Barrow Position - Sex Position - 130

This standing position is for those couples who are adventurous and are desirous of trying several positions for their sexual gratification. This position allows for deeper penetration and the couples can enjoy some acrobatic excitement in addition to receiving the coital pleasures.

You need to hold her legs and make her literally swing her body by holding her hands to the wall and you need to enter her from behind by holding her legs for grip.

You can stand with your legs separated for balance and hold her both legs with your hand while she can encircle her legs over your back. She needs to remain hanging with her hands firmly positioned on the wall and you need to bang her fiercely so that she will remain attached to the wall. If you drag her behind, she might fall.

This exciting position requires some fitness and endurance for you and her. When you are driven by extreme passion, you might try this position.

Divine moment: Line up pillows on the floor to give her a comfortable landing when she finishes

Pure Nirvana - End the game with a riveting missionary