Foot Job Sexopedia Term 25

Foot job, similar to a hand job, involves rubbing and stimulating a man's penis using your feet. With practice and intension, a woman can make her man stimulate and ejaculate with a perfect foot job.

This can be termed as a perfect sex act for those women who are addicted to phones and gadgets. Foot jobs basically involve man receiving stimulation from her woman. The role can also be reversed and a man can also do a foot job to her partner by rubbing her clit with his legs. But it requires some practice and patience as stimulating her clitoris with your feet can become clumsy if it is not done well.

A man can start a foot job as foreplay by rubbing her partner with his legs under the table. For best results, woman should sit on a chair and make her man lie down and use both legs to give him a proper stimulation and rub it with necessary intensity to make him ejaculate.