to her untold reactions. She may not have conveyed it on your face, yet should have the knack to pick it up clearly and the most important is executing it exactly the way she wants. 

The more time you spend working to understand their unique desires and needs, the more you will become uniquely suited to meet their needs in a way no random guy off the street could.

Then you become priceless to her and whatever you do, will amount to giving her complete satisfaction in bed.

If you want to please your woman completely and sweep her off the floor sexually, then you need to please her emotionally. You need to get into her skin and understand her inside out.

You can bang her ten thousand time, kiss her one thousand times and push your entire weight against her for hours, you can last 120 minutes in bed and indulge in most freakish ‘365 type positions during a session, but nothing will match when you can please her emotionally.

Confused about pleasing her emotionally?

Don’t worry, we are on track.

Many men assume that pleasing her begins and ends with sexual pleasure.

But in reality, pleasing her sexually is only a part of it. You don’t need to be a sex demigod to please a woman. All you have to do is to understand her from emotional perspective.

It is similar to driving experience. Whether you have an high powered expensive car or an ordinary one, you need to follow the rules of driving without which it will end up in a crash or complete stop at some point.

All you have to do is to spend some time with her. It is important to listen to her and understand her. When you are in sync with her thought process, then pleasing her becomes effortless.

According to psychologists, a woman reacts very instinctively during her teenage. And she becomes entire different in her emotional capacity when she reaches her mid-20s and this increases further as she reaches her late 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

Pleasing her emotionally during such periods is very important to pleasing her in bed. When you master the technique of pleasing her emotionally, then you can expect a rewarding relationship with her and your times will also be rewarding in bed.

One important aspect of understanding women emotionally involves allowing her to pursue her dreams and provide her unconditional support when she wants to do something that other women don’t try.

You have to make her comfortable and win her confidence emotionally. Supporting her should not be linked to paying her bills or buying her expensive cars or jewellery.

But making her believe that you are there when she needs emotional support and you are there who can give unconditional support to her, irrespective of the outcome of her actions.

Five easy ways to please her

Begin with Her Ears - A woman’s erogenous zones are not the strongest places to stroke to please a woman. But her ears are the best place to please her completely.

A father may sit with a daughter in a badminton game in a stadium and he can say ‘daughter, one day the whole stands are going to scream your name and you take my word’.

And what you think would be the reaction of that little girl, she will start believing in her talent and chances are that one day she might turn become a badminton champion.

Never Lie - One more way to please your woman is to keep your words. Women don’t like men lying to her to please her.

It is better to be honest and straightforward with your woman, than to fabricate lies.

Give Her Surprises - The other way to please your woman is to surprise her. This need not be related to expensive gifts or jewellery.

Take her to a dinner surprisingly and bring home something that she never would have expected. Keeping herself surprised is something every women loves.

Laugh it out - Be jovial and treat her on par with you at the emotional level. Know that she can understand all your pains, sorrows, failures, work pressure etc.,

Be genuinely humorous and keep smiling and make her smile. This can happen when you don’t take life too serious. This doesn’t mean that you can be irresponsible.

But worrying too much about your future can not only ruin your life but can make your relationship uninteresting.

Spice it Up - Last but not the least. Make sex interesting by trying new positions. Take her to vacations and try sex in new places. Even in your place, you can book a hotel for a change and have sex there.

Change of environment can renew her notions about sex and that ways you can please her in bed effortlessly.

Women are amazing. You need to make little extra effort to please her and it is really worth the effort. When you know the art of pleasing her, she becomes even more pleased and your sex life becomes blissful.