Goat on a Mountain Path - Sex Position 85

Goat on a Mountain Path Sex Position

Sex can become exciting and absolutely rewarding when you choose positions that are comfortable to you and her. Trying new positions can make your sex all the more exciting and fun.

This position involves holding one leg against her bum and opening up her pleasure hole for him to explore. He can climb over her from the side by holding one hand for support and push his stick onto her hard and fast.

She can kind of lean over to his organ on one side and allow the game go on and on and on.  She can lift her bums slightly allowing her vagina to accommodate more of his stiffened piston and as an invitation for him to continue his thrust.

This position allows for a deeper penetration and she can also get clitoral stimulation as her top portion of your organ can brush her clit as you move in and out

Divine moment: Squeeze her bosoms while you drive her crazy with your organ
Pure nirvana:  Lie down shoulder to shoulder and enjoy the moment after a thorough orgasm