Casual sex and it's disturbing Symptoms

Casual sex and it's disturbing Symptoms

Casual hookups can be real fun. It can give you a kind of high that is difficult to feel under normal circumstances. The giggles, high fives, shoulder raises, sneaky look, winking and hand waiving are some of the associated things that usually accompany after a casual hookup. But there are also signs that you need to pay attention to in order to protect yourself and safeguard your sexual health.

You may get a rush of emotions, you may be worried about 'what's wrong with me, I have used a condom, still how can I get something like this?'.  Your heart my pace, you may have lump-in-throat moment and you may make a flurry of phone calls. We can say with authority, that there is no need to panic and you can remain calm. Be informed that your condition, whatever it could be, is treatable and you can achieve normalcy through proper treatment.

There is no need to panic, but you should know that you need immediate medical attention and needless to say early deduction of any infection helps in getting complete cure in the shortest possible time. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you need to be careful.

Pearly Penile Papules (A string of pearl shaped lumps)

These are tiny string of pearls that appear around the tip of the organ. It can be easily mistaken for HPV as it resembles the same. It can happen more frequently to uncircumcised men compared to circumcised men. If you getPPP, there is no need to panic as this is not contagious or can be transmitted sexually. It is completely treatable by a qualified dermatologist and sexologist.


Pimples are not just for teenagers. If you get a series of blisters after a casual sex, visit a sexologist and he may provide you a solution for it. This small acne could be due to some bacterial infection.

Ingrown Hairs

Pubic hair may not break out of the skin and may appear like raised pink or red bumps. This may resemble a pimple down under. This can cause itching, which may become a full fledged infection. If you get ingrown hair, it is important to consult a physician at the earliest.


Rashes can happen due to wrong fabrics, weather condition, and application of new soap or detergent. Anything may disturb the delicate skin around the genitals. Rash is a symptom that your body is dealing with allergens. You don't have to assume that you are getting a rash due to anSTD. The rash could also be due toSTD. Only a doctor will know whether it is anSTDor not through proper testing. So, if you spot a rash underneath, there is no need to panic. It could also be due to an allergic reaction.


If you find a lump on your scrotum or labia, don't begin to feel that 'let down' and you're being punished too much for promiscuity. Both men and women can get genital cysts which are fluid filled and painless. Doctors remove the fluid through a simple outpatient procedure and complete cure from cysts is possible through proper treatment. There are certain types of cysts which are painful and uncomfortable, requiring a longer treatment.


When you get painful abrasions over your skin and outer layers of your skin begin to crumble and tiny portions of it chaff out, then it could be due to fungal infection. If it becomes itchy and creates a patchy skin condition, then you can visit your dermatologist to get it cleared through proper medication.


If you spot a new mole or a freckle appears over your skin out of nowhere, suddenly after few days of your sexual outing with a new partner, then it is prudent to visit your physician. There is no need to panic or take it too emotional. Do a thorough test as recommended by your physician and clear fears out of your mind.


Girls, if you find odd fluid coming out of your vagina, it is natural for you to assume it to be bacterial vaginosis, or yeast infection. It is treatable with just single dose of a medical. If you find unusual discharge after sex with a new partner, then it is time to visit your sexologist and do a thoroughSTDscreening.