Flying Fish - Sex Position 310

Flying Fish is an unusual and an acrobatic position that requires good level of physical strength and endurance. This position is best suited for couples who want to experiment with various sexual positions and subject themselves to various levels of sexual pleasure.

This position is aptly named as ‘Flying Fish’ for it makes the female partner to assume the shape of a flying fish. The position involves you to sit on a stool or block and she initially will sit over your stiff lingam. Then she will stretch herself on front and back and gets into a flying position.

Her legs would be stretched behind your back with her thighs holding your torso, while you can hold her hands for support and grip. She can make to and fro movement over your organ and give herself pleasure. The position allows her to experience vaginal and clitoral pleasure simultaneously and enjoy exhilarating orgasm.

Divine moment:  Make your fish swim hard in her pond
Pure nirvana: Try it outdoors, particularly in a swimming pool