69 Types of Sex Toys

69 Types of Sex Toys

Sex Toys in India

Sex toys business is growing in India as there is constant increase in the number of people using it. The sex toy market is constantly expanding as it fulfills the fundamental human desire, which is sexual pleasure. Sex toys are specifically made tool to support and assist in sexual gratification. It is convenient to use and makes sexual experience exciting and highly pleasurable.

Sex toy business is on growth spree thanks to proliferation of Internet and online purchases among young men and women in India. As online platforms conveniently remove the embarrassment factor in buying sex toys, the business zooms considerably.

The young generation of Indian men and women make the chunk of sex toy users currently. Exposure to porn at very young age makes them try sex toys as an experiment. Sex toy industry in India is very promising as reports indicate steady growth for the sex toy business in India. The industry is expected to evolve to address the fast changing expectations of young Indians.

Legal Tangles with Sex Toy Business in India

Many of the adult toys are legal in India. But it is generally perceived that adult toys are illegal. The toys are categorized as 'legal' and 'illegal' based on how sexual toys are displayed and sold. If you show obscene picture to sell a sex toy, it is illegal. Though the popular notion that sex toys are illegal, but there is no law to clearly say that sex toys are illegal.

Currently the laws regarding 'sex toys' are not very clear. As condoms and lubricants are available everywhere and there is no resistance among general public with regard to its availability as the society has evolved to perceive them as product that allow people to get habituated to safe sex, soon the perception about sex toys can be expected to change.

Sex toys are widely available in the online market. Not only in big cities, are sex toys bought by people even in small and remote villages. The awareness about sex toys as 'pleasure enhancers' has gone down so well among people from across all walks of life, is certainly a key factor that contributes to the increasing demand for sex toys in India. 

The current crop of young men and women of the Indian society have accepted sex toys in their lives and they are very clear that sex toys are only a way to increase the sensual experience in the bedroom.

As couples enjoy good time together and experience enhanced pleasure during the love making, sex toys are adding value to the relationship and help couples enjoy intimacy without any inhibition and allow them to explore more with the help of sex toys.

Sex toys have proven that it is not only harmless to the body, but they are also harmless to the environment. Most of the sex toys available today are made using eco-friendly materials. Many companies even make vegan condoms with natural substitutes. So sex toys are absolutely safe to try.

Wide Range of Sex Toys

Sex toys are available in different size and colour. Users can find sex toys according to their choice and comfort level. Speed and vibrations can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Innumerable varieties of sex toys are available for any specific requirement.

For instance, when you are looking only for masturbation, you can choose from an endless array of sex toys which are specificially made for masturbators. 

Sex Toy Scenario in India

  • Basically sex toys are banned in India. It is banned to be sold openly, but people can buy sex toys from a shop or from online platforms. As embarrassment factor is high when a purchase is made in a shop, people are purchasing sex toys online as they get it delivered in discreet packaging where even the courier guy will not know what is inside
  • t is estimated that India accounts for 5% to 10% of the global search for sex toys. Industry sources estimate that currently Indian sex toy industry is worth Rs. 1200 to 1500 crore and it is expected to grow up to 8700 crore by 2030, clocking 25% to 30% annual growth.

Key Growth Drivers of Sex Toy Industry

  • Online platforms serve as a fuel for driving sex toy industry move on a super fast growth highway. As it removes the embarrassment factor of buying from a counter or store, it plays a significant role in attracting more regular customers and attracting huge number of first time customers who want to try sex toy without any embarrassment
  • Discreet packaging is also an important factor that helps sex toy industry grow at a fast pace. When you are sure that your privacy is protected then customers are not going to hesitate to buy something that is going to allow them to experience pleasure through sex or masturbation.
  • The fact that complete privacy is ensured throughout the transaction from placing order to getting delivery is one of the important factor that contributes to the growth of sex toys business in India. Sex toys are delivered in unmarked and plain boxes. Sex toys are delivered across all pin codes along the length and breadth of the country. Even in highly remote and hilly areas, sex toys are delivered at the door step. The industry has been maintain a robust delivery mechanism to ensure customers never get disappointed. Identity of the person who is placing the order is protected throughout the lifecycle of product purchase. Nowhere one can find the name from purchasing, billing, packaging and delivery. Even in credit card statements, the details of the purchase are not mentioned. This increases the confidence of the customers and encourages them to buy more.
  • Sex toys allow young women to experience pleasure without having to entangle themselves in a painful relationship and resulting mental agony due to relationship strains. Sex toys offer them a way to relieve stress from their lives and enjoy pleasure through masturbation without involving a male partner in their life.

Safe toys and materials

Most of the sex toys are made using body-safe materials and are tested for safety before being shipped to you. So, sex toys are safe even for those with sensitive skin.

But it is always recommended to check the material to ascertain whether it is suitable for your body and skin type before making a purchase decision.

Sex Toy Categories

Sex toy is an external device which can be used by men, women and couple for their sexual activity to feel enhanced pleasure during the love making. There are different categories of sex toys. There are specific toys for men alone, which are unsuitable for women.

Similarly, there are toys that are meant only for women, which men cannot use. Some sex toys are made in such a way that it is suitable for both men and women. There are some ranges of toys that are specifically meant for LGBT community. Needless to say, there are sex toys for gays and lesbians. 

Sex toys can be broadly classified according to its utility.  Sex toys are available for all types of fun men and women fantasize about. When you want anal fun, there a set of toys specifically made for that.

When you are interested about BDSM, you can get a range of hand cuffs, whips, ropes and other toys that can allow you to enjoy that to the fullest. You can get variety of cock rings, lubricators, massagers, dildos, dongs, masturbators etc., similarly specific sex toys are available for various individual and couple needs, for men and women of all age groups.

Major Categories of Sex Toys include:

  • Anal
  • BDSM
  • Cock Rings
  • Condoms
  • Dildos
  • Male Masturbators
  • Massagers
  • Sex Lubricants
  • Vibrators
  • Sex Dolls

Let us see some of the sex toys for specific user groups:

Sex toys for women in India

If you are under the impression that Indian women won’t use sex toys due to their conservative upbringing, be prepared for a rude shock. Recent surveys confirm that Indian women are buying sex toys in huge numbers across the country even in tier 2 and tier 3 towns using online platforms.

Women buy dildos, vibrators, massagers, vacuum suction device etc., Among all these dildos are the most preferred sex toy among women in India. Dildos are designed like a shape of a male organ and some dildos are so specially made that it will look very much like a real penis. Women have reportedly use dildos for masturbation. 

There are several types of vibrators made exclusively for women in India. Vibrators are used to stimulate vagina, clitoris, anus etc., As the name indicates, vibrators come with small motor which creates vibration that women can use to stimulate themselves.

There are wide range of vibrators available for women such as rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, mini vibrators, butterfly vibrators, lipstick vibrators, wand vibrators etc., There are certain vibrators which are designed in such a way to provide simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulations. 

Vacuum suction cup is used to stimulate nipple and clitoris. Though sex toys are designed to be used alone or along with the partner, Indian women are reportedly using sex toys only for self-pleasure and not with their partner

Sex toys for men in India

The most preferred male sex toys include male masturbators, realistic sex dolls, prostate stimulators, cock rings etc., Needless to say, male masturbators are designed like a vagina, which are widely used by men in India for personal sexual gratification. 

Cock ring is used to provide quivering stimulation to the female partner and to allow men to prolong their coital duration.

Sex toys for couples in India

Thankfully there are a wide range of sex toys for couples to use to enhance pleasure factor during their love making. Some of the popular couple sex toys include lubricants, anal toys, strap on, bondage gear, vibrators etc.,

Though strap on is widely used by lesbians, it is also used by some couples to experience stimulating anal sex. Couples need to choose sex toys that both find comfortable to use. Just because it provides enhanced sexual stimulation for one partner, that doesn’t mean it should be forced on the other partner.

Sex toys come in different materials and couples should also choose the toy with the material that they find comfortable with their skin and body type.

Sex toys for lesbians in India

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, you can always find sex toys to allow you to experience heightened pleasure during sex. There are many sex toys that are specifically made for lesbians.

Toys such as double ended dildos, strap on dildos, tongue vibrators, massagers, nipple vibrators etc., are exclusively available for lesbians to enjoy greater fun in bed. With dildos, lesbians can feel the pleasure of penetration and enjoy a stimulating love making.

Sex toys for gays in India

If you are a gay, there is no reason you could feel left out. There are sex toys made specifically for gay community. There are cock rings, prostate goys, butt plugs, anal dildos are made in various sizes and shapes to help gays enjoy a stimulating sex with their partners.

Gays can choose sex toys based on their body type and specific preferences to ensure they give and receive enhanced pleasure.

Sex Toys and Safety

  • You should always take necessary precautions with regard to electrical connections or battery usage and should strictly follow what is mentioned in the user manual. Sex toys should be cleaned properly (as recommended) before and after usage to protect yourself and your partner from any untoward bacterial infections.
  • Use recommended lubricants for specific sex toys. For instance, when you use a silicone sex toy, silicone based lubricant may not be suitable as it can damage the toy permanently. In such cases you should only use water based lubricant. Manufacturers of the sex toy or silicone based condom would have mentioned in the pack itself, which you should follow diligently. Similarly you should never use oil-based lubricant with a latex condom as it can lead to condom tear. 
  • Unlike the popular perception, sex toys are cheap and affordable for majority of the people. Sex toys are intended to offer you an opportunity to experience heightened pleasure during your love making, which may not be possible otherwise. So, if you can use little precaution and care, sex toys can certainly help you enhance the quality of your sex and enjoy peak pleasure.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex assumes a small area in the human sexual arena. It is a place for those pleasure seekers who want to go beyond the established realms of experiencing sexual pleasure in our body.

For those who want to go overboard and explore different pleasure zones in our body, find anal sex exciting.  Men and women indulge in anal sex or anal play because it offers them a variation in their sex life.

Anal sex is also quite common in India among couples who are looking at variety. Anal sex is not new. It has been there since Ancient Greek Times. We have historical evidences in the form of pictures that anal sex was practiced as early as 510 BC. Anal sex is also mentioned in the great Kamasutra, which is considered as the greatest book on sex.

Why it feels good to indulge in anal sex?

It is proven scientifically that near the anus and anal exit, there is a dense amount of nerve endings. So, when that portion is stroked, it provides a unique and enjoyable sensation.

Anus is considered as one of the erogenous zones of our body. Women love to feel anal because even the inner most part of the anus (rectum) transmit a stimulation to the internal vaginal walls when it is stimulated. This kind of works as double penetration for women.

For men, prostate gland is situated inside the anal, so when men indulge in anal, their prostate gland is stimulated and they received P-spot pleasure (also known as dry orgasm). 

Here, let us explore some of the popular toys used for anal sex, types of anal toys and how to choose them correctly. Some of the widely used anal sex toys include butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massager, dildos and lubricants. These are used by men and women for anal pleasure.

1. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are widely used for anal pleasure, especially by women who don’t have a male partner for trying penetrative anal sex. Women use butt plugs to experience anal pleasure all by themselves.

Butt plugs come in several textures and sizes for users to choose from. Butt plus with wider shape are meant for experienced users as it will offer painful pleasure. Butt plugs need some experience to derive pleasure from using it.

Butt plugs may give painful experience during the initial stages, particularly those with sensitive anal. Butt plugs can be inserted individually or with the help of other partner. Butt plus require some amount of experience to take pleasure.

2. Anal Beads

Anal beads are completely different from butt plugs although anal beads can also be inserted into the anus like a butt plug, but there is a difference in texture between both.

Anal beads consist of a series of beads in progressively increasing size with each bead slightly bigger than the previous one. From the base part to the upper part, there is a step by step increase in the size of the beads. 

If the user is experienced, he may insert beads till the base part deep into their rectum. Each bead creates a unique and highly sensual erotic sensation inside anal which they cannot forget easily.

These anal beads are available with various designs and sizes so the user may try many of the beads repeatedly each time to experience a different sensation. These beads can also be used during a foreplay while being with a partner.

3. Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are widely used by male, female of all ages. Anal dildos are used to penetrate the anal for sexual satisfaction even if the individual does not have a partner for sex.

Anal dildos allow young men and women to enjoy anal sex as a tool for masturbation. Anal dildos are available in different sizes. With experience, a user may try various sizes and even a long dildo for sensational anal pleasure.

