Asexual Sexopedia Term 3


An asexual is a person who doesn't experience a sexual drive. According to the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at the University of Albany, Asexual people may feel attraction, but they don’t have the desire to act on it sexually.

Unlike celibacy, which is giving up sex as a choice, being asexual is an orientation, like being gay or straight. Asexual people still crave connections with people and often form romantic relationships with others — they have the same emotional needs as any other person.

But the only difference is that they just don’t prefer to exchange bodily fluids. Asexual people still look for a partner to be with someone forever, being romantic and emotionally intimate, yet they don't experience the drive to be intimate physically.

If you suddenly not getting sexual arousal, don't assume that you have become asexual, rather you are facing some medical problems and that needs to be treated.