55 Types of Sex Toys

55 Types of Sex Toys

Sex Toys in India

Sex toys business is growing in India as there is constant increase in the number of people using it. The sex toy market is constantly expanding as it fulfills the fundamental human desire, which is sexual pleasure. Sex toys are specifically made tool to support and assist in sexual gratification. It is convenient to use and makes sexual experience exciting and highly pleasurable.

Sex toy business is on growth spree thanks to proliferation of Internet and online purchases among young men and women in India. As online platforms conveniently remove the embarrassment factor in buying sex toys, the business zooms considerably.

The young generation of Indian men and women make the chunk of sex toy users currently. Exposure to porn at very young age makes them try sex toys as an experiment. Sex toy industry in India is very promising as reports indicate steady growth for the sex toy business in India. The industry is expected to evolve to address the fast changing expectations of young Indians.

Legal Tangles with Sex Toy Business in India

Many of the adult toys are legal in India. But it is generally perceived that adult toys are illegal. The toys are categorized as 'legal' and 'illegal' based on how sexual toys are displayed and sold. If you show obscene picture to sell a sex toy, it is illegal. Though the popular notion that sex toys are illegal, but there is no law to clearly say that sex toys are illegal.

Currently the laws regarding 'sex toys' are not very clear. As condoms and lubricants are available everywhere and there is no resistance among general public with regard to its availability as the society has evolved to perceive them as product that allow people to get habituated to safe sex, soon the perception about sex toys can be expected to change.

Sex toys are widely available in the online market. Not only in big cities, are sex toys bought by people even in small and remote villages. The awareness about sex toys as 'pleasure enhancers' has gone down so well among people from across all walks of life, is certainly a key factor that contributes to the increasing demand for sex toys in India. 

The current crop of young men and women of the Indian society have accepted sex toys in their lives and they are very clear that sex toys are only a way to increase the sensual experience in the bedroom.

As couples enjoy good time together and experience enhanced pleasure during the love making, sex toys are adding value to the relationship and help couples enjoy intimacy without any inhibition and allow them to explore more with the help of sex toys.

Sex toys have proven that it is not only harmless to the body, but they are also harmless to the environment. Most of the sex toys available today are made using eco-friendly materials. Many companies even make vegan condoms with natural substitutes. So sex toys are absolutely safe to try.

Wide Range of Sex Toys

Sex toys are available in different size and colour. Users can find sex toys according to their choice and comfort level. Speed and vibrations can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Innumerable varieties of sex toys are available for any specific requirement.

For instance, when you are looking only for masturbation, you can choose from an endless array of sex toys which are specificially made for masturbators. 

Sex Toy Scenario in India

  • Basically sex toys are banned in India. It is banned to be sold openly, but people can buy sex toys from a shop or from online platforms. As embarrassment factor is high when a purchase is made in a shop, people are purchasing sex toys online as they get it delivered in discreet packaging where even the courier guy will not know what is inside
  • t is estimated that India accounts for 5% to 10% of the global search for sex toys. Industry sources estimate that currently Indian sex toy industry is worth Rs. 1200 to 1500 crore and it is expected to grow up to 8700 crore by 2030, clocking 25% to 30% annual growth.

Key Growth Drivers of Sex Toy Industry

  • Online platforms serve as a fuel for driving sex toy industry move on a super fast growth highway. As it removes the embarrassment factor of buying from a counter or store, it plays a significant role in attracting more regular customers and attracting huge number of first time customers who want to try sex toy without any embarrassment
  • Discreet packaging is also an important factor that helps sex toy industry grow at a fast pace. When you are sure that your privacy is protected then customers are not going to hesitate to buy something that is going to allow them to experience pleasure through sex or masturbation.
  • The fact that complete privacy is ensured throughout the transaction from placing order to getting delivery is one of the important factor that contributes to the growth of sex toys business in India. Sex toys are delivered in unmarked and plain boxes. Sex toys are delivered across all pin codes along the length and breadth of the country. Even in highly remote and hilly areas, sex toys are delivered at the door step. The industry has been maintain a robust delivery mechanism to ensure customers never get disappointed. Identity of the person who is placing the order is protected throughout the lifecycle of product purchase. Nowhere one can find the name from purchasing, billing, packaging and delivery. Even in credit card statements, the details of the purchase are not mentioned. This increases the confidence of the customers and encourages them to buy more.
  • Sex toys allow young women to experience pleasure without having to entangle themselves in a painful relationship and resulting mental agony due to relationship strains. Sex toys offer them a way to relieve stress from their lives and enjoy pleasure through masturbation without involving a male partner in their life.