4. Anal Vibrators

When anal muscles are subjected to rhythmic vibration, then it provides a different level of pleasure. Anal vibrators are vibrating toy specially created for stimulating anal muscles and allow the user to experience thorough anal pleasure.

Anal vibrators come in many shapes and structure with different functional features. Different vibrators have different vibrating pattern and various vibrating modes for users to experience varied pleasure as they prefer.

Some anal vibrators are rechargeable while some are battery operated. In the sense, batteries need to be replaced when it is exhausted. It is up to the user to choose the right anal vibrator according to their pleasure preferences and personal liking.

Anal vibrators can be used for both anal stimulation and anal penetration. It can also be used to experience penetrative pleasure. There are exclusive range of anal vibrators meant for beginners.

So, it is advisable to start with beginner anal vibrators and then proceed with higher range as your anal gets accustomed to larger and more intense vibrators.

5. Anal Toys for Beginners

Anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massager, dildos and vibrators can be used by beginners for experiencing anal pleasure.

But these should choose smaller sizes in the beginning as their sensitive anal muscles may not bear the stimulation provided by anal sex toys with large head size. In fact, anal beads are especially meant for beginners.

If beginners begin to use long sized anal toys, then they may feel pain and inflammation on their sensitive anal skin.

Instead of enjoying anal pleasure, the experience may turn out to be painful and irritable, which can drain away the enthusiasm to try anal pleasure in future and may demotivate beginners from trying anal pleasure due to bad first few experiences.

Thus, beginners should start with small sized toys and then gradually move forward to experiencing hard and tough experiences. Almost all anal toys are available in smaller sizes for beginners to try anal sex toys in their sexual life. 

6. Douches & Enemas

Douches and Enemas are generally medical equipment which are used to clean anus thoroughly. But now, douches and enemas are also used by people for cleaning their anus for enjoying sexual pleasure.

These are balloon shaped equipment where water is stored inside, the nozzle that is attached with it goes inside the anus. The water can be poured into the anus through the long nozzle after pressing the silicone bulb. Douches and enemas are used as a liquid treatment to get rid of constipation issues.

They are used to remove all dirt particles from colon or large intestine and provide freshness inside the body. They make sure anal remains fresh and free from any dirt or excretion so that couples can enjoy complete anal sex.

Men and women who love to enjoy stimulating anal sex, prefer these tools for cleaning their anus thoroughly before they indulge in anal sexual pleasure. These tools provide an easy and safe option to clean anus.

7. Male Prostate Toys

As the name indicates, these toys are used by men to stroke their prostate gland. The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland that surrounds urethra tube and located near to the rectum.

Prostate toys are like butt plugs that are used to hit prostate gland for pleasure. When the prostate gland it hit, it offers amazing ecstasy to the man who uses prostate toys.

The user needs to know thoroughly how to use a prostate toy correctly. Prostate toys come in many designs and sizes and it is upto the user to choose the toy according to his specific needs.

Prostate toys also massage precisely the anus part of males that also creates deep thrilling sensation in the entire body. 

8. Oversized Anal Toys

Oversized anal toys are meant for men and women who are experienced in using anal toys and those are comfortable using the large sized toys. These toys are not meant for beginners, so beginners should necessarily avoid these oversized toys, which otherwise may lead to swelling and painful anal experience.

Oversized toys are long and big in size that it requires some level of experienced to enjoy hard pleasure.  These anal toys are only designed for experienced users only because oversized anal toys are so long and big in size.

Only experienced users will know how to use these toys carefully so as to enjoy erotic pleasure through anal stimulation. Oversized toys will provide unforgettable and incredible pleasure when it is used properly.


What is BDSM?

BDSM is an erotic sexual activity, involving consensual physical abuse and painful sexual activities involving two or more partners.

BDSM full form is ‘Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance & Submission/ Sado-Masochism’.

BDSM is classified as violent form of sex which eliminates boring sex and provides extraordinary satisfaction to those who love to indulge in it. BDSM play include bondage, discipline, dominance and submission to make the sexual life more erotic and lively.

BDSM requires one partner to take up dominant role and administer painful sexual acts, while the other partner should remain submissive and receive the administered act.

BDSM play involves application of physical, psychological and emotional pain, which provides mutual enjoyment among the partners who are ready for it. BDSM sex play is not limited to men or women, it also includes lesbian and gays as well.

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, you can give or receive BDSM pleasure. BDSM sex toys are available offline and online stores in India. Needless to say, BDSM online is the easiest way to get your desired kit comfortably without anyone knowing your sexual preferences.

History of BDSM

The first ever BDSM practice was seen in the fifth century BC. BDSM in India is old. It is also mentioned in the ancient Indian Kamasutra book that the hitting, biting, and pinching can include in the lovemaking is a form of BDSM that has evolved now.

So, we can say that BDSM has been in vogue in India since several centuries.

BDSM Types or Gadgets of BDMS

There are various BDSM toys available in the market to enhance sexual experience through BDSM play. BDSM is all about adding more fun and bring fresh energy into the sexual life. Different types of BDSM toys have different uses and functionality. Let us see some of the popular ones


Bondage refers to tying and restricting the partner from moving or changing position. Though there are several bondage related toys, you can try some of the basic bondage toys initially.

Every Bondage toys have a different way of use. So, couples need to choose the most suitable one for them and begin their BDSM play at the earliest.

9. Rope & Tape

These are used for erotic bondage and enjoy a new sensation during your sex, which you wouldn’t have experienced. By using rope and tape, one can control the movement and freedom of his or her partner.

These ropes and tapes can be used to tie your partner’s hands or legs or close mouth or other body parts to severely restrict the other partner’s movements.

By restricting the partner with ropes and tape, the dominating partner is free to tease and inflict pain in the submissive partner’s body or skin.

The ropes given in the BDSM kit are reusable, and the couple can use the same rope during their next BDSM play. Obviously tapes are not reusable and can be used unless it lasts.

10. Handcuffs

BDSM handcuffs are used in bondage situation to restrict the partner's hands or legs. Basically, it is a pair of two connected rings that wear around the wrists or ankles.

Handcuffs come in different materials and shapes. Usually handcuffs given in the BDSM kit are made using leather, soft fur, plastic or metal and they come with key, buckles or Velcro to tie the hands or legs firmly.

The dominant partner will use the handcuffs to restrict the movement of hands or legs together with any furniture. By hand cuffing the submissive partner, the dominant partner will be able to tease, kiss, pinch and caress the submissive partner’s body however he or she wants.

Hand cuff play works better when you play it without any preplan and do anything as you please, provided it is enjoyable to your partner.

11. Spankers & Ticklers

Spankers and Ticklers are used to activate the sensational feeling in the body. The spanker is a broad leather belt and ticklers are long and soft feathers collection. These two toys are used to tickle a partner's skin. The usage of these two BDSM toys are perfect for the light BDSM act or foreplay.

Moving the soft tickler along the erogenous zones of a woman’s body like nipple, clitoris, neck, hip and belly button can provide her the most erotic sensation. Soft and gentle spanks on the back with the spanker can give her unexpected arousal. Using both spankers and ticklers is ideal for the soft start to the BDSM play.

12. Blindfolds, Masks & Gags

Blindfold and masks provide a special fun during sexual activity. These restrict your partner from seeing you and knowing from what’s going on. Mouth gags restrict your partner from speaking.

So, using blindfold, masks and mouth gags you are do whatever you want and this heighten the sense of feeling, tease the partner and surprise him or her to receive the erotic sexual act.

Mouth gags prevent the submissive partner to restrict you and this gives you a chance to explore his / her body without any disturbance or denial. 

These are certainly meant for beginners. It provides a soft and comfortable feel while enjoying the restrictive BDSM pleasure as blindfolds, masks and gags are made using leather and soft materials. Beginners can give this a shot to experience BDSM sexual pleasure.

13. Nipple & Clitoral Toys

There are exclusive BDSM sex toys to arouse your nipple and clitoris. These toys can provide more pressure to your partner’s nipple and clitoris and this provide them double sensitivity. Couples can choose toys based on their requirement.

From normal nipple and clitoral toys, to nipple torture and clitoris torture toys are available, which can give great amount of pain and fun. The degree of pressure of nipple and clitoris toys are adjustable, which couples can choose according to their taste and comfort level. 

14. Cock & Ball Toys

Cock & Ball Toys are exclusive BDSM toys for men as these work only on the penis and men’s testicles. There is no way that it can be used with a female partner.

These toys are made of metallic or elastomeric. Women may find cock and ball toys exciting and may prefer to use on their male partner, whereas many men may not feel comfortable with these cock and balls toys.

Although, ball and cock toys not only enhance the excitement in the men it also works in dry orgasm and wet orgasm issue, that why couples use to prefer cock and balls toys in the bedtime.

By covering the penis, it can arouse penis nerves by controlling the flow of blood, which can help men retain the erection and excite both partners involved.

15. Electro & Medical Fetish

Electro and Medical Fetish is not so common in BDSM sex play as it requires very deft usage of an electro and medical device over the genitals.

In the Electro Fetish, the user will use electro toys to stimulate the genital parts by the electricity (battery or rechargeable devices).

Care should be taken to ensure correct amount of electrical energy is applied over the erogenous zones to make it exciting, which otherwise can make it painful. Medical Fetish involves executing medical-themed sexual fantasies.

A user uses medical equipment or dress up like doctor/ patient and allow the fun to happen. User act and use medical equipment to examine the vagina or penis to make them aroused is part of the play.

The role play is also a part of BDSM play.

16. Chastity Devices

Chastity device is a cage like garment that covers the intimate part so that the partner is restricted to have sexual intercourse.

As one partner is restricted from indulging in sexual intercourse, it arouses them and makes them long for sex and make desperate efforts to remove that. Chastity devices are available for men as well as for women. Imagine what you would do if a cage is made over the penis or vagina.

Chastity devices are also known as cage toys as it practically cages the penis or vagina. Chastity device is not only used to avoid sexual contact but also to avoid oral and manual stimulation.

Chastity devices are available in many sizes, so a user can get their preferred size based on their body type and comfort level.

17. TOKYO Girl Honey 5 Mouth lock Pink

It is one of the best ball gag BDSM tool that is widely preferred. Made using non-toxic material and in pink colour Tokyp Girl Honey ball gag is comfortable to use as it comes with Velcro.

Because of Velcro, it remains adjustable and a user can fix it according to their head size. It is also soft on the facial skin as it won’t affect the facial skin, even if you fix mouth gag quite tightly on your face.

18. RED Hoipping

RED Hoipping is a popular leather spanker and tickler. It has a metallic ring at the end which allows for easy holding.

Beginners can use this with little pressure. The spanker allows men and women experience some amount of wildness in the BDSM sex play. It is rated as an ideal BDSM accessory for gentle and enjoyable play.

Though it might look little rough, users mentioned that pain is not as severe as they assumed. Users opined that it is both interesting and good to use.

19. Bondage tape 18m Red

This is all purpose tape for the BDSM play. This tape can be used as a rope to tie your partner or use it for blindfolding as well. It is absolutely safe to use and do not stick to the skin or hair.

Though it is named as ‘Bondage tape 18m Red’, this tape is available in many exciting colours. The tape is absolutely easy to use for restriction and equally easy to remove after the satisfied BDSM play.

It is one of the widely used tapes for BDSM fun world over by young men and women.

Unlike gum tapes which sticks to the hair and are hard to remove, which will create sharp pain while removing, this tape is safe to use on any portion of the body including hair and it’s removal is always easy and hassle-free.

20. KIKKOU Bondage Belt

This is a popular belt that is used world over for its functionality and elegant looks. This stylish belt restricts the whole upper body of the partner.

Each belt in this set can be adjusted to tie specific body parts like butt, waist, upper arm, hips, wrist etc., The belts are adjustable and are perfect for the beginners and experienced users as well.

The ‘Kikkou’ which means ‘tortoise shell’ is a rope pattern inspired by the ornamental restraint. ‘Kikkou’ features elaborate criss-cross ties to the front from cabernet red waxed cotton rope and is finished with gunmetal-tone zinc alloy and brass hardware.

The thick black vegetable tanned leather strap features an elasticated insert for a snug fit and fastens with press snaps in the back. This belt can be used to restrict specific body parts of your partner during your BDSM play.

