For Satisfying sex - Stamina or State of Mind, which is important?

For Satisfying sex - Stamina or State of Mind, which is important?

There are quite a lot of misconceptions about sex, particularly among men. This article is intended to clear one such misconception. Men often think that their ability to stay longer is important in sex. They consider physical strength, power and endurance as important to enjoy a satisfying sex.

Stamina is a fashionable term used by men when it comes to sex. Many men think that their ability to perform for a longer duration in bedroom can help them enjoy a satisfying sex. Stamina is so deeply ingrained in most of the men's mind that those who couldn’t last for a desired period feel less confident and their self esteem takes a beating.

This affects their overall sexual health and they continue to perform poorer in sex leading to accumulation of sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc.,

Sex has very little to do with physical structure. It is the ability to get and maintain an erection for a required duration is important. When a man is able to retain a good erection for a longer period of time, he can make her partner enjoy her time with him in bed and that makes the sex all the more pleasurable.  This is the key aspect of having an enjoyable sexual session in bed.

More than the physical strength, the mindset of both partners plays a vital role in having a satisfying sex. When men are too obsessive about stamina and physical strength, they tend to finish the sexual intercourse in a jiffy and they often are not sure about their partners' satisfaction.

What makes sex an enjoyable encounter is the foreplay. The quality of foreplay has a direct bearing on the outcome of sex. Foreplay involves enticing your partner and preparing her for the intercourse. It is proven scientifically that most of the women were not able to achieve a quality orgasm through straight orgasm. Just filling the hole with your piston is not going to be enough for her to enjoy her time with you.

You need to indulge in physical stimulation, dirty talk, kissing, foreplay and oral sex as these are identified as essential components of a mutually enjoyable and passionate sex. Dipping your skin hurriedly and pushing it in harder and faster like a piston is not going to make it a satisfying one. Sex involves your body and mind. Rather than worrying about lasting long in bed, you better need to concentrate and indulge in things that make you and your partner feel good about sex.

When your sweet heart is enjoying her time with you, that is sure to boost your self confidence, which in turn will enhance your desire to last long and that will help you gain a better sexual stamina.

So, when you are under the sheets with your girl next time, begin by doing things that pleases her. Indulge in more of sensuous touch and oral sex before inserting your snake. When you are focused on receiving pleasure by giving your partner more pleasure, then you are sure to last long in bed and enjoy a memorable session with her. This approach will ensure you both enjoy a passionate and highly pleasurable sex anytime and every time.