Safe toys and materials

Most of the sex toys are made using body-safe materials and are tested for safety before being shipped to you. So, sex toys are safe even for those with sensitive skin.

But it is always recommended to check the material to ascertain whether it is suitable for your body and skin type before making a purchase decision.

Sex Toy Categories

Sex toy is an external device which can be used by men, women and couple for their sexual activity to feel enhanced pleasure during the love making. There are different categories of sex toys. There are specific toys for men alone, which are unsuitable for women.

Similarly, there are toys that are meant only for women, which men cannot use. Some sex toys are made in such a way that it is suitable for both men and women. There are some ranges of toys that are specifically meant for LGBT community. Needless to say, there are sex toys for gays and lesbians. 

Sex toys can be broadly classified according to its utility.  Sex toys are available for all types of fun men and women fantasize about. When you want anal fun, there a set of toys specifically made for that.

When you are interested about BDSM, you can get a range of hand cuffs, whips, ropes and other toys that can allow you to enjoy that to the fullest. You can get variety of cock rings, lubricators, massagers, dildos, dongs, masturbators etc., similarly specific sex toys are available for various individual and couple needs, for men and women of all age groups.

Major Categories of Sex Toys include:

  • Anal
  • BDSM
  • Cock Rings
  • Condoms
  • Dildos
  • Male Masturbators
  • Massagers
  • Sex Lubricants
  • Vibrators
  • Sex Dolls

Let us see some of the sex toys for specific user groups:

Sex toys for women in India

If you are under the impression that Indian women won’t use sex toys due to their conservative upbringing, be prepared for a rude shock. Recent surveys confirm that Indian women are buying sex toys in huge numbers across the country even in tier 2 and tier 3 towns using online platforms.

Women buy dildos, vibrators, massagers, vacuum suction device etc., Among all these dildos are the most preferred sex toy among women in India. Dildos are designed like a shape of a male organ and some dildos are so specially made that it will look very much like a real penis. Women have reportedly use dildos for masturbation. 

There are several types of vibrators made exclusively for women in India. Vibrators are used to stimulate vagina, clitoris, anus etc., As the name indicates, vibrators come with small motor which creates vibration that women can use to stimulate themselves.

There are wide range of vibrators available for women such as rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, mini vibrators, butterfly vibrators, lipstick vibrators, wand vibrators etc., There are certain vibrators which are designed in such a way to provide simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulations. 

Vacuum suction cup is used to stimulate nipple and clitoris. Though sex toys are designed to be used alone or along with the partner, Indian women are reportedly using sex toys only for self-pleasure and not with their partner

Sex toys for men in India

The most preferred male sex toys include male masturbators, realistic sex dolls, prostate stimulators, cock rings etc., Needless to say, male masturbators are designed like a vagina, which are widely used by men in India for personal sexual gratification. 

Cock ring is used to provide quivering stimulation to the female partner and to allow men to prolong their coital duration.

Sex toys for couples in India

Thankfully there are a wide range of sex toys for couples to use to enhance pleasure factor during their love making. Some of the popular couple sex toys include lubricants, anal toys, strap on, bondage gear, vibrators etc.,

Though strap on is widely used by lesbians, it is also used by some couples to experience stimulating anal sex. Couples need to choose sex toys that both find comfortable to use. Just because it provides enhanced sexual stimulation for one partner, that doesn’t mean it should be forced on the other partner.

Sex toys come in different materials and couples should also choose the toy with the material that they find comfortable with their skin and body type.

Sex toys for lesbians in India

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, you can always find sex toys to allow you to experience heightened pleasure during sex. There are many sex toys that are specifically made for lesbians.

Toys such as double ended dildos, strap on dildos, tongue vibrators, massagers, nipple vibrators etc., are exclusively available for lesbians to enjoy greater fun in bed. With dildos, lesbians can feel the pleasure of penetration and enjoy a stimulating love making.

Sex toys for gays in India

If you are a gay, there is no reason you could feel left out. There are sex toys made specifically for gay community. There are cock rings, prostate goys, butt plugs, anal dildos are made in various sizes and shapes to help gays enjoy a stimulating sex with their partners.