Precaution to be followed while using BDSM Toys

Though BDSM provides a different kind of pleasure, BDSM enthusiasts need to follow precautions to ensure it remains fun. There is a very thin line that separates pain and pleasure. When BDSM goes overboard, it will turn out to be a highly painful and horrible experience for your partner.

Precautions to be taken while involving in the BDSM sex play

  • Users always need to keep the safety kit with them. The safety kit should have antiseptic cream, bandage, latex gloves, antibacterial cleaner etc.,
  • Care should be taken that kidney, neck or other sensitive part should not be tied. When these portions are tied, the whole experience intended for pleasure will become too painful.
  • Most of the BDSM bondage kit comes with padlocks and each padlock has two pairs of keys. A couple should keep one key safely in case of an emergency. Before using, it is necessary for the user to check whether a padlock is working properly or not.
  • Last but not the least, if your partner feels uncomfortable or expressing unbearable pain or shows some level of irritation or suffocation then you should immediately stop the play. The user should read the instructions before using any type of bondage tools.

Cock Rings

What is a Cock Ring?

A cock ring is primarily used by men to delay their ejaculation. It is used as a condom to extend their coital time or during masturbation to experience prolonged sensation. The cock ring settles firmly around penis and testicles and restricts blood flow leading to prolonged erection and delayed ejaculation. Cock rings are a blessing in disguise for those men who are going through premature ejaculation, as it can technically delay the ejaculation time without any effort on part of the men. So, it is like a wearable device that can delay the ejaculation time to a great extent. Cock rings are available in different sizes and textures. So, you can choose the one according to your individual preferences and comfort levels.

Cock rings (also called penis rings) are available in both fixed and adjustable sizes. Some penis rings may also be worn in the middle part or head part of the penis, depending on the individual need. Cock ring also helps to enhance erection level of a penis for enough time spans in masturbation and intercourse.

Vibrating cock rings are also available, where men can set the vibration according to their need. Vibrating cock rings are increasingly preferred by couples as the vibrating cock rings come with a sensitive end, which can rub against the clitoris and provide quivering pleasure to the female partner. The vibrations provide a unique and highly pleasurable sensation, which may not be possible to experience under normal circumstances.

Cock rings are also safer to use with other male masturbators like handheld masturbator, hand free masturbator, flesh light or sex dolls.

Types of Cock Rings

There are various types of cock rings available for men. This includes:

Single ring - The single ring is worn at the root of a penis which restricts blood flow and helps males to extend their sex duration.

Double ring - Double cock ring allows male to wear at the base of shaft and testicles simultaneously. It controls semen to fall out from testicles.

Triple type - Triple type cock ring contains three rings which fully covers the testicles and base part of a penis with three holes.

Special type - Special type cock ring firmly tightens the testicles as well as a shaft for restricting blood flow.

Anal dual use type - The anal plug is attached with cock ring so males may take pleasure into their anal also.

Cock tie - This is a string type which is wrapped around the penis. It almost works as a single cock ring but the difference is only that there is no ring.

Shaft, ball dual use - Cock ring balls that covers shaft and balls simultaneously. The ring suppresses blood and semen flow after putting on a penis.

For ball - This cock ring should be affixed around the scrotum. It controls semen flow into testicles and delays the level of ejaculation during masturbation or intercourse with a partner.

Categorization of Cock Rings

21. Normal Cock Rings

A normal cock ring is made using a safe material and is placed around the penis or balls. Normal cock rings can be worn around the shaft of the penis or around the balls or together. Normal penis ring is used to restrict and slow down the blood flood in the penis so as to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. Normal cock rings are meant for men to enjoy better sexual relationship with their partner. These cock rings help men achieve stronger and sustained erection and allow men to experience heightened pleasure during love making.

Normal cock rings are made using resins, rubbers, silicon, plastics etc. Normal cock rings are the rings which can be used by anyone whether beginners or not. All kinds of users may easily experience greater pleasure during their intimacy with their partner with cock rings on.

Normal cock rings are primarily used for the 3 following reasons

-       To get rid of erectile dysfunction and enjoy quality sex

-       To prevent premature ejaculation and enjoy prolonged coital pleasure

-       For enhanced pleasure

Cock rings are safer to use along with male masturbators and sex dolls.

Normal Cock Rings are meant for beginners, though experienced men can also use it. As these cock rings are simple and can be accepted by any body type even during the first time.

22. Rabbit Cock Rings

Rabbit cock ring is regarded as the ‘couple cock ring’ as it allows both male and female partners to experience pleasure during sex. Rabbit cock ring is considered as the ‘best for foreplay’ among cock rings as it provides opportunity for both partners to indulge in some sensual fun along sensitive body parts.

Rabbit cock ring is an advanced cock ring which is widely selected by men as it helps them provide clitoral stimulation while indulging in vaginal penetration. They just need to bang on target while the rabbit will take care of clitoral stimulation. Wondering how that is possible?

Well, rabbit cock rings come with rabbit ears (ear like structure) that protrudes around a penis when it is worn. The rabbit cock ring not only ensures erect penis and allowing him to enjoy long lasting penetration, it also allows women to enjoy both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously leading to explosive climax. While wearing it, men need to be careful with the direction of the ears. When you place the ears in the direction pointing downwards, men can ensure clitoral stimulation to their partners effortlessly. A simple care can go a long way in enjoying enhanced pleasure for both partners.

How it provides enhanced pleasure for men?

-       It helps men enjoy sustained erection and thus allows them to perform for longer than normal duration

-       It is particularly effective for men with premature ejaculation problem and those suffering from erectile dysfunction

-       Helps men to provide multiple orgasm to their partners and be able to provide fulfilling sexual experience to their partners.

How it provides enhanced pleasure for women?

-       It helps women experience clitoral stimulation along with vaginal stimulation simultaneously.

-       Women enjoy enhanced arousal and explosive orgasm in the end

It is particularly effective for men with premature ejaculation problem and those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Rabbit cock rings can be used by beginners and experienced men alike. Rabbit cock rings are made using body safe materials and are comfortably safe for both men and women. It certainly adds extra thrill under the sheets.

23. Vibrating Cock Rings

As the name indicates, these are cock rings with vibrating facility. Vibrating cock rings are upgraded cock rings with a small vibrator toy built in it. These cock rings can stimulate both partners the way a bullet vibrator can. These cock rings provide vibrations allowing men and women to experience heightened sensation during their love making as the vibration stimulates penis and vaginal nerves giving unique and extra pleasure, which may not be possible under normal stimulation.

Women highly prefer vibrating cock rings as they provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation with each insertion. The vibrations provide quivering pleasure to women with cock hitting vaginal walls each time. This is a special feeling and the kind of pleasure it gives is enormous, which may not happen during normal skinny dipping.

In addition to wearing this on the penis, women can also use vibrating cock rings on dildos to experience heightened pleasure during masturbation. So, vibrating cock rings serve dual purpose, one as a preferred sex toy for couples and as the most preferred sex toy for women for their masturbation.

Vibrating cock rings are available in many forms and features. The ball vibrating cock rings, shaft vibrating cock rings are some of the variants available in vibrating cock rings. In addition to vibrating function, these cock rings also help prevent blood flow and thus allow men to enjoy sustained erection and prolonged coital time.

Vibrating cock rings make sex all the more fun and enjoyable. Women prefer vibrating cock rings for enjoying quivering pleasure during love making with their partner.

24. Penis Sleeves (Penis Suck)

A penis sleeve is a male sex toy which is used like a condom. Penis Sleeve is categorized as sex toy that can be worn over the erect penis. The sleeve is meant to add length and girth of the penis giving it a bigger and dominant look. Penis sleeves provide supreme confidence and added power that allow men to provide harder pushes and prolong their time in bed and perform with vigour and vitatlity due to improved confidence. Penis Sleeve is similar to a condom but it is made up of rubber which needs to be inserted over the whole penis from the tip to end. It is many times thicker than condom. 

Penis sleeves are available with numerous textures so males may select as per their taste or their partner taste. Generally, penis sleeves keep granules or designs over its surface that creates rigidness and friction on vagina wall and provides immense pleasure to females and makes their sexual life more erotic with their male partner.

Penis sleeve extender often used for different purposes, mainly used to increase the penis size and pleasure for women. It is available in different textures that enable different feeling for the women partner.

Penis Sleeves are available in different textures to allow women to experience different sensation and pleasure levels.  Penis Sleeve also comes in different shapes so as to stimulate the vaginal tissues easily. The tip of the penis sleeve comes in different shape which makes it easy to stimulate the highly sensitive vaginal walls and it gives unique power to your penis. Penis sleeves are designed in such a way that it sits tightly on the top portion of the penis, and this numbs the tip of the penis allowing the user to perform longer than normal duration. There are various types of penis sleeves that can be used depending on the penis parts. There are sleeves that cover the whole penis, some cover only the shaft, while the third one covers only glans.

The shape of the penis sleeve extenders is also varied and it has a shape that is easy to stimulate the vagina and it changes your penis dramatically and aggressively. As with condom, there is no contraceptive effect so it is not recommended to ejaculate in the vagina. Since concurrent use with condoms is also possible, use condoms for contraceptive.

Safety Precautions While Using Cock Rings

-       Cock rings should not be worn for more than 20 minutes. As it cuts off blood circulation in the penis, prolonged use of cock rings can permanently damage penis. So, make sure it is used only for recommended duration.

-       There is always a possibility for pubic hairs to get tugged in cock ring giving pain. So, it is always better to shave your pubic hair before putting on a cock ring. Apply a lubricant to prevent rubber cock ring to stack in pubic hair.

-       Never force a rigid ring into position. This may make things really painful

-       Wear the cock ring around your penis shaft only when your penis is fully erect or semi-erect

-       While putting on the cock ring, make sure to drag it to the base of the shaft. Slide it to the base by two fingers.

-       Cock rings can ideally be used with condom

-       Always use a good quality lubricant with cock rings. Though you can use water based or silicone based lubricant, make sure you don’t use silicone based lubricant with a silicone based cock ring

You should immediately remove the cock ring if the following occurs

-       If your genitals begin to feel cold

-       If your genitals swell unusually.

-       If you feel pain in your penis or if your penis feels hurt

-       If vibrations feel strong and unbearable.

-       If you are wearing more than 20 minutes


What is Dildo?

Dildos are quite popular in India and it is increasingly being preferred by young women across the country. A dildo is essentially a female sex toy that is designed to look similar to the real penis. So, it is able to give penis pleasure to a woman. The user will feel like holding or getting inserted by a real penis and this gives them real excitement. Dildos are used by women during masturbation and it can also be used to have fun with a partner.

Dildos are available in glass, rubber, ABS plastic and metal. For the beginner, rubber dildos are best as it is too flexible, soft and easy to use in vaginal penetration. As it won’t hurt even during a vigorous action, rubber dildos are highly recommended for beginners. For those women, who couldn’t enjoy real sex with a male partner, Dildos provide a great alternative. These women can experience close to real sex using a dildo. Women may be able to feel the intensity and thrust of real penis using a dildo. This also avoids women to try and get into wrong relationships, as dildos can provide them required sexual gratification. Dildos are serving as the best substitution for penis and a woman can easily reach experience G-Spot stimulation or G-Spot orgasm using a dildo.

Not only for vaginal penetration, Dildos can also be used for anal penetration as well. Dildos are popular as women's toys, but it can also be used as men’s toys. Dildos are sometimes used to stimulate prostate glands that only have men. Couples can enjoy the thrill and deep penetration with a suitable size dildo at the same time. Dildos are versatile and come with numerous options for women, men and couples to experience pleasure.

All dildos are easy to use and temperature compatible. Means it is safe at the room temperature as well as in the cool temperature. But avoid the direct sunlight on the dildos. Well, the metal dildo is safe in sunlight but rubber dildo, plastic dildos, etc are not. It is important to keep it on the safe and dry place so the user can enjoy the ultimate pleasure with dildo throughout the life.

Dildos come in various sizes and shapes. It is important for the user to choose the right one depending on their body type and personal preferences. If you are beginner, it is advisable to use a small dildo, that means a dildo that has a small head size, then gradually you can go for a larger dildos which can provide harder and more intense pleasure.

History of Dildo

A dildo is the oldest sex toy and has been used around 30,000 years back. The first dildo is discovered in the Paleolithic era that it made by siltstone and used for self-pleasure. The stone-age people, the Greeks are included in the history of dildos. Greek women love to share their dildo. So the present dildos are going through various unimaginable shape, size according to the user's taste and experience.

