50 Foods for Super Sex Drive: Are you taking them?

We have historical evidence that kings and queens consumed certain foods that allowed them to perform better and longer in bed. Now, we have scientific proof that certain foods contain aphrodisiac properties in them naturally and consuming them regularly can lead to improved sexual health and better performance in bed.

Though the list is really long, we provide you with 50 food items that are proven for their aphrodisiac properties and can stimulate your sexual energy and enjoy a longer session in bed. Further, consuming them regularly in required quantities can also lead to improved sexual health.

There are also certain foods that can strengthen penis, enhance libido and allow men to perform better to enjoy greater pleasure. Some foods have proven effect on penile strength and performance if consumed regularly.

Be informed that sexual health involves an interplay of number of complex factors such as sleep deprivation, alcoholism, stress, improper medication, lack of physical activity, smoking, unhealthy diet and even your thought pattern can have a profound impact on the quality of your sperm, testosterone production and strength of your erection and your ability to sustain erection for a specific period. So, eating just the below mentioned foods will not enhance your sexual health drastically. In addition to the foods that we recommend, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a sound sexual health.

If you are having sexual problems and difficulty in getting a hard-on, then you should not just stop with consuming the foods given below, but also take proper medication to get rid of your physical and psychological problems.

So, here are some of the highly recommended foods that can enhance your sexual health to a great extent upon regular consumption and following a healthy lifestyle.

1.       SPINACH

The famous 'Popeye', the sailor is known worldwide for his heroics after consuming Spinach. It is not just a comic, but the underlining message is that spinach can make you stronger down under.

Being rich in magnesium, Spinach is known to enhance blood flow below your belt and fuel stronger erections. It is also rich in folate which not only increases blood flow into your pelvic region but also protects you against age-related sexual health issues. Increased blood flow can help men achieve stronger erection and greater arousal leading to more pleasurable sex.

It not only increases blood flow, but provides the much-needed energetic boost. When you are folate-deficient, you are likely to feel irritability and fatigue, which can impact the sex department of your body negatively.

So, making Spinach a part of your daily diet is a sure way to enhance your sexual health.

2.       COFFEE

Not many may know, but the truth is Coffee is categorized among aphrodisiacs. The aphrodisiac and energy boosting powers of coffee can be instantly evident, if you drink a good coffee.

It is one of the world's socially accepted stimulant that you can drink anywhere without any worries. It's stamina-enhancing and mood boosting abilities have made it into a status symbol in many cultures across the world.

A recent study conducted at University of Texas has confirmed that those who consume 85 to 170 ml of caffeine every day are 42% less likely to have erectile problems compared to non-drinkers or less than 85 ml drinkers of coffee every day.

The stimulant triggers a chain of chemical reactions in the body leading to increased blood flow down under. So, when you want to feel high up, drink a cup of coffee.

3.       BANANA

Banana is a known stimulant that can improve your testosterone levels and the potassium content in it is great for the heart and it can stimulate greater blood circulation.

Banana contains a special enzyme called 'bromelain' which is known to increase testosterone levels and regular intake of banana can do a world of good to your overall sexual health. Potassium content in banana is not only good for your heart, nerves and digestive tract, but can also play a great role in helping you get excellent muscle health.

Need we say more about the importance of muscle strength in enjoying intense sexual act and resulting orgasm? Consume a banana daily to enjoy improved sexual health.

4.       TOMATO

Not many may be aware of the role a small tomato can play in improving the sexual health of men. A study revealed that regular intake of tomato can improve sperm morphology (shape) and can have the production of normal sperm.

Tomatoes have known to contain 'lycopene' an antioxidant that can help men fight fatigue and feel young. The youthful feeling can trigger positive performance in bed leading to pleasurable outcomes for men.


Watermelon is not only delicious, but can also lead you to enjoy a delicious performance in bed. Watermelon is one of the richest natural sources of L-citrulline, an amino acid that can help men get harder and stronger erections that can also stay longer.

According to research articles, when watermelon is consumed, L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine, an amino acid that strengthens heart health and immune system. L-arginine helps in the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to your penis, the way Viagra functions to treat erectile dysfunction.

Thus watermelon can prevent men from having erectile problems upon regular consumption. Watermelon is also good for those who suffer from obesity and type-2 diabetes.

6.       GINGER

Gingeris widely used in India on a daily basis and it is believed to be good for promoting digestion. However, ginger is also a powerful aphrodisiac and is known for increasing sexual prowess among men.

Ginger facilitates digestion and enhances blood circulation. Increased blood flow to penis can help in getting and sustaining erection.Gingermixed with honey is a traditional treatment for male impotence. A regular consumption of a small quantity of ginger can provide loads of heart-healthy benefits.

