Aroma and Sex

Aroma and Sex

Fragrance has an elite place in sex. Similarly bad odour has direct links to sexual disgust. It is proven that bad odour affects the sexual mood and people respond negatively to bad odour which results in draining of sexual energy.

In an experiment, foul scents were placed in bed room and couples were asked to perform sex. Foul scents directly caused sexual repulsion and the narrowing of sexual views.

This scientific study tracked physical and emotional responses of people who were exposed to foul smell and then asked about their interests in engaging with their partners for a sex.

How Smell Plays a Role in Attraction?

Ads for perfume, cologne and body spray use sex appeal with the sex as an end goal and selling point for these aromatic products. Their underlining message is that these fragrances can make you attractive to the opposite sex and will make you incredibly desirable.

Pheromones and musky odors from plants and animals are used to formulate the exact scents that amplify human sex drives and encourage mating.

The plethora of mouth fresheners, oral care products and gum commercials are based upon the same premise, where they make you understand that using their products you will turn into an irresistibly attractive being.

Lubes and condom manufacturers have also joined this bandwagon and began to highlight the importance of pleasant aroma in elevating sexual appeal.

Mating happens among animals and insects through aroma only. When animals become ready for sex, their body emits a special aroma which is recognized by the opposite sex and thus it attracts the opposite sex and mating happens. This applies to humans as well.

Body odour and breath odour are unique and special like a fingerprint. But when it is not good, using a good scent or body spray is a prudent choice to make yourself appealing to your opposite sex.

Creating Positive Aroma Associations

Since we now know that scent really is scientifically proven to open minds in regards to accepting others' sexual activities, and doesn’t it make sense to want to use the best smelling protection that is available to you? A positive aroma association may lead you to some of the least inhibited sex of your life.

So, it is prudent to use the best smelling lubes and condoms to ensure you enjoy a safe and perfect sex with your partner, who would love to have sex with you when you are introduce a pleasant aroma between you.