Types of Dildos

Dildos are available in various materials, sizes and shape. Let us see some of the popular dildos

25. Harness Strap on Dildos

This is a hands-free dildo. It comes with an attached belt that can be worn around the waist and can be used to insert without using hands. It is basically a lesbian sex toy, which they can use to give and receive penetration pleasure. But even men can also use it, particularly gays who want to experience the pleasure of penetration using a dildo. For lesbian partners, it is an ideal dildo as they can penetrate each other without using their hands, just that they can wear it on their waist and push it into their partner’s vagina or anus. This allows them to experience both vaginal and anal pleasure comfortably. This dildo is suitable for sex and foreplay. The belt comes in soft material that won’t hurt your skin. There are special dildo belts available in which users can use their regular dildo and enjoy a hands-free enjoyment.

26. Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are hard ones made using high-quality glass. This can be used for masturbation or for sex. Glass dildos can provide cool and warm effects depending on the room temperature. The shiny and transparent glass dildos are tempting and are increasingly preferred by young women as it is hard and smooth, that it can be used by women to get right amount of stimulation and enjoy a sensual masturbation. Glass dildos are used by experienced users as it comes with a relatively bigger head and the sheer hardness of the dildos make it attractive for experienced users who don’t mind getting some hardcore pleasure during masturbation.

27. Regular Dildo

A regular dildo is a sex toy made in the shape of the penis. This can be used with a partner or alone for a masturbation. The dildo is hard, smooth and rigid enough to experience pleasure. It comes with real features including penis veins, to allow the users to experience real pleasure during masturbation or sex with their partner. It is small in size and can be carried in vanity bags even during travelling. Regular dildo is ideal for both beginners and experienced users as it can help them achieve pleasure. When you don’t have a steady male partner or a boyfriend, then regular dildos can come handy to gratify your sexual desires. When properly used, it can help the user derive outstanding pleasure.

28. Large Dildo

Large Dildos are used for extra pleasure and satisfaction. As the name indicates, it comes with extra length and girth allowing users to experience deeper and fuller penetration every time. It is best suited for experienced users only, as beginners may not be able to handle the size and may feel pain during the insertion. Some of the best-selling large dildo are made in Japan. Large dildos are widely available in India currently.

29. Silicone Dildo

Silicone Dildo is made of high-quality silicone material. It is best selling dildo category because silicone is skin-safe, soft and flexible for the penetration. Even silicone dildos are non-porous and phthalate free. Most of the user prefer the silicone dildo because it provides the soft and smooth insertion feeling. Our silicone made dildos are Chocolate Lily, Air Dildo Wave Lsize that you should try once. You can also use the silicone dildo with the harness belt.

30. Inflatable Dildo

Inflatable dildo is an exciting dildo that allows users to pump up and increase the length and girth of the dildo as per user need. It comes with a pump which users can use to inflate the size of the dildo even after inserting it into their vagina. This allow users to increase the size of the dildo once when their arousal level increases. After few insertions, when your arousal level increases, you can increase the length and girth of the dildo to enjoy a hardcore action. This adjustable dildo allows users to inflate the size depending on their mood and arousal level. No other dildo comes with such an exciting facility. This dildo is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. It provides full-up sensation to all types of users as they can increase the size of the dildo according to their vaginal cravings and arousal level.

31. Metal Dildos

When you want some hard and sensual pleasure, then you can go for metal dildos. As they are good conductors of heat, it can give you cool or warm feeling during different room temperatures. When you are operating it on a winter night, you can enjoy the pleasures of this cool dude. When it is inserted on a hot day, you can have a ‘warm’ session. Metal dildos are hard and are made body safe and high quality metal. Some of the metal dildos are curved in shape so the user can easily insert it and enjoy the insertion in a better way. When you want to enjoy temperature play, then trying metal dildos is the best way. Maintenance of metal dildos are practically zero and it can also be sterilized before every use to ensure you can enjoy a bacteria-free pleasure. Metal dildos can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. It is best suited for experienced users who expect hardcore pleasure.

32. Non-Realistic Dildos

Non-realistic dildos are like regular dildo and will come in different shapes and colour. Some non-realistic dildos come in white or other colours, which are no way near to the natural skin colour of male organ. Non-realistic dildos come in various sizes that it is safe for beginners to try small or medium sizes. They can go for bigger sizes once they are comfortable with dildos and can handle larger sized dildos. Just because it is a non-realistic dildo, it doesn’t mean that the user cannot experience pleasure. User can experience great pleasure using this dildo as well.

33. Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos look very much like a real penis. This has glans, testicles, penis shaft with veins and everything that a realistic penis has. These penis are highly preferred as it can give the feel and experience of a real pleasure at once. The realistic dildo is most preferred by young girls and women for their masturbation and to satisfy their sexual gratification as they receive real feeling of doing it with a real penis. Realistic dildos are for those women who want to experience with a real male organ. Realistic dildos are highly preferred and are always on demand in online market and increasingly women who are used to other types of dildos are switching to realistic dildos to experience real pleasure of using a penis. Popular realistic dildos are manufactured in Japan and are sold worldwide. These dildos provide the experience of handling a real male organ and thus receive widespread appreciation among women and thus leading to growing preference among women.

34. Small Dildos & Probers

Small Dildos and Probers are small in size. It is ideal for beginners who want to try a dildo. These dildos are portable and can be carried in a pocket or vanity bag without anyone knowing that you are carrying a dildo. If anyone is curious to try a sex toy, then they can start off with a small dildo as it is small in length and girth. It can be carried and used at any location even when one is travelling. Being a small sized dildo, hiding it won’t be a problem that you can enjoy sexual pleasure without anyone knowing that you are carrying a sex toy along with you.

35. Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos allow for hand-free penetration. When you don’t want to hold the dildo in your hand, then you can always go for suction cup dildos. These dildos can be fixed at any place like floor or wall or end of bed that you prefer using the suction cup. These dildos stay firmly at the place with the support of suction cup allowing you to enjoy the penetration pleasure. It allows the user to experience hands-free penetration pleasure as dildo remains fixed. Made using body safe material, suction cup dildo is regarded as the best one for masturbation. The user can also fix the dildo permanently at any convenient place inside the toilet or hear the shower to enjoy masturbation.

36. Double Ended Dildos

As the name indicates, this type of dildo has two heads. It is basically used by lesbians as both partners can stimulate each other simultaneously. These dildos are useful for anal-anal penetration, anal-vagina penetration and vagina-vagina penetrations. One can insert any head of the dildo in any of the opening and use the other head to insert either in one’s partner’s vagina or anus. Even single user can use double ended dildos to get vaginal and anal stimulation at one go. These dildos are flexible and rigid enough to give filling sensation when inserted and provide necessary stimulation pleasure. Though it is widely perceived as ‘lesbian dildo’, couples too can use it, where a woman can give anal penetration pleasure to a man while enjoying vaginal penetration at her end. While few double ended dildos have same head size at both ends, few models come with small girth at one end and a bigger girth at the other end to experience penetration pleasure of different magnitude each time. 

Male Masturbators

This is the most popular among men’s toys. This toy makes masturbation of men more convenient and allow them to enjoy more pleasure. This is one of the toys that is increasingly being bought my men in India. The reason for its popularity and increasing patronage is its shape and carefully crafted internal structure which resembles the female genital organs. It is so wonderfully shaped that men whoever uses it feel almost the same stimulation of inserting in a real vagina.

We give below some of the various male masturbators based on the user type and usage method. Before going further, let us see what a masturbation process is technically.

What is meant by masturbation?

Masturbation is the process of stimulating one’s own genital area for pleasure. Both male and female can indulge in masturbation. Even those who have lesbian or gay sexual preference can indulge in masturbation. Even men and women with steady or married partner can indulge in masturbation. In general hands, fingers, pillows, home objects, combs, vegetables, etc. are some of the regularly used objects for masturbation by men and women.

However, toys are altogether different. Male masturbator toys are exclusively developed to allow men to enjoy a stimulating masturbation session. The toys are intended to help men experience more pleasure and make the whole act of masturbation enjoyable. Toys are available for men with diverse sexual tastes and personalized preferences. Even for those men who are going through erection problems, there are ‘cock rings’ which are meant for those men with erectile dysfunction problem.

Male masturbators are meant to allow men to satisfy their penis cravings when they are alone in the most enjoyable way. Masturbator toys can also be used with condom and personal lubricants for better results. In general, a lubricant is recommended while using any adult toy for enjoying an intense and pleasurable feeling. Now, a wide range of male masturbators can be bought from online stores and get it delivered at home conveniently in discreet packaging without anyone knowing what is inside.


Male masturbator toys are structured in such a way that it will allow the user to insert his penis into it. Male masturbator toys allow men to insert and ejaculate. Some masturbator toys are designed to look and feel exactly like a real vagina to allow the user to feel ultimate stimulation. Some of the masturbators have simple internal structure while some have complex structure.


Masturbator toys come in varieties of materials such as silicone, elastomer, TPR, TPE etc., These are intended to provide exact feel of a real vagina. All the materials are high quality or medical grade. All the materials are absolutely safe for human body and doesn’t harm the user in any way. Men can choose the material and shape according to their own need and personal satisfaction.


Male Masturbator toys come in compact, medium and large sizes. Small sized masturbator toys are easy to handle while the stimulation is weak and the satisfaction levels will be less. Small sized masturbator toys are cheap and expectedly, large sized ones are expensive. Price also depends on the material used and size.

Major Categories of Male Masturbator Toys

Male masturbator toys are generally categorized as

-          Blow Job Toys

-          Fleshlights

-          Handheld Masturbators

-          Hands-free Masturbators

-          Penis Enhancement Toys


As the name indicates, these male masturbator toys allow men to feel the real sensation of the blow job. Essentially blow job toys are shaped like an open mouth at one end. The hollow shape and lip like structure allow men to feel the real sense of touching and stimulating the male organ allowing them to feel high sensual blow job leading to exciting orgasm. It is very easy to use and handle and can be carried to any place in their bags as the size is compact. Blow job toys in general are made using soft materials such as elastomers, rubber or silicone.

There are two types of blow job masturbator toys, namely

-          Reusable toys

-          Disposable toys (use and throw)

The essence of a blow job toy is the faithful reproduction of the inside of a woman’s mouth. The toy is the closest replica of a woman’s mouth in terms of its shape, texture, tongue, throat, teeth etc., The open ended (like a mouth) blow job toy gives almost a realistic feeling of a blow job or fellatio to the user.

As many men crave for a blow job, which many women blatantly refuse due to various reasons, a blow job toy can allow the user to experience a near natural blow job given by a woman. Except the natural saliva and feel of the tongue, the user may be able to feel every sensation that he may receive during a real blow job using this toy. Blow job masturbator toys are for such men who are eager to experience a blow job in their life. It is reported that men enjoy blow jobs thoroughly, much more than penetration as it gives them an ego boost and a wonderful feeling that their partner is enjoying their organ.

However, blow job toys allow men to experience the sensation of a real blow job anytime and any number of times. No wonder, blow job toys are increasingly bought by young and older men in India for the satisfaction they derive out of it. Blow jobs also provide a perfect start to a great sex. So, blow job toys allow men to feel better and enjoy their masturbation session thoroughly as it allows them to feel greater pleasure.  

Now Blow Job masturbator comes even with tongue and teeth. Manufacturers are coming out with more features to provide a more realistic feeling to the user. More features the toy has, the user will have more realistic sucking experience during his masturbation. It gives the user the feel of their organ getting inside the mouth of a female and being swallowed.

We can expect more advanced blow jobs to hit the market in the near future as the toy is becoming popular among men. This is particularly useful for men who are without a girlfriend or lover and those who are travelling a lot. The toys are secretly used by married men who are deprived of normal oral sex due to their partners’ refusal to indulge in it.


Fleshlight is one of the most popular male masturbator toys currently across the world. Fleshlights are also popular in India as Indian men find it highly stimulating to use it during their masturbation. It can be used by both beginners and experts. Fleshlight is regarded as very special as it gives men the feeling of real presence of a women in the masturbation. Men generally indulge in masturbation thinking about a woman and fleshlights renders them to feel the presence of a real woman in every sense, which makes the whole masturbation an exciting experience.

Fleshlight has two parts, an inner and an outer part. The inner part is made with soft materials while the outer part is made with hard materials. Fleshlight comes with different types of orifices such as the vagina, anal, mouth and cheeks. So, men can choose the type they want and are free to buy all the available orifices to enjoy variety and different stimulation every time to make their masturbation exciting and highly sensual.

