Double Crab - Sex Position 64

Double Crab Sex PositionThis is kind of a freakish and adventurous position that calls for some high level of fitness and endurance.

You rest on your four facing upwards and allow her to rest on her hands will her legs rest on your shoulders. You need to thrust your organ with the support of your hands. She needs to receive it by holding on to her hands.

The position allows both partners to look at each other while their organs meet. The position can be tried for some fun and for some sort of experimentation as both partners need to be acrobatic and should be in sound fitness to enjoy coital in this freakish position.

You can also allow her to move forward and backward to enjoy your organ going in and out of her pleasure hole. When you both are feeling romantic and wanted to try something new and vibrant, then double crab can be an ideal position.

Divine Moment: Lick the tip of her toes with your tongue

Pure Nirvana: Both move towards each other in rhythmic position to enjoy each other's organ