Gays can choose sex toys based on their body type and specific preferences to ensure they give and receive enhanced pleasure.

Sex Toys and Safety

  • You should always take necessary precautions with regard to electrical connections or battery usage and should strictly follow what is mentioned in the user manual. Sex toys should be cleaned properly (as recommended) before and after usage to protect yourself and your partner from any untoward bacterial infections.
  • Use recommended lubricants for specific sex toys. For instance, when you use a silicone sex toy, silicone based lubricant may not be suitable as it can damage the toy permanently. In such cases you should only use water based lubricant. Manufacturers of the sex toy or silicone based condom would have mentioned in the pack itself, which you should follow diligently. Similarly you should never use oil-based lubricant with a latex condom as it can lead to condom tear. 
  • Unlike the popular perception, sex toys are cheap and affordable for majority of the people. Sex toys are intended to offer you an opportunity to experience heightened pleasure during your love making, which may not be possible otherwise. So, if you can use little precaution and care, sex toys can certainly help you enhance the quality of your sex and enjoy peak pleasure.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex assumes a small area in the human sexual arena. It is a place for those pleasure seekers who want to go beyond the established realms of experiencing sexual pleasure in our body.

For those who want to go overboard and explore different pleasure zones in our body, find anal sex exciting.  Men and women indulge in anal sex or anal play because it offers them a variation in their sex life.

Anal sex is also quite common in India among couples who are looking at variety. Anal sex is not new. It has been there since Ancient Greek Times. We have historical evidences in the form of pictures that anal sex was practiced as early as 510 BC. Anal sex is also mentioned in the great Kamasutra, which is considered as the greatest book on sex.

Why it feels good to indulge in anal sex?

It is proven scientifically that near the anus and anal exit, there is a dense amount of nerve endings. So, when that portion is stroked, it provides a unique and enjoyable sensation.

Anus is considered as one of the erogenous zones of our body. Women love to feel anal because even the inner most part of the anus (rectum) transmit a stimulation to the internal vaginal walls when it is stimulated. This kind of works as double penetration for women.

For men, prostate gland is situated inside the anal, so when men indulge in anal, their prostate gland is stimulated and they received P-spot pleasure (also known as dry orgasm). 

Here, let us explore some of the popular toys used for anal sex, types of anal toys and how to choose them correctly. Some of the widely used anal sex toys include butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massager, dildos and lubricants. These are used by men and women for anal pleasure.

1. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are widely used for anal pleasure, especially by women who don’t have a male partner for trying penetrative anal sex. Women use butt plugs to experience anal pleasure all by themselves.

Butt plugs come in several textures and sizes for users to choose from. Butt plus with wider shape are meant for experienced users as it will offer painful pleasure. Butt plugs need some experience to derive pleasure from using it.

Butt plugs may give painful experience during the initial stages, particularly those with sensitive anal. Butt plugs can be inserted individually or with the help of other partner. Butt plus require some amount of experience to take pleasure.

2. Anal Beads

Anal beads are completely different from butt plugs although anal beads can also be inserted into the anus like a butt plug, but there is a difference in texture between both.

Anal beads consist of a series of beads in progressively increasing size with each bead slightly bigger than the previous one. From the base part to the upper part, there is a step by step increase in the size of the beads. 

If the user is experienced, he may insert beads till the base part deep into their rectum. Each bead creates a unique and highly sensual erotic sensation inside anal which they cannot forget easily.

These anal beads are available with various designs and sizes so the user may try many of the beads repeatedly each time to experience a different sensation. These beads can also be used during a foreplay while being with a partner.

3. Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are widely used by male, female of all ages. Anal dildos are used to penetrate the anal for sexual satisfaction even if the individual does not have a partner for sex.

Anal dildos allow young men and women to enjoy anal sex as a tool for masturbation. Anal dildos are available in different sizes. With experience, a user may try various sizes and even a long dildo for sensational anal pleasure.

4. Anal Vibrators

When anal muscles are subjected to rhythmic vibration, then it provides a different level of pleasure. Anal vibrators are vibrating toy specially created for stimulating anal muscles and allow the user to experience thorough anal pleasure.

Anal vibrators come in many shapes and structure with different functional features. Different vibrators have different vibrating pattern and various vibrating modes for users to experience varied pleasure as they prefer.

