Female orgasm. How to achieve it every time?

Female orgasm. How to achieve it every time?

Though all women deserve to have fulfilling sex and explosive orgasm, it is estimated that only 70% of women have expressed experiencing orgasm regularly. Most women suffer silently in bed with their partner finishing the game sooner than required time leaving the women frustrated. We shall provide some simple techniques and adjustments in thinking and behavior so that you can enjoy orgasm almost every time you have sex with your partner.

Expect it

Always be ready to have an amazing orgasm. Anticipate it before the act. If you are a morning person, go to bed with dreams about sensational make out; If you are a night owl, day dream about an intense session ending with an explosive orgasm.

You always anticipate it and be ready to enjoy it. This feeling makes you psychologically ready for an orgasm and this will prepare you internally to experience an orgasm every time. Remember, orgasm is completely hormonal. When you are feeling happy and enjoying every bit of sexual act without any inhibition or mental block, your hormonal secretions will ensure you get perfect orgasm. So, begin to feel and expect a mind blowing orgasm before your act.


Be relaxed and feel good about sex. Stress is the number one deterrent that prevents you from enjoying a full blown orgasm. Stress actually affects several natural bodily functions and hormonal secretions negatively. So, learn to relax and unwind yourself before your session. You can do yoga, do meditation quietly to make yourself feeling completely relaxed. You should enjoy your time in bed without any inhibition and remain stress-free throughout. This is an important step, but it is conveniently overlooked by many women. When you approach your session with anxiety and stress, you are most likely to end it with frustration and dejection.

Find your comfortable place

How comfortable you feel is also related to the physical environment. Enjoy sex with your loving partner in location that you are comfortable with. Be it your bedroom, or bath tub,  a hotel room, your kitchen or just about anywhere that you find absolutely comfortable with. When you are absolutely comfortable with the environment that will make you happy internally and this feeling can help you achieve awesome orgasm.

Use Sex Toys, if required

Whether you are going solo or playing with your partner, a sex toy can help you achieve outstanding orgasm as it is thoughtfully made to enhance pleasure you experience during sex.  Use a massager or vibrator which can help you achieve required level of vaginal and clitoral stimulation during sex. Though it is not required, but it can help you in achieving great orgasm if you are accustomed to using it. Sex toys can help you know about your body and what are your preferences when it comes to touching. You can also tell your partner about your likes and preferences so that he can make you feel extra pleasure during your intimate time.

Feel good about your body

Self confidence is very vital to look and feel sexy. Many women have negative impression about their body. Begin to think that you are gifted with an awesome body and you are beautiful and incredibly attractive. Know that you deserve to be feel pleasure and experience explosive orgasm. Feel proud about your body and indulge in sex confidently. You can be sure of achieving orgasm.

Avoid Distractions

Treat this time period as gifted to you for enjoying yourself. Put your phone on silence or better turn it off. Close the windows tightly and make sure no outside noise disturbs your tempo. This is the perfect time to indulge in something that is the most precious and most pleasurable thing in your life. Stay out of distractions and indulge with a happy feeling.

Keep Yourself Fit

Remember, sex involves intense physical activity. So, eat healthy and exercise regularly to enjoy a stimulating session of sex. When you are fit and healthy, sex will sure be great. Being flexible and healthy can enhance your ability to get maximum arousal and feel that big O.

Set the Right Mood

Create an atmosphere that is conducive for an undistracted and high octane session with your partner. Dim the light, set the airconditioner at right temperature, eat foods that are known to enhance your sexual energy, spray the room with a pleasant fragrance and choose the lingerie that can make you feel sexy and make you look attractive. Setting the right mood helps you prepare your mind and body for the perfect session and ensure you hit the spot eventually.

Unleash Fantasy

There is nothing to feel shy or bad about sex. Live out your fantasy and do whatever you fantasize about. Don't be afraid to get crazy or do that nasty stuff that you always wanted to do. There is no one to judge you. If you always wanted to do something, but you are holding it due to whatever reason, let it out. The game of sex has no rules; it can best be played without conforming to any rules. Anything that gives pleasure to both partners is accepted in the game of sex.

Try New Things

Sex becomes monotonous and boring when you do the same thing, again and again. Sex works best only when you try something new every time. Change the position, change the location, reduce or increase the pace. Trying a new condom variant too can provide a refreshing change to your sexual routine. Try vibrating ring or add any new sexual stimulator. When you do something new, it can make a huge difference and it can increase the sensations you feel in a drastic way.

Watch porn

There is nothing wrong in watching porn. Visual stimulations work tremendously for men. You too can try watching some porn videos that are made specifically for women. Visual stimulation is a good way to make yourself ready for a steamy sex. You can try new things by watching or change something that you have been doing for ages. Watching porn together with your partner is also a good way to enjoy sex without any inhibition.

Try Strip Teasing

In addition to men liking, many women love to do a strip tease. It is an expression of their sex drive and how much they love to indulge in sex. You can do it before your partner by removing your clothes one by one and making some sexy moves along with it. Even if your partner is not there, you can strip tease by watching yourself in mirror and appreciate your sexy body. This not only helps in enticing yourself, but makes you feel good about your body and your overall personality.

Cuddle up

Feeling the warmth and love of their partner can be very comforting for any woman. It provides them the much needed security and trust. Some women can't reach orgasm with men with whom they don't have deep emotional connection. Cuddling your partner hard is one of the non-sexual ways to increase your bonding and emotional connection with your partner. When you feel comfortable with your partner, it can help you remove your inhibitions and thus help you achieve awesome orgasm.

Use Lubes

Lubrication can play a significant role in helping women achieve orgasm, as it can make sex a gliding smooth experience and it can remove discomfort and mild pain that are associated with sex. It is recommended to use water based lubricants with condoms and it is easy to wash off post your orgasm.

Dress Yourself Sexy

This doesn't mean you have to buy ultra sexy outfits or those skimpy lingerie to get that sexy look. Wear anything that is comfortable to you and show yourself sexy. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin and the dress that you wear in your bedroom should enhance your sex appeal. You can choose any particular costume if you want to do a role play with your partner or unleash your fantasy.

Know your body and don't go overboard

Know what suits you well. There are countless things you can do in sex, but not all positions or variations may be suitable to you. If you indulge in something that is not suitable to your body type and skin, then it can end the sex in poor taste. You may also feel the pain or discomfort. So, know what makes you feel good about and don't try to anything more than what you are comfortable with.

If you find something disgusting or uncomfortable, tell your partner that you don't like doing it, even if he insists you to do. This can leave things in bad taste. So, have control and do only things that makes your enjoy.

Let go of inhibitions and have fun

Whatever may be holding you from enjoying sex, let it go. Sex is meant for men and women to enjoy and when you indulge in it with whole heartedly, you are bound to experience exhilarating orgasm. So, let go of your inhibitions, or negative feelings.

Orgasm is not just a physical release, but an emotional release as well. Know that you have the right to release physical and emotional accumulation through orgasm, on a regular basis. If you are able to release, you could find yourself more beautiful, attractive, confident and positive.