How Ribbed Condoms Help Couples Enjoy More Pleasure?

How Ribbed Condoms Help Couples Enjoy More Pleasure?

From just offering protection, condoms have evolved. Some of the recent variants of condoms are actually meant for couples to enjoy more pleasure during lovemaking. Ribbed is one variant that has strategically placed ribs along the shaft of the condom with an aim to enhance sexual pleasure. Ribbed condom’s sleek design and lubrication has been helping several couples to move closer to the brink of ecstasy. Ribbed condoms offer you a win-win solution where you not only have safer sex, but also receive enormous pleasure, which is the driving force behind sexual activity. We all enjoy sex only for the pleasure it offers to both partner involved.

Given below are some of the other reasons to try ribbed condoms

-          Offers enhanced pleasure for both partners. Ribbed condoms are designed in such a way that it helps you reach ‘hard-to-reach’ portions inside her juicy vagina and allow her to experience never-before pleasure. She is sure going to enjoy much more with you inserting your organ with a ribbed condom as she is going to get greater stimulation.

-          Makes your lovemaking exciting. Ribbed condoms provide you an option to allow your partner to get that Big O experience several time during lovemaking. The ribbed condom offers you the freedom to explore unexplored portions inside her vagina without compromising the safety aspect.

-          Better orgasm rate. She is more likely to receive intense and multiple orgasm when you begin to use ribbed condoms due to enhanced stimulation.

Three common varieties of Ribbed Condoms:

Ribbed condoms have three major varieties to cater to the different needs of users, both men and women. Let us see each one of them below

Classic Ribbed Condoms – These have studs or nubs placed on the condom surface to create extra titillation. These protruding studs are placed strategically along the entire length of the condom to help enjoy ultimate pleasure during lovemaking.

Extra Ribbed Condoms – These are types of condoms with pronounced ribs to help couples enjoy noticeable sensation. In some brands extra ribs are placed at the base of the condom so that she can experience extra pleasure, where as in some other brands it is placed at the top of the condom. In both cases, couples can enjoy extra pleasure.

Textured Condoms – These variants come with both ribbed and studded version along with unique types of textures. There are some textures that are similar to ribbed condoms but come in an intricate pattern all over the shaft. When you want to satiate animalistic desires in your mind, then you can go for a snakeskin textured condom. Textured condoms usually come with combined ribbing and studding for couples to enjoy double the pleasure.

Ribbed condoms do offer something for everyone’s unique taste. It provides couples a strong reason to experience enhanced pleasure. Ribbed condoms are available in all types of condom sizes so that men with different organ size can experience and provide enhanced pleasure. Ribbed condoms also come in ultra-thin texture so that both partners can enjoy enhanced pleasure while feeling near natural skinny dipping experience.

So, start using ribbed condoms and add spice to your bedroom story.

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