Some anal vibrators are rechargeable while some are battery operated. In the sense, batteries need to be replaced when it is exhausted. It is up to the user to choose the right anal vibrator according to their pleasure preferences and personal liking.

Anal vibrators can be used for both anal stimulation and anal penetration. It can also be used to experience penetrative pleasure. There are exclusive range of anal vibrators meant for beginners.

So, it is advisable to start with beginner anal vibrators and then proceed with higher range as your anal gets accustomed to larger and more intense vibrators.

5. Anal Toys for Beginners

Anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massager, dildos and vibrators can be used by beginners for experiencing anal pleasure.

But these should choose smaller sizes in the beginning as their sensitive anal muscles may not bear the stimulation provided by anal sex toys with large head size. In fact, anal beads are especially meant for beginners.

If beginners begin to use long sized anal toys, then they may feel pain and inflammation on their sensitive anal skin.

Instead of enjoying anal pleasure, the experience may turn out to be painful and irritable, which can drain away the enthusiasm to try anal pleasure in future and may demotivate beginners from trying anal pleasure due to bad first few experiences.

Thus, beginners should start with small sized toys and then gradually move forward to experiencing hard and tough experiences. Almost all anal toys are available in smaller sizes for beginners to try anal sex toys in their sexual life. 

6. Douches & Enemas

Douches and Enemas are generally medical equipment which are used to clean anus thoroughly. But now, douches and enemas are also used by people for cleaning their anus for enjoying sexual pleasure.

These are balloon shaped equipment where water is stored inside, the nozzle that is attached with it goes inside the anus. The water can be poured into the anus through the long nozzle after pressing the silicone bulb. Douches and enemas are used as a liquid treatment to get rid of constipation issues.

They are used to remove all dirt particles from colon or large intestine and provide freshness inside the body. They make sure anal remains fresh and free from any dirt or excretion so that couples can enjoy complete anal sex.

Men and women who love to enjoy stimulating anal sex, prefer these tools for cleaning their anus thoroughly before they indulge in anal sexual pleasure. These tools provide an easy and safe option to clean anus.

7. Male Prostate Toys

As the name indicates, these toys are used by men to stroke their prostate gland. The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland that surrounds urethra tube and located near to the rectum.

Prostate toys are like butt plugs that are used to hit prostate gland for pleasure. When the prostate gland it hit, it offers amazing ecstasy to the man who uses prostate toys.

The user needs to know thoroughly how to use a prostate toy correctly. Prostate toys come in many designs and sizes and it is upto the user to choose the toy according to his specific needs.

Prostate toys also massage precisely the anus part of males that also creates deep thrilling sensation in the entire body. 

8. Oversized Anal Toys

Oversized anal toys are meant for men and women who are experienced in using anal toys and those are comfortable using the large sized toys. These toys are not meant for beginners, so beginners should necessarily avoid these oversized toys, which otherwise may lead to swelling and painful anal experience.

Oversized toys are long and big in size that it requires some level of experienced to enjoy hard pleasure.  These anal toys are only designed for experienced users only because oversized anal toys are so long and big in size.

Only experienced users will know how to use these toys carefully so as to enjoy erotic pleasure through anal stimulation. Oversized toys will provide unforgettable and incredible pleasure when it is used properly.


What is BDSM?

BDSM is an erotic sexual activity, involving consensual physical abuse and painful sexual activities involving two or more partners.

BDSM full form is ‘Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance & Submission/ Sado-Masochism’.

BDSM is classified as violent form of sex which eliminates boring sex and provides extraordinary satisfaction to those who love to indulge in it. BDSM play include bondage, discipline, dominance and submission to make the sexual life more erotic and lively.

BDSM requires one partner to take up dominant role and administer painful sexual acts, while the other partner should remain submissive and receive the administered act.

BDSM play involves application of physical, psychological and emotional pain, which provides mutual enjoyment among the partners who are ready for it. BDSM sex play is not limited to men or women, it also includes lesbian and gays as well.

Irrespective of your sexual orientation, you can give or receive BDSM pleasure. BDSM sex toys are available offline and online stores in India. Needless to say, BDSM online is the easiest way to get your desired kit comfortably without anyone knowing your sexual preferences.

History of BDSM

The first ever BDSM practice was seen in the fifth century BC. BDSM in India is old. It is also mentioned in the ancient Indian Kamasutra book that the hitting, biting, and pinching can include in the lovemaking is a form of BDSM that has evolved now.

