Crossing Paths - Sex Position 185

Crossing Path Sex Position

This is a freakish position, which is quite unusual for couples who are used to missionary and regular sexual positions. This position involves penetrating your partner by coming together diagonally.

In the sense, you position yourself diagonally over her organ and move your organ to and fro diagonally. Make her lie down with one raised knee touching her breast and the other leg completely stretched out.

You can lie down diagonally across her body and penetrate her as her raised leg gives way for you to enter her. You put your hand on the floor for support and grip and begin to pound on her rigorously.

This position gives you a unique sensation as you would be penetrating her vagina from an angel and the kind of reactions that she produces would be completely new for you.

She can guide you to hit the right spot over and over again by placing one of her hands on your butt. This position requires some amount of craziness towards sex.

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