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Anal Sex
Anal sex is still considered a taboo in India. It is often termed as unnatural sex in India. But Anal sex has become a popular one even in India. Anal sex refers to penetration of anus of a woman by a man using his penis. In simpler terms, it is anal intercourse.
According to practitioners of anal sex, it is little painful compared to vaginal sex, as vagina has natural secretion to give a lube effect. So, for a satisfying anal intercourse, a generous amount of application of lubricants is recommended, otherwise it can become painful for women. As there is zero chance of pregnancy, anal sex is popular among young girls and boys across the world.
Anal sex is popularized by porn movies. Using over-the-counter numbing gels should be avoided as it can give unwanted side effects later on. To enjoy anal sex, it is important to feel relaxed and turned on. While foreplay is important for quality of sex, it is more so in case of anal sex.
Going on top gear from the start is not good for anal. If you are quickie buff, then anal is not for you.