So, we can say that BDSM has been in vogue in India since several centuries.

BDSM Types or Gadgets of BDMS

There are various BDSM toys available in the market to enhance sexual experience through BDSM play. BDSM is all about adding more fun and bring fresh energy into the sexual life. Different types of BDSM toys have different uses and functionality. Let us see some of the popular ones


Bondage refers to tying and restricting the partner from moving or changing position. Though there are several bondage related toys, you can try some of the basic bondage toys initially.

Every Bondage toys have a different way of use. So, couples need to choose the most suitable one for them and begin their BDSM play at the earliest.

9. Rope & Tape

These are used for erotic bondage and enjoy a new sensation during your sex, which you wouldn’t have experienced. By using rope and tape, one can control the movement and freedom of his or her partner.

These ropes and tapes can be used to tie your partner’s hands or legs or close mouth or other body parts to severely restrict the other partner’s movements.

By restricting the partner with ropes and tape, the dominating partner is free to tease and inflict pain in the submissive partner’s body or skin.

The ropes given in the BDSM kit are reusable, and the couple can use the same rope during their next BDSM play. Obviously tapes are not reusable and can be used unless it lasts.

10. Handcuffs

BDSM handcuffs are used in bondage situation to restrict the partner's hands or legs. Basically, it is a pair of two connected rings that wear around the wrists or ankles.

Handcuffs come in different materials and shapes. Usually handcuffs given in the BDSM kit are made using leather, soft fur, plastic or metal and they come with key, buckles or Velcro to tie the hands or legs firmly.

The dominant partner will use the handcuffs to restrict the movement of hands or legs together with any furniture. By hand cuffing the submissive partner, the dominant partner will be able to tease, kiss, pinch and caress the submissive partner’s body however he or she wants.

Hand cuff play works better when you play it without any preplan and do anything as you please, provided it is enjoyable to your partner.

11. Spankers & Ticklers

Spankers and Ticklers are used to activate the sensational feeling in the body. The spanker is a broad leather belt and ticklers are long and soft feathers collection. These two toys are used to tickle a partner's skin. The usage of these two BDSM toys are perfect for the light BDSM act or foreplay.

Moving the soft tickler along the erogenous zones of a woman’s body like nipple, clitoris, neck, hip and belly button can provide her the most erotic sensation. Soft and gentle spanks on the back with the spanker can give her unexpected arousal. Using both spankers and ticklers is ideal for the soft start to the BDSM play.

12. Blindfolds, Masks & Gags

Blindfold and masks provide a special fun during sexual activity. These restrict your partner from seeing you and knowing from what’s going on. Mouth gags restrict your partner from speaking.

So, using blindfold, masks and mouth gags you are do whatever you want and this heighten the sense of feeling, tease the partner and surprise him or her to receive the erotic sexual act.

Mouth gags prevent the submissive partner to restrict you and this gives you a chance to explore his / her body without any disturbance or denial. 

These are certainly meant for beginners. It provides a soft and comfortable feel while enjoying the restrictive BDSM pleasure as blindfolds, masks and gags are made using leather and soft materials. Beginners can give this a shot to experience BDSM sexual pleasure.

13. Nipple & Clitoral Toys

There are exclusive BDSM sex toys to arouse your nipple and clitoris. These toys can provide more pressure to your partner’s nipple and clitoris and this provide them double sensitivity. Couples can choose toys based on their requirement.

From normal nipple and clitoral toys, to nipple torture and clitoris torture toys are available, which can give great amount of pain and fun. The degree of pressure of nipple and clitoris toys are adjustable, which couples can choose according to their taste and comfort level. 

14. Cock & Ball Toys

Cock & Ball Toys are exclusive BDSM toys for men as these work only on the penis and men’s testicles. There is no way that it can be used with a female partner.

These toys are made of metallic or elastomeric. Women may find cock and ball toys exciting and may prefer to use on their male partner, whereas many men may not feel comfortable with these cock and balls toys.

Although, ball and cock toys not only enhance the excitement in the men it also works in dry orgasm and wet orgasm issue, that why couples use to prefer cock and balls toys in the bedtime.

By covering the penis, it can arouse penis nerves by controlling the flow of blood, which can help men retain the erection and excite both partners involved.

15. Electro & Medical Fetish

Electro and Medical Fetish is not so common in BDSM sex play as it requires very deft usage of an electro and medical device over the genitals.