Fleshlight toy is water proof, which means it can be used in water such as under shower, bath tubs, pools and other places, if they require. Fleshlight toys are also called as artificial vagina or artificial anal by users. Fleshlight comes with a special design and finish that it will look like a real vagina and real anus hole. Some male users have commented that Fleshlight provides more pleasant than a real woman.

In addition to allowing men to enjoy a stimulating masturbation session, the toy allows men with premature ejaculation issue and stamina issue to try Fleshlight and enjoy sexual stimulation and feel increased confidence as they are able to enjoy the nearly real sensation of penetrating a woman’s vagina. This is probably, one of the best uses of Fleshlight. As men with premature ejaculation issue can use this regularly to not only feel the pleasure but to enhance their confidence so that they can perform better in bed with a real woman.

Men who have used Fleshlight have reported that their climax is always exciting and explosive. They enjoy a highly stimulating masturbation session using Fleshlight. Variety of Fleshlights are available. Beginners can try Fleshlights that provide normal stimulation and then go onto higher ones with multiple flaps which provide more intense stimulation.

Fleshlights are gaining prominence and are increasingly preferred by men for it provides the feel of a real pussy and real anal. The company uses its patented ultra soft material to manufacture its sleeves which allows men to enjoy a stimulating sensation during masturbation. It is certainly a way above than other male masturbators as it provides a nearly real sensation of a woman’s organ. No wonder, it remains highly preferred among men. When you want to feel the presence of a woman during your masturbation, then Fleshlight is the masturbator that you should turn to. Because men across the world are using it for the same reason.


Handheld masturbator is a category of masturbation toys for men. As the name indicates, men has to use their hands and this masturbator provides a different sensation and massaging feel to the male organ when it is used. For those who are accustomed to using their hand for masturbation, handheld masturbation can add a different texture to it and helps the user to enjoy masturbation to a great extent.

When men began to use handheld masturbator toys during their masturbation, it becomes an addiction as the pleasure received during the masturbation becomes manifold compared to regular hand masturbation. Handheld masturbators provide an unforgettable experience.

Until they use handheld masturbators, men in general think that their hand is enough for masturbation. But they realize only when they begin to use a masturbator toy that there is so much more pleasure available for men. Handheld masturbator toys come in small to large size for the different needs of men. It also comes in various textures, structure and features to improve the sensation during the masturbation session.

In addition to providing added pleasure, handheld masturbators also come with additional benefits. It helps men increase sexual stamina and control their ejaculation to desired time period so that they can perform longer in bed with their partners during actual sex. As the handheld masturbators are shaped like a vagina and feels like a vagina, men are able to prepare themselves better for a prolonged and intense sex. That way handheld masturbators work like a breeding ground for men to practice and enhance their sexual energy and stamina.  

Essentially it provides them with the necessary confidence required to perform well in bed. When they can stay longer using a masturbator that has similar features with that of a vagina, they can gain confidence over time and with which they can surely perform in bed with a real woman.

This is particularly useful for those men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. They can get trained, flex their penis muscles to ensure they stay long enough to provide satisfaction to their partners. Men with premature ejaculation problem can use handheld masturbators regularly to increase their ejaculation time and gain confidence, as the device represents a near natural vagina, they can repeat with their real partners with what they are able to do with a masturbator.


-          The user can change the pressure and tightness of the masturbator with their hand.

-          It provides them with satisfying sex pleasure very close to the actual sex with a woman because it has several features and textures of a real vagina.

-          It is structured in such a way that it can be handy to use.

-          It is available in different lengths, diameters and width as the length of the penis differs among men.

-          There are specific handheld masturbators for beginners and experienced. The variation in the texture is what provides the difference. For beginners the textures are normal, while for the experienced textures are rough.

-          Disposable masturbators are also available which can be used only once.


As the name indicates, these masturbators can be used without your hands. Hands-free masturbators provide relief from using the hand for masturbation. Though hand held masturbators can provide extraordinary pleasure during masturbation, one cannot discount the pain it can generate in your wrists due to constant movement. Though the pain is not so intense, still the pain can be felt for few minutes if the action is vigorous.

On the other hand, Hands-free Masturbators can be fixed on your bed or floor or on wall and can be used by moving your waist to and fro. It is available in various sizes and shapes and the user can choose according to their penis size. There are vibrating hands-free masturbators for those who want to experience vibration function. The vibrations provide extra sensation which can make the masturbation even more exciting and enjoyable. These vibrating hands-free masturbators come with adjustable speed and vibration function so that the user can set the speed that is comfortable to him.

Hands-free masturbators provide a real sense of sexual pleasure as it is similar to skinny dipping, where the user has to insert and pump his organ over an open vagina like structure only using his waist. He can exert pressure and enjoy the sensations of real penetration of a vagina, which can lead to incredible experience of ejaculation.

Hands-free masturbators are considered an advanced sex toy created for men. These toys completely remove the use of hands to enjoy masturbation pleasure. The user can get thorough enjoyment without using his hands at all.

Hands-free masturbators come in various sizes and types. Let us see each one of them.

Suction Type – It allows the user to stick the masturbator on the wall or bed or floor and allow the user to just insert his organ, move it in and out and enjoy a stimulating masturbation session. The suction base ensures that the masturbator remains firmly rooted to the base so that the user can feel like banging a real vagina. The user just need to move his hips to enjoy the pleasure.

Electric Type – This works on power and it comes with adjustable strokes. Users can set pump, suck, vibrate and more functions according to their need and enjoy various stimulations using this type of masturbator. This provides a completely different sensations for the user and needless to say, that his masturbation will give him immense pleasure.

Stamina Booster Type – These models are mean to enhance the stamina and improve the sexual energy of the user. This type is a blessing in disguise for those men who are low in confidence and who are going through premature ejaculation due to various reasons. Men can get themselves trained better and prepare themselves for a better sex life in future.

Hands-free masturbation requires some amount of experience and preparedness because there is always a chance for beginners to harm themselves if they try hands-free masturbator at first. They should check the softness of the internal structure, which otherwise may lead to painful masturbation as they may exert more pressure. If the internal structure is simple and soft, then they can go for it. It is never going to be a problem for an experienced user as he may be used to intense and wild pleasure which comes with little pain, anyways.


When you want to have a bigger and harder penis, then these toys can help you achieve that. Men always have an obsession with their organ size and regardless of caste, creed, nationality and ethnicity, men across the world want a longer and stronger organ, as it is directly associated with masculinity. From time immemorial, masculinity is associated with sturdy abs and larger penis. So, our minds are conditioned to link the size of the penis with masculinity. So, there is an inherent need for men to have a larger and stronger penis.

Penis enhancement toys that are available currently in the market are of high quality and are safe to use. Though it can be used for masturbation, it is not a masturbation toy, rather it is a training toy for penis. A male penis is made up of two erectile tissues which hold most of the blood in the penis at the time of erection. These soft and spongy tissues hold the blood in the penis and causes penis to swell and become harder. This triggers neural transmitters to send signal to brain and blood begins to flow to the penis making it even harder.

Penis enhancement toys provide physical stimulation the penis by pulling or vacuuming. Depending on the method of stimulation the length and thickness of the penis can be enhanced. Penis enlargement toys can help in increasing the size of the organ. But you should be careful with the type of toy you use. You need to be careful with the quality of penis enhancement toy that you use, as penis is a sensitive part of the body and applying too much force can create permanent damage to the organ. There are cheap toys available in the market, which may not provide any satisfying result. Further, they can potentially create permanent damage to your organ. So, you need to exercise caution while choosing the right penis enhancement toy for you.

There are two types of Penis enlargement toys available in the market

-          Traction type:  These are called penis extenders which will allow you to pull and extend a penis

-          Pump type: This type is used to thicken the penis using air pressure. It works on sucking mechanism using vacuum.


Massagers and magic wands are now well established adult toys in India. As it provides the much needed vibration pleasure to the genitals and other parts of the body, it is highly preferred by young men and women in India for extracting pleasure.

Massagers are also used to relieving stress and built up tension on the body. It is also used to relaxing the sore muscles. Though it has this use, massagers are primarily used for sexual pleasure. Though young men and women use it for their masturbation, couples are also using it for extracting more pleasure during their love making, as it helps them enjoy quivering pleasure, which may not be possible otherwise. When someone is exposed to the kind of pleasure a massager can give, it is nearly impossible for him or her to stop using it, because the kind of pleasure that they get out of massagers is so exciting that it is natural for them to get addicted to it and keep on using them regularly.

Essentially, a massager is an electric object that is effectively used to stimulate the bodily senses. It can be used to arouse the sensitive spots in our body or used to relive stress from specific body parts after a long day at office or going through stressful situations or to deal with some unpleasant life situations or individuals which can lead to enormous stress.

The magic wand is a type of a massager, which is used as a massager to derive pleasure from their sensitive genital area and other sensual body parts. Women use magic wand to stimulate their clitoris and arouse them sufficiently to experience exploding climax. They can use a magic wand either alone during a masturbation session or along with their partner during love making. Magic wand has recently been added among ‘women’s sex toys’ as increasingly women prefer to use it to experience pleasure. This doesn’t mean that men cannot use a magic wand. Magic wand has been identified as the most preferred ‘female sex toy’ for their masturbation session as it provides them with extraordinary pleasure.

Magic wand has a smooth head for enjoyable massaging experience. It is easy to use and helps couple achieve orgasm. It can be used during solo play and also during foreplay with the help of the other partner. In a nut shell, a magic wand is a portable massager which can be used over sensitive body parts without any hassle. Magic wand has proven to provide a new experience of erotic pleasure to users. It allows users to adjust speeds of vibration according to their personalized needs and comes with on/off button for easy and comfortable usage.

The magic wand is perfect for stimulating clitoris, vagina, nipple, penis, neck, butt and other sensitive parts of the body. Magic wand and massagers are also be used during foreplay to get sufficient arousal before penetration. Women in general use massager over their vagina and clitoris to give herself explicit arousal and get her pleasure-hole turn sufficiently wet. 

The magic wand is handy in use. It keeps 6000 rpm speed which is enough to stimulate genitals to considerable arousal levels. It comes with a sleek and curved head that creates amazing sensation when it is run over genitals. Magic wands are easy to hold and are user friendly. It doesn’t require any special skill or training to use a magic wand. It is easy to get pleasure from a magic wand.

In addition to several thousands of users who use it for enhanced pleasure during sex, massagers and magic wands are also useful for those men and women who find it difficult to experience orgasm and strong arousal feeling during regular sex. For such men and women, manual stimulation may not be sufficient enough to experience heightened level of arousal required to experience intense orgasm. Massagers provide from small to highly intense stimulation which can allow such people to experience heightened arousal state.

Massagers and magic wands can allow men and women to experience intense arousal and sensuality as they can use them without any resistance. The powerful vibrations can provide immense pleasure and users are free to experience it without any restrictions.

History of Massager

If you look at the history of massager, you are in for an interesting story. Massagers were initially used as medical devices which are an outcome of narrow views of sexuality during eighteenth and nineteenth century. Christianity was so actively propagating restraints on sexual behavior during that period and it was propagating purity among women. The propagation was so intense that it lead women to experience stress and hysteria due to sexual restraint. When such women went to physicians for treatment, stimulation therapy was used as treatment. Physicians conducted clitoris stimulation, which was not regarded as an act of sex so women agreed to take to such treatment, which resulted in women feeling refreshed and energized without any guilt. Though several hand-made devices were used initially, in 1902 an electric powered massager was invented. Doctors used an electric vibrating massage for facilitating penetration. Soon, it began to be used for reliving tension and relaxing sore muscles. But soon people began to use it for their own pleasure and eventually it became a sex toy. Now massagers are used by millions of young men and women for their sexual gratification and experiencing heightened pleasure during love making.

No wonder, vibrating massagers are also being used even now for regulating blood circulation, reliving congestion, anti-ageing, fatigue etc., Massagers provide massage to the whole body. Now there is a clear distinction between massagers used for medical treatment and those used for sexual pleasure.

Both massagers and magic wands are increasingly becoming popular among young Indian men and women. When someone gets used to the kind of pleasure that they get from these two toys, they can never feel satisfied without using them. When your body is used to such intense pleasure, it is difficult to reach such heightened levels of arousal without them.

