Anorgasmia Sexopedia Term 2


Anorgasmia refers to a condition of inability to have an orgasm for women. The reason for orgasmic dysfunction for women may include medications, anxiety, other psychological reasons, drug or alcohol addiction, gynecologic medical issues or hormonal problems.

For many women, orgasm requires clitoral stimulation and not just vaginal stimulation. When the partner doesn't understand this and indulges only in vaginal stimulation, this may lead the women to feel stressed and frustrated and this further makes them averse to sex leading to further depletion in the response mechanism leading to further more poor quality of sex leading them experience Anorgasmia.

For such women, only sex therapy or sex coaching can make them experience orgasm. Remember, just because you haven’t had an orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean that you are never going to experience.

There is no reason to lose hope; you can overcome with professional help.