In the Electro Fetish, the user will use electro toys to stimulate the genital parts by the electricity (battery or rechargeable devices).

Care should be taken to ensure correct amount of electrical energy is applied over the erogenous zones to make it exciting, which otherwise can make it painful. Medical Fetish involves executing medical-themed sexual fantasies.

A user uses medical equipment or dress up like doctor/ patient and allow the fun to happen. User act and use medical equipment to examine the vagina or penis to make them aroused is part of the play.

The role play is also a part of BDSM play.

16. Chastity Devices

Chastity device is a cage like garment that covers the intimate part so that the partner is restricted to have sexual intercourse.

As one partner is restricted from indulging in sexual intercourse, it arouses them and makes them long for sex and make desperate efforts to remove that. Chastity devices are available for men as well as for women. Imagine what you would do if a cage is made over the penis or vagina.

Chastity devices are also known as cage toys as it practically cages the penis or vagina. Chastity device is not only used to avoid sexual contact but also to avoid oral and manual stimulation.

Chastity devices are available in many sizes, so a user can get their preferred size based on their body type and comfort level.

17. TOKYO Girl Honey 5 Mouth lock Pink

It is one of the best ball gag BDSM tool that is widely preferred. Made using non-toxic material and in pink colour Tokyp Girl Honey ball gag is comfortable to use as it comes with Velcro.

Because of Velcro, it remains adjustable and a user can fix it according to their head size. It is also soft on the facial skin as it won’t affect the facial skin, even if you fix mouth gag quite tightly on your face.

18. RED Hoipping

RED Hoipping is a popular leather spanker and tickler. It has a metallic ring at the end which allows for easy holding.

Beginners can use this with little pressure. The spanker allows men and women experience some amount of wildness in the BDSM sex play. It is rated as an ideal BDSM accessory for gentle and enjoyable play.

Though it might look little rough, users mentioned that pain is not as severe as they assumed. Users opined that it is both interesting and good to use.

19. Bondage tape 18m Red

This is all purpose tape for the BDSM play. This tape can be used as a rope to tie your partner or use it for blindfolding as well. It is absolutely safe to use and do not stick to the skin or hair.

Though it is named as ‘Bondage tape 18m Red’, this tape is available in many exciting colours. The tape is absolutely easy to use for restriction and equally easy to remove after the satisfied BDSM play.

It is one of the widely used tapes for BDSM fun world over by young men and women.

Unlike gum tapes which sticks to the hair and are hard to remove, which will create sharp pain while removing, this tape is safe to use on any portion of the body including hair and it’s removal is always easy and hassle-free.

20. KIKKOU Bondage Belt

This is a popular belt that is used world over for its functionality and elegant looks. This stylish belt restricts the whole upper body of the partner.

Each belt in this set can be adjusted to tie specific body parts like butt, waist, upper arm, hips, wrist etc., The belts are adjustable and are perfect for the beginners and experienced users as well.

The ‘Kikkou’ which means ‘tortoise shell’ is a rope pattern inspired by the ornamental restraint. ‘Kikkou’ features elaborate criss-cross ties to the front from cabernet red waxed cotton rope and is finished with gunmetal-tone zinc alloy and brass hardware.

The thick black vegetable tanned leather strap features an elasticated insert for a snug fit and fastens with press snaps in the back. This belt can be used to restrict specific body parts of your partner during your BDSM play.

Precaution to be followed while using BDSM Toys

Though BDSM provides a different kind of pleasure, BDSM enthusiasts need to follow precautions to ensure it remains fun. There is a very thin line that separates pain and pleasure. When BDSM goes overboard, it will turn out to be a highly painful and horrible experience for your partner.

Precautions to be taken while involving in the BDSM sex play

  • Users always need to keep the safety kit with them. The safety kit should have antiseptic cream, bandage, latex gloves, antibacterial cleaner etc.,
  • Care should be taken that kidney, neck or other sensitive part should not be tied. When these portions are tied, the whole experience intended for pleasure will become too painful.
  • Most of the BDSM bondage kit comes with padlocks and each padlock has two pairs of keys. A couple should keep one key safely in case of an emergency. Before using, it is necessary for the user to check whether a padlock is working properly or not.
  • Last but not the least, if your partner feels uncomfortable or expressing unbearable pain or shows some level of irritation or suffocation then you should immediately stop the play. The user should read the instructions before using any type of bondage tools.