There are quite a few massagers and magic wands are available in the market and one will certainly be spoilt for choices. So, the user has to decide what works for them and what not.


Vibrators are the most popular sex toys among young Indian men and women. There are numerous types of vibrators currently available catering to several personalized needs of users. There are specific vibrators for masturbation, clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation, nipple stimulation etc. There are remote controlled ones, wireless models, water proof types, silent ones, vibrators for men, women, lesbians. Whatever may be your sexual preference and sexual orientation, you can get varieties of vibrators and with the plethora of choices available right now, you will certainly be spoilt for choices.

Essentially, vibrators are electronic sex toys that can stimulate erogenous zones of a female body by generating pulsating vibrations. There are vibrators for men as well. Vibrators are gaining popularity and increasing patronage in India as it gives a unique and different kind of pleasure, the kind of which is not possible using hand or male organ. Women who are exposed to the pleasures of vibrator-included stimulation develop an instant liking as they experience extraordinary pleasure, which is truly out-of-the-world.  As users can adjust vibration speed and intensity of stimulation according to their own need, it is increasingly preferred by women in India as they enjoy both penetrative vaginal stimulation and external clitoral stimulation. There are some specially designed vibrators which can give both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously to users, which give them heightened arousal and exploding orgasm, the kind of which may not be practically possible with hand or organ stimulation. There are many types of vibrators. Let us see some of the important and widely used ones:

44. Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrator is designed in such a manner that it looks very similar to the bullet, so its name is bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrator is one of the most favourite vibrators for young girls and women in India. It is not only popular in India but popular across the world for its simple design, compact size, easy operations and easily portability. Women can carry it in their purse and vanity bag without anyone knowing that a vibrator is inside. It allows user to experience stimulation in any part of the body from vagina to clitoris to nipple. It can be used for pin point stimulation. It can be sued by all types of users, men, women, lesbians, gays and can be used for masturbation and sex.

Bullet vibrator is available in varieties of material such as metal, silicone, silver, plastic, steel, rubber etc. All this materials are body-safe or medical grade, so it is absolutely safe for user and it doesn’t harm the user in any way.


-       It is a very simple design and comes with a smooth surface

-       Bullet vibrator is portable and easy to use. Any user either beginner or experience can easily use it.

-       Nowadays, even waterproof models are available which allow users to use it under shower and in bath tubs or pools. These are also easy to clean.

-       It is available with wired or wireless controller.

-       Allows the user to set different vibration pattern and speed allowing the user to set according to intensity of the sexual activity or masturbation.

-       Most of the bullet vibrator is battery operated so the user can easily change its battery once the battery run outs.

-       It comes in affordable price, so anybody can try it.

-       It is ideal for beginners, both individuals and couples can try it.

-       It is small in size, so the user can easily hide it and carry it along during travelling without anyone’s suspicion.

45. Butterfly & Wearable Vibrators

It is a special kind of vibrator that is made in the shape of a butterfly. It is made to create both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. It is a wearable vibrator which women can wear for a long time and enjoy intense stimulations on their vagina and clitoris for a longer time.

It is designed in such a way that women can easily wear this vibrator under their panties and do all the daily work while receiving stimulation all along. Butterfly & Wearable Vibrator is a simple way to get sexual stimulation, whether you wear it around the waist or set it on the vagina. Such vibrators are most suitable to enjoy the public play. You can wear it and do all your daily works without anyone knowing that you are enjoying a stimulation. It can also be used to stimulate your genital area without using your hand. It is suitable for beginners to experience the pleasure of vibration. It is popular in Europe and USA as it allows women to enjoy stimulation even while they are in a public place. It is used by women for continuous stimulation of vagina or clitoris.


-       It is a hands-free external vibrator toy that is wearable

-       It comes with an adjustable belt which women can use to adjust according to their waist size and get the right fit.

-       It is used to stimulate the clitoris all the time. Women can enjoy continuous pleasure without using their hand.

-       It is made using medical grade material that it is safe to use

-       It is available in various colours, sizes shape, style and textures.

-       It is generally made in elastomer and silicone.

-       It is either battery operated or USB chargeable.

-       It is water proof and thus it can be cleaned with water after use.

When women uses it for a prolonged duration, there is always a risk of skin getting burnt due to the excessive heat generated by the motor in the wearable sex toy. So, women should use it for specific duration and enjoy the stimulation. 

46. Classic Vibrators

It is a straight shaft vibrator that is longer than bullet vibrators but work like a bullet vibrator. It has a smooth surface and can be used to stimulate clitoris, vaginal and anal walls. It is used by both men and women. Couples can also use this toy to stimulate each other by using it over sensitive body parts.

Classic vibrators are perfect for beginners. It helps them to gain orgasmic experience. When a beginner wants to experience deep penetration or G spot orgasm then they should try the classic vibrators. In addition to beginners, even intermediate and or experts can also use it for internal stimulation.

Classic vibrators play a vital role in allowing users experience the pleasures of deep penetration. When you want a vibrator to stimulate your vagina, G-spot and anal, then classic vibrator can be the safe bet. It can also be used by men, gay or lesbians for enjoying sexual pleasure. Men or gay can use the classic vibrator for anal pleasure. Women use the classic vibrator during sexual activity with the partner for pleasure feeling or during masturbation to satisfy all their sexual need.

A classic vibrator is generally made with an elastomer, silicon, rubber, plastic etc. All these materials are either high quality or medical grade, so it is safe for the body. A classic vibrator is available in the market with different colour, shape, size, style and textures.


-       Classic vibrator is specially designed for deep insertion penetration.

-       It has different types of vibration pattern and swing which help women to stimulate deep inside the vagina.

-       It does not have any vibrating action to stimulate clitoris, so most of the users use it for experiencing deep penetration pleasure.

-       It comes with waterproof specifications, so that user can clean the toy with water after use

-       It is either battery operated or USB rechargeable. Batteries can be replaced easily when it runs out of power.

-       It can be used by men for anal and or prostate stimulation. 

47. Clitoral Vibrators

These are specially designed vibrating sex toys for clitoral stimulation and needless to say, it meant for young girls and women of all ages. Clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts in a woman’s body and clitoral stimulation provides immense pleasure to a woman. It is reported that many women require clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. For such women mere vaginal stimulation is not enough, however prolonged it could be, for them to feel orgasm. It goes to show that clitoris plays an important role in helping women experience pleasure during sex.

Women can use it for lesbian sex or for masturbation. Even men can also use clitoral stimulation externally over her girlfriend’s body to give her quivering pleasure. Though clitoral vibrators are meant for clitoral stimulation only, some of the latest models allow even vaginal penetration allowing the user to experience simultaneous stimulation of both vagina and clitoris. A woman can also use clitoral stimulator to make herself aroused and ready for penetration with their partner.


-       It is used only for external stimulation of clitoris. It cannot be used for vaginal penetration

-       It is available in various sizes and shapes.

-       Some of the clitoris vibrator sex toys have only one vibration function and speed whereas some of the clitoris vibrator sex toys have different types of vibration function and speed.

-       Clitoris vibrator is made with varieties of material such as silicone, rubber, plastic etc.

-       Some of the clitoris vibrators also have a rotation function to stimulate the clitoris.

-       It is small in shape and are designed in such a way that it does not look like a sex toy.

-       It is water proof, so it can be cleaned with water before and after the use

-       It is made using high quality material that it is safe for the body and skin

Clitoris vibrator also helps women to get wet. Women can also use the clitoris vibrator to stimulate the nipple and beside clitoris. 

48. Egg Vibrators

Egg vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that is similar to a bullet vibrator. It assumes the name as it is in the shape of an egg. Egg vibrators create powerful sensations in both clitoris and vagina. It can be easily fitted into the lingerie and can provide powerful vibrations compared to other vibrators.

Egg vibrators are regarded as the perfect vibrator toys for beginners. It can be used for both internal and external stimulation. Egg vibrators can be used to stimulate vagina, anus, breast, nipple or any other sensitive body part. It is suitable for couples, women, lesbian etc., It is one of the most popular vibrator sex toys, particularly among women as it is easy to operate and provides absolute enjoyment. It is also one of the cheapest so many women who want to try vibrating sex toy will begin with egg vibrators. A woman who never experienced orgasm can try the egg vibrator to experience orgasm.


-       Easy to operate, clean and maintain

-       Wired and wireless egg vibrators are available

-       It is made with plastic, rubber, silicone, metal etc.,

-       It is made using medical grade materials, so that is it absolutely safe

-       It is available in different colour, shape, size, style and features

-       Most models of egg vibrators are water proof.

-       It comes with adjustable vibration function and speed, which can be adjusted using a remote.

-       It can be used by both men and women, though women uses it in great number.

According to a secret survey, most of the Indian women use egg vibrator to enjoy their masturbation as it provides them with continuous and stable stimulation, because of which they are able to achieve orgasm comfortably.

If a girl lives with the family then it becomes very easy for her to hide the egg vibrator as it is very small, and it also makes less noise. It can also be carried comfortably without anyone’s knowledge.  If a couple uses too much egg vibrator, then they get addicted to it and there is a possibility that she feels that male procedures alone are insufficient. So it is always better to avoid using egg vibrator too much which can deprive experiencing natural pleasure.

49. Extra Powerful Vibrators

As the name indicates, Extra Powerful Vibrators are meant for expert users. The intensity of the vibration is so powerful that is it not suitable for beginners, who may not be able to withstand the powerful vibrations. It is an upgrade for experienced users who may be too used with normal vibrators that they may not find it stimulating enough. Beginners should not try this as they may find it unbearable.

Basically, these vibrators are similar to other regular vibrators but they come with an extra capacity to deliver strong strokes to allow users to experience more intense pleasure. These vibrators can be used for clitoral stimulation, deep vaginal stimulation, anal, G-spot, nipple and any other sensitive body parts.

Women can use it for masturbation and g-spot stimulation. Couples too can use it for both internal and external stimulation. Gays can use it for anal and prostate stimulation. It can also be used by men, women, gays and lesbians alike.


-       Extra powerful vibrators are generally made of plastic, rubber, silicone, metal etc.

-       It comes with different vibration functions, rotation and speed. So, user can set the preferred speed and functionality depending on their individual needs.

-       It is also water proof. So that it can be clean before and after use

-       It is either battery operated or USB rechargeable.

Extra powerful vibrators require large electric power. If the couple prefers the battery operated one then they should use more number of batteries compared to normal vibrating sex toys.
If the couple prefers to use rechargeable batteries, then the battery power can drain quickly compared to the normal vibrator. Further, extra powerful vibrators are little expensive compared to other vibrator sex toys.

50. Extra Quiet Vibrators

As the name indicates, it is one of the most silent vibrators. It is for those who doesn’t want to their sexual feeling to get suppressed due to noise of the vibrators during their sexual activity or masturbation. These vibrators are made using quieter motors and material that can muffle the noise generated due to vibrations. This vibrator is ideal for those couples who want to enjoy sensual vibration, yet don’t want any disturbance during the sexual activity.

Please be informed that there is no vibrator that is completely silent. Extra Quite Vibrators produce quietest noise compared to others. Still some sound will be heard, but it will be mild enough that the user won’t find it disturbing. It doesn’t spoil personal privacy and users can use it during public play without allowing anyone know that a vibrator is being used in the vicinity.


-       These vibrators can be used for both internal and external stimulation.

-       It is best suited for men and women to use it while living in a joint family

-       It is made using extra quiet motors.

-       It is made with the special type of material that can quieten the noise of the vibrator

-       It is made with medical grade material that it can be safely used without any worries

-       Most of the recent models are water proof.

The power of the extra quiet vibrator has limits. Most of the extra quiet vibrator does not provide strong stimulation. Extra Quiet Vibrators may feel weak if you are accustomed to a relatively strong stimulus. Most of the user who has lots of experience with the vibrator toys do not get satisfied with the extra quiet vibrator because of weak vibration function. 

51. Finger and Tongue Vibrators

Finger and Tongue vibrators are special type of vibrating sex toys that are predominantly used in oral sex and masturbation. Finger vibrators are worn on the fingertips and are used to stimulate sensitive body parts such as nipple, clitoris, vagina etc., Tongue vibrators are used to enhance the quality of sensation during oral sex. With tongue vibrators, oral sex becomes highly satisfying and exciting. These vibrators are highly suitable to use during foreplay and masturbation. It is best suited for both beginners and experienced users as well. These vibrators are very versatile to use.