It is known to stimulate nervous system and relive palpitation of the heart and is very effective against asthma.  


Pomegranate is not only tasty but offers a perfect recipe for curing mild to severe impotence. According to a published study report in the 'International Journal of Impotence Research', Pomegranate juice, rich in antioxidants and its ability to support blood circulation naturally, can be very effective in treating erectile dysfunction and other erection related ailments.

It is also known to relieve long-term erectile problems in men. It is used in South East Asian countries since ages to treat Bronchitis and Gastro-intestinal disorders. Pomegranate is known to increase testosterone levels when consumed regularly.

For normal people regular consumption of Pomegranate increases the desire for sex and allows them to perform better due to increased blood flow to their organs.


Green Tea is gaining popularity in India as many health conscious people have begun to consume it as an alternative to milk tea and coffee. Made using hand-picked natural herbs,Greenis rich in catechin, a compound that is known to blow away belly fat and enhancing liver's ability to convert fat into energy.

Catechin is also known to promote blood flow to genitals and kill all free radicals that damage blood vessels and thus promote increased blood flow. Catechin helps blood vessels release nitric oxide which in turn expands the size of the blood vessels leading to improved flow of blood. Flow of blood to genitals increases the sexual desire and allows performing for a longer time with great intensity. 

Drinking 4 cups of green tea everyday is a great way to improve your sexual health.


Chocolates are gifted since ages not only for its invigorating taste but also for its health benefits. Chocolates contain Cocoa, which is known to increases the levels of our mood boosting hormone serotonin. This hormone is known to lower our stress levels and boost our desire for sex and help us achieve orgasm with less effort.

Further Cocoa is also known to increase blood flow by relaxing blood vessels and help us experience more pleasure during physical intimacy.  According to experts, stress and performance anxiety play a major role in most of the erection problems. Consuming chocolate milk regularly can reduce stress levels to a great extent and studies have shown that men who have consumed chocolate milk on a regular basis have reported increased desire and enhanced performance levels compared to non-drinkers.

Many women too have reported drinking chocolate milk increased their sexual desire and they were able to experience more pleasure during sex. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical compound that can produce feelings of euphoria and happiness by releasing dopamine.


It may be hard to believe that Oats can improve your sexual healthy. But sure, it does. The popular breakfast cereal is also a good source of L-arginine, an antioxidant that is commonly used to treat erectile problems. Further, oats can help in lowering our cholesterol levels.

Remember higher cholesterol level clogs our arteries and narrows them down and thus leading to an impaired blood flow. When our cholesterol levels dip, it ensures more blood flow leading to increased desire and better performance. When the blood flow impedes it not only affects our heart but our areas below the belt as well.

So, having oatmeal regularly can do a world of good for our heart and sexual health.

11. NUTS

There are few nuts that are known to have high nutrient content and have been used to enhance sexual health. Some of them include walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts etc., Pine nuts are rich in zinc and this is known to provide stronger sexual drive.  

They also have loads of magnesium which is known to boost testosterone levels and keep the sperm healthy. Adding nuts to your every day diet can do a world of good in achieving and retaining erections. Pista, Peanuts, walnuts contain L-arginine an amino acid which can helping in the production of nitric oxide - a naturally occurring gas that helps men to achieve stronger erections.

Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 which can make us younger and stronger. Additionally, healthy fats in nuts help reduce cholesterol levels. Having less cholesterol in the system ensures better and easier circulation of blood throughout your body including your penis allowing you to have a firmer and longer erection. Cashews and almonds have loads of zinc, while a host of healthy snacks contain L-arginine to get your blood flowing smoothly. Nuts can be added into your yogurt, then can be sprinkled on top of your salad or can be carried as a snack and munched at work.

Make it a habit to carry handful of nuts and seeds and munch them during breaks.


When you want to have it for a longer duration, then consuming Chia seeds that evening can give you the additional energy needed to go that extra time. You can add Chia seeds to your yogurt or salad or oatmeal or other snack foods and feed yourself the much needed energy for the long session ahead.

In olden days, Mayan and Aztec running messengers reportedly carried Chia Seeds during voyages to keep their energy levels high as they need to run longer distances using their legs. Chia Seeds are known to provide stable energy as they don't cause spikes and drops in blood sugar or insulin levels, which otherwise can become a big distraction in bed leading to early completion of the bedroom game. Chia Seeds can also be added to cakes, breads, pancake or waffle batter or dosa the way flakes are added.

Chia seeds have plenty