Finger vibrators are popular among men and women and it is suitable for all types of users. It can be used to experience highly sensual orgasm as it can provide pinpoint stimulation and women can use it to stimulate their clitoris and experience quivering pleasure leading to an explosive orgasm.


-       It is specially designed to be worn easily on the finger

-       It is very similar to wearing type mini vibrators

-       Finger vibrators can be used for both internal and external stimulation.

-       It can be sued for clitoris, anal, vaginal and nipple stimulation

-       Some models come with only one vibration function, while many other types come with different vibration functions and speed.

-       It is very light weight, thus suitable for all types of users.

-       It can be sued with other sex toys like dildo, male masturbator, BDSM toys etc.,

Finger vibrator is perfect for simple stimulation and pinpoints stimulation. The user also uses the finger vibrator during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs.  Finger vibrator does not provide strong stimulation. If the user wants a strong stimulation then they should prefer the sex toys which are specially designed to provide strong stimulation.

52. G-Spot Vibrators

As the name denotes, these are special vibrating sex toys that can be used to stimulate the women’s most sensitive spot, G-spot which is located inside the vagina. G-spot is a bean-shaped portion located on top portion inside the vagina. G-spot has proven to the most sensitive spot inside the vagina and when it is stimulated, it helps women experience highly intense and powerful orgasm, which is incomparable with stimulation of any other body part.

G-spot vibrators are increasingly bought by women in India and across the world as it helps women to experience unbelievable pleasure and intense orgasm.

Needless to mention, it is primarily a ‘women only’ vibrator. Though men can assist women in receiving g-spot stimulation during the sexual activity, the vibrator is essentially for women. It can be used during masturbation or during sex with a partner. Though women can use dildos to stroke their g-spot, but the G-spot vibrator provides more pleasant feelings and it helps the user to locate the g-spot quite easily.


-       G-Spot vibrator is available in many shapes and sizes.

-       It has broad tips which is designed in such a way that it will hit the G-spot while penetrating the vagina.

-       Users can set vibration modes from low to high.

-       All the G spot vibrators are waterproof, so women can easily use water to clean the G spot vibrator after the sexual intercourse.

-       G spot vibrator is either battery operated or USBrechargeable.

Difference between G-spot vibrators, vibrators and Dildo

G spot vibrator is designed in such a manner that it is little curved whereas the simple vibrator and dildo are designed in a straight manner or it is designed like a penis, which can be used only to stimulate the vagina or anal, and reaching G-spot with these is practically impossible. G-spot vibrator makes is easy to stimulate G-spot without any hassle.

53. Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators belong to the elite range among the vibrators. It comes with stylish looks and are easy to handle. It helps the user to stimulate the sensitive areas of the body in a most convenient way. As the name indicates, luxury vibrators are expensive and are made using high quality and long-lasting material. It comes with extra smooth features for masturbation and sex.

The design of the luxury vibrator is stylish. The luxury vibrator has different types of vibration function and speed which user can easily change during the sexual penetration. Now a day, almost all the luxury vibrator have life waterproof specification, so the user can easily use water to clean the luxury toys after the sexual activity.

It provides more pleasant feeling during the sexual activity. Luxury vibrators are expensive and are not easily available due to its high cost. Only very few online platforms sell luxury vibrators. If you consider reviews before buying your vibrator, then you may find hardly any review for luxury vibrators as it is very low user base. As only elite and celebrities buy these products, they hardly post any review of their experience due to fear of their identity getting exposed.

There is a wide range of luxury vibrators with their design and feature. Every type comes with its own properties. It is available from clit vibes to prostate vibes and from rechargeable to battery operated. As the luxury vibrator is generally expensive, only experienced user would buy this to get enhanced pleasure during their sexual activity. Because of its high cost, it is not suitable for beginners.

Luxury vibrator toys are made with high-quality material so it is very soft and smooth while touching and using. The luxury vibrator has many excellent features. The luxury vibrator is available with wonderful functions such as vibration, wireless, charging etc. It also has a life waterproof specification so the user can easily use water for cleaning purpose. 

54. Mini Vibrators

As the name denotes, these are small sized vibrators which can be used to get pin point vibrations. It is as small as the size of a cigarette or lipstick or a finger that it can be carried anywhere such as office, travel, movies etc., Because of its small size which can be accommodated in a pocket, it is also called as ‘Pocket Vibrator’.

Though it is small in size, it is considered effective in stimulating the erogenous zones of a body. Mini vibrators are widely used by women. In India it is increasingly bought by young women as it allows them to keep it inside their bag secretly and use it for masturbation without anyone in the family knowing.

Mini vibrators are used for both clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation. It can also be inserted into vagina for vaginal stimulation. Mini vibrators are considered as most suitable for beginners in the sex toy world.  Women often use mini vibrators on the clitoris to bring the fast and powerful orgasm for sexual intercourse. It can also be used by women to get herself wet quickly before a sexual encounter with their partner. A couple can use these vibrators during foreplay and use it to stimulate women’s sensitive body parts.


-       Though it is small, it is highly durable and can be carried anywhere

-       Mini vibrator is popular in India because it is very easy to hide the toy.

-       It runs on button batteries, as regular AA and AAA batteries cannot be fitted into it due to its small size

-       Rechargeable models of mini vibrators are also available. Users can recharge it using USB cable

Though mini vibrators are highly preferred by beginners, the vibration function is enough only for the beginners. But the expert and experienced users don’t prefer mini vibrators as the functionalities are minimal and vibrations are not satisfying enough for such users.

55. Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrator is a special type of vibrating sex toy meant for women. It is specially structured with bunny ears so that it is named as Rabbit Vibrator. The special design allows women to experience both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. When the main shaft is inserted into the vagina, the bunny ears stimulate the clitoris at the same time. This provides immense pleasure to the user as they get both vaginal and clitoral stimulation at one go.

The toy can be used during masturbation session alone or along with partner who can use it to stimulate her thoroughly and prepare her for the physical penetration. Due to its ability to provide outstanding stimulation, women in India increasingly prefer rabbit vibrators compared to other vibrators.

Rabbit vibrators are available in many different forms, like wiggle, rotate, or vary in intensity and vibrations. It is the simplest, yet highly reliable sex toy which can help women achieve explosive orgasm. It not only helps women enjoy orgasm, but also helps them relieve stress and feel happy as the release is so intense that women feel joyous after the session.

Not only single woman, but most of the lesbian couples prefer rabbit vibrators for giving and receiving outstanding sexual pleasure.


-       The rabbit vibrator has different types of vibration function and speed. A woman can select any combination of vibration speed and function for pleasant feelings.

-       Both beginners and experts can use Rabbit vibrators for experiencing pleasure

-       It is easy for any women to use and handle the rabbit vibrator.

-       The rabbit vibrator is either a built-in type or wired type.

-       It is either battery operated orUSBrechargeable.

-       It is waterproof specification, so women can easily use the water to clean the rabbit vibrator.

While a user may require two vibrators for internal and external stimulation, Rabbit Vibrator allows both clitoral and vaginal stimulation happen simultaneously without any extra effort.

56. Realistic Dildo Vibrators

This vibrator is among the most popular vibrators among women, as this vibrator provides a real feel of a penis to the user during their penetration. This vibrator is exclusively meant for women as it allows them to feel a real penis.  Realistic Dildo Vibrators have veins that are similar to a male penis, a glans and testicles with skin colour to give the user a real feel. The vibration mode makes is better than a penis in terms of functionality. This vibrator allows women to fulfill their sexual desires and give much more pleasure than a real male penis. Only thing is that it is suitable only for expert as beginners may find it unbearable as they may find it too intense to handle.

Realistic Dildo Vibrators are suitable for those women who have experience in handling a vibrator or a large dildo. Realistic Dildo vibrators provide real feeling with intense vibration that users may not get find with other vibrators. This is ideal for women who live alone or divorcees or women going through break ups as they can get some close to natural sex with Realistic Dildo vibrators. This vibrator helps them feel a real penis, which they had been missing for a while and enjoy intense stimulation, thereby they can get complete sexual satisfaction.

The Realistic Vibrators can also be used to stimulate the G-spot, vagina and anal etc., Some of the realistic dildos have one vibration function whereas some of the realistic dildo vibrators have different types of vibration, speed and rotation.  It is very easy to use and handle. It can be used by women, men, gay or lesbian partners to get the feel of a real penis during their sexual activity. The realistic vibrator dildo is either battery operated orUSBrechargeable.

57. Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable vibrators allow users to use it without having to worry about batteries running out during or before the sexual activity draining away the happiness. Rechargeable vibrators come with USB rechargeable option. Rechargeable vibrators are gaining popularity in India as people find replacing batteries a cumbersome activity.

As you know that in the market varieties of vibrator sex toys are available. The vibrator is one of the most popular categories in India. The vibrator sex toys are either battery operated orUSB rechargeable. Now a day, most of the vibrator toys areUSB rechargeable. A couple uses the rechargeable vibrator toys for sexual pleasure.


-       These vibrators are high-tech vibrators designed for better work by eco-friendly motors.

-       When the user recharges it fully, it can be used for 30 minutes continuously

-       It is easy to handle and maintain.

-       It can be used repeatedly with single recharge

-       Rechargeable vibrators are available in many shapes, colours, sizes and vibration patterns.

-       It relieves the user from the burden of battery replacement

-       It provides uniform output power and reliable function for a longer duration

-       It is available in different designs and styles

-       It is absolutely safe to use

A couple uses the different types of rechargeable vibrator for a different purpose. Some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for the internal stimulation, some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for the external stimulation whereas some of the rechargeable vibrators are used for both internal as well as external stimulation. So, depending on their need, users can choose the one that is comfortable to them.

Rechargeable vibrators used to be expensive in the past. But now they are available at affordable prices. Rechargeable vibrators can be carried during travel and the recharging plugs allow charging even if you travel to another country.

58. Remote Control Vibrators

As the name indicates, these are vibrators that can be operated from a distance. While some of the remote control vibrators are wireless, some are wired. These vibrators are used in foreplay or submission to tease the partner from distance and add fun in sexual play.

If you want to try something different and unique then remote control vibrator is the best option for you. A Remote Control Vibrator is a wireless sex toy which is available with the vibration functions. With this vibrator, stimulation of vagina, clitoris, anal and penis are possible. The vibration function of the Remote Control Vibrators can be operated with the remote. Any user can easily use the Remote Control Vibrator during the sexual activity. It is used alone or with the partners. When using it for masturbation, since there is no wire, operability rises and it becomes easy to concentrate on pleasant sensation.

There are various types of remote control vibrator is available. Some of the remote control vibrators are designed in such a manner that it is only used for internal stimulation, while some others are used only for external stimulation whereas some of the remote control vibrators is designed in such a way that it is easily used for both internal as well as external stimulation.

A Remote Control Vibrator is used by any of the user either men, women, gay or lesbian. A Remote Control Vibrator is available with the dedicated controller. Remote Control Vibrator satisfies the desire of men's domination and provides women pleasure or it also satisfies the desire of women's domination and provides men pleasure.

A couple can easily change the strength of the vibration function. A couple can select either the week stimulation or strong stimulation according to their choice.

59. Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting Vibrators add an additional form of vibration and stimulation for the women. It is a special type of vibrator for women. Thrusting Vibrators has automated thrusting function at the head of the shaft. With these thrusting function, women experience unforgettable experience and lead to most pleasurable and intense vibrator orgasm. Thrusting Vibrators come with a various function on different parts of vibrators.

This is a sex toy with automated thrusting function at the head of the shaft. It provides greater stimulation during the sexual activity closest possible to real sex. It is gaining popularity. The piston function, which allows the shaft to move up and down is unique and special. If women use the piston function vibrator toys then the piston stimulation is obtained in the vagina by stretching and shrinking. The powerful piston function builds into the base part of the machine in thrusting vibrator toys.

Thrusting vibrator is ideal for women who don’t have male partners, such as widowers, divorcees, women on break up etc., as they are able to enjoy similar to natural sex.

Thrusting vibrators help women achieve intense vaginal orgasm. It is one of these vibrators which stimulate internal organ and help women feel orgasm. For women, it is a little difficult to stimulate the back of the vagina during masturbation. But if women use the thrusting vibrator it becomes easy.

60. Nipple Specialty Vibrators

Nipple Specialty are vibrating sex toy that is used to stimulate nipple or breast. It helps women receive massage and required stimulation on their nipple or breast. When used, it provides correct stimulation and provides an amazing feel on the nipple and sufficient arousal to help women indulge in sexual intercourse. Nipple Specialty is used to help women get intense arousal by nipple or breast stimulation. It can be used by women alone or couples during the foreplay to lead to intense arousal. It is essentially a women’s sex toy as it works only on nipple or breast. It is should be noted that nipple stimulation works similar to the vaginal stimulation for a woman as nipple stimulation provides as much as arousal as with vaginal stimulation.

In the market varieties of nipple toys are available such as nipple clamps, suction cups nipple toys etc. The different types of nipple toys provide different sensation when applying on the nipple. Nipple clamps are generally made with metal and it also has a coated tips which help to protect the skin. In clams, both the clamps are connected with the chain. Most of the nipple clamps are adjustable. Suction cup nipple toys create a vacuum over the nipple which provides the more sensation.

A couple can select any of the toys according to their need and choice. Nipple Specialty is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.  Nipple Specialty are not suitable for beginners as they may not be able to handle such intense levels of stimulation during the first time.

Sex Doll Toys

Sex Doll Toy is a special kind of sex toys meant only for men. This is considered as an highly evolved masturbation tool compared to other male masturbators available in the market including Fleshlights. Sex Doll toys allow men to feel very close to indulging in sex with a real woman. Though male masturbators can be fixed at a location and enjoy hands-free masturbation, whereas Sex Dolls provide a more visually stimulating and physically stimulating sensual experience that may not be possible with male masturbators. It is one of the increasingly preferred product among men as it gives them near natural sexual experience with a woman.

Sex Dolls are helpful not only to fulfill sexual desires of men, but it also allows men to gain confidence about their sexuality and allow them to use these dolls as trials to help them perform better in bed with a real woman. It helps men relieve stress and enjoy themselves without having to feel anything about their looks or personality as there is no one to judge them when they are being with a sex doll, yet they can get thorough enjoyment.

Male ejaculation is often linked with their mindset. Sex dolls help them have better control over their ejaculation time and gain confidence about their performance capabilities. Sex dolls are available in half body size, micro size, only ass shape, only boobs shape and of course real size of 160cm. Of course, large ones are expensive, but it is worth the value as it allows the user to feel real women. It can be used to touch, feel, squeeze, insert and enjoy the way the user wants. It can also be sued to sleep together like cosplay with a partner.

The modern evolved sex doll toy is wonderful. Basically, we are collecting more high-quality Japanese products and selling them here. We hope you will find your favourite sex doll in India easily with us. Sex doll to buy through online store is most convenient way. Through Sex Doll online, you can check multiple sex dolls toys structure and sex doll prices.

The current sex dolls are also called ‘Love Doll’ as they are made with silicon and TPE male masturbators and are modelled exactly like a real woman with similar body lines, glamorous style. Women come in different sizes and shapes. Whereas sex dolls are made in perfect shapes, so that user can feel excited about being with a fantastic woman all the time.

Sex dolls provide a real sexual sensation that is many times higher than the masturbators which doesn’t allow hip movement. Though masturbation toys provide stimulation to penis, it still leaves the user feel that it is only a masturbation. Whereas sex dolls provide him the feeling that the user has indulged in real sex. As it involves inserting penis and moving hips, the feeling transmitted to the penis and whole body is completely different than what masturbators can provide. Needless to say, sex dolls are very expensive compared to normal male masturbators.

The only disadvantage of using a sex doll is its size, which is difficult to hide. It is Ok only when the user is living alone, otherwise it is difficult to hide from the eyes of others.

Who can use it?

-          Men who are single without any girl friend

-          Divorcees and those men who are going through a breakup

-          Men who don’t want to try call girls, as there is always a danger of infection with such girls.

-          Men who fantasize about having physical intimacy with a sexy and glamourous girl can use sex dolls as each one of them comes with amazing shape and looks

-          Men who are not satisfied with their sex life and looking for a new partner

-          Young boys who want to train themselves before doing it with a real woman

-          Men who are having issues with their ejaculation can try this to gain confidence

Types of Sex Dolls

Sex Doll toys can be grouped into 4 major types

-          Air Sex Doll Toys

-          Realistic Sex Doll Toys

-          Ass Toys

-          Titty Toys

Let us see each one of it in detail.

61. Air Sex Dolls

Air Sex Dolls are toys that inflates with air, it is as simple as that. Though these types of toys existed long before, not it is getting perfected to allow the user to feel a real woman in every way. Among sex dolls, air sex dolls are relatively cheap.

Air sex dolls are inflatable sex toys. The user need to pump air inside the doll to inflate it before indulging in masturbation. If you want to know why it is increasingly preferred by men in Japan, China, USA and Europe as it provides them the psychological advantage of feeling a real woman and they are indulging in real sex with a perfect woman. The user can hug while penetrating, they can feel the shapes and contours of a woman, and they can dress or undress and indulge in any kind of role play or cosplay with it.

It is reported that men who find lonely are buying sex dolls as it gives them the feeling that they are sleeping with a woman companion.

Masturbation using male masturbators involve lot of hand work and it may become quite painful after a while when ejaculation takes time, which can happen due to various reasons. The air sex dolls eliminate that pain and allow the user to indulge in hip movement which gives them satisfaction instead of pain as they feel like being with a woman and indulging in natural sex. Men gets an entirely new feeling with air sex dolls compared to male masturbators.


-          Air sex dolls are artificial structure of a woman

-          Made using vinyl material and can be inflated by pumping air

-          There are various types such as the whole body, upper body only, lower body only, etc.

-          Sex doll toy in general is a very difficult toy to keep with family and with partners because of its size. But air type is easy to hide as it can be folded by letting the air out after masturbation.

-          Air sex doll toys are transparent in color. It doesn’t any patterned decoration like other sex dolls usually have

-          It provides an artificial structure of a woman

-          Air Sex dolls come with a provision to hold male masturbators to ensure men enjoy
hands-free masturbation

Surprisingly, sex dolls are also available in many sex position. Yes, men can choose their desired sex position such as cowgirl position, sitting position and buy doll accordingly. It comes with joints and can be twisted and turned to an extent to enjoy the position. But the user cannot change the sex position as it is prebuilt. So, if user wants to try different position every time, then he may have to buy different toys and use it in rotation.

Only disadvantage with an air sex doll is that it cannot react like a woman. It can only give pseudo sexual experience to men. Though Indians are aware about sex dolls, it is still not widely available in India, primarily due to its cost and difficulty in hiding it from the eyes of other family members and neighbours.

62. Realistic Sex Doll Toys

As the name indicates, these toys resemble women in the closest possible way. It is made using many real materials such as silicon and TPE (elastomer) that gives a real feeling to the user. It comes in various shapes such as head to toe - full body type, only upper body, lower body only, boobs, bums etc.,

These sex toys are exclusively created for men. These toys look like a real woman with an envious shape. Needless to say, most of the sex doll lovers aspire to use only realistic sex dolls as it feels real and allow them to derive real pleasure of being with a real woman.


-          These toys are made using high-quality materials such as silicone, TPR and TPS, Rubber etc.,

-          It is most expensive as it looks and feels like a real woman

-          It has shapes and contours of a real woman’s body

-          It is available in many sizes and forms such as blond to brunette, tall to short, light skinned or with a tan, blue eyes, red head for users to choose the girl of their preference

-          Realistic sex dolls can also be customized, but at additional cost.

-          It is not suitable for the beginners due to its high cost. Only an experienced person who has already tried air sex dolls can try this as an ultimate upgrade.

Realistic sex dolls can be penetrated. The dolls have vagina, anus, boobs which are too realistic that the user can actually feel every bit of being with a woman. It can be used to get maximum pleasure of a real sex with a real woman.


With the latest technology, realistic sex dolls are continuously improving themselves. Improving in terms of looks, structure, and more realistic. With more taste and preference by men, they are available in more design with a realistic feel. As realistic sex dolls for men are made by high-grade material and large in size, so it is heavy in weight. These sex dolls are also for the one who wants to experience the virgin penetration. Realistic sex dolls give you better pleasure even without hurting your hands.

If you want to know negatives about realistic sex dolls, although they are a replica of women, they do not react like a woman that is the only disadvantage. It just gives pseudo sex to the men. It is too expensive and certainly an ordinary man cannot afford it.

But on the positive side, realistic sex dolls keep the user away from unnecessarily cheating or risking deadly Sexually Transmitted Infections with the real presence of women. Men who want to try call girls can prevent themselves from infection risk using realistic sex dolls. It is one of the best and safer alternatives to indulging with a bad or inappropriate women. Except for the real feel, realistic sex dolls are able to deliver the virgin feel to the men. Sex dolls are virgins and remain untouched until you ultimately purchase them.

63. Titty Toys

Men have a subconscious liking to the boobs, so it is natural that a sex doll with nice tits are created. Essentially, Titty toys are not sex dolls, but are specialized toys in the shape of boobs. Goes without saying, it is meant only for men. It is for those men who are desirous of doing a titty job, which is about playing the breasts with a penis.

Doing a titty job requires your partner to have a big boobs. As it may be difficult to meet women with big boobs, this toy allows men to enjoy titty job comfortably. And the feeling is closest to real.

Titty toys are essentially used for masturbation. Ejaculating the load with a hand stroke and ejaculating with a titty toy offers a completely different feeling to the user. If you like boobs, then you will feel extremely satisfying when you release your load after using a Titty toy. Many men cannot get an opportunity to use boobs for ejaculation. Even married men and those with a regular sex life with a female partner, may not have experienced this as many women may not permit their men for such things in real life. Even though you are able to find a partner with big boobs, there is no guarantee that she would allow you to indulge in a titty job, as many women don’t like the idea of a titty job. So, in all probability, buying a titty toy alone can guarantee you to indulge in Titty job without any hassle.

Further, to enjoy a Titty job masturbation, a man may require a big sized boob to feel the excitement. So, trying Titty dolls can help men enjoy a completely new sensation and a highly fulfilling masturbation experience. Because with a titty toy, the user can feel boobs, stroke nipples and can be able to squeeze it with his hands, which altogether will give him a different feeling, which is always going to be special.

If for men who have never touched a boobs in real life, these toys provide them an opportunity to feel it in full. The Titty Toy feels like a real boob. It is soft and has sharp tits that the user can actually feel. It is one of the closest reproduction of a real boob.


-          It is created using some of the actual women’s boobs mould and reproduced using best of the technology

-          It comes in different cup sizes for men to choose from

-          It is created quite preciously that the user can get touching the real boobs

-          Titty toys are evolving and more realistic models are currently available

-          Since it is not a toy that used for insertion like Male masturbators. It is being developed more closely with the feel of touching and appearance more like reality.

It is suitable only for those men who are obsessed with breasts and are keen to have Titty job. Most men don’t prefer this as they cannot use it for insertion. Men, in general, prefer toys that comes with a vagina that can allow insertion.

64. Ass Toys

Ass Toys are a male sex toy that is used for masturbation and it is only for those ass lovers. As the name indicates, Ass toys delivers real ass fun to men. It can be used on the floor or table. As it allows insertion and waist movement, it is loved by men as it gives them real life anal sex experience.

The most distinctive feature of this toy is the appearance of the buttocks. It is designed in such a way that it looks very feminine butt and very realistic. Unlike hand held masturbators, Ass toys allow men to enjoy masturbation by inserting male organ through waist movement. Because of insertion through waist movement, it provides immense satisfaction to the user, much higher compared to hand held masturbators.

Ass toys come in various sizes. There are also many real size toys, which not only look very realistic but also gives almost a real touch. When panties are put over it, the user can certainly feel it to be more real.

Ass toys are becoming popular in India as it comes with realistic features and exciting internal structures that are close to real anus. They are designed in such a way, it provides extreme stimulation to the penis when it is inserted into the hole in the Ass toy. Most of the anal toys come with two holes – to represent anus and vagina. Each hole is different in structure and the user can feel the difference in terms of stimulation and satisfaction.

To experience heightened stimulation and utmost satisfaction, Ass toys in real life sizes should be used as it can provide near life like experience.

Ass toys are expensive because of intricate internal design and use of high quality materials. As it is made in the shape of a real life buttocks, storage is often difficult. The user may find it difficult to hide when he wants to use it without anyone’s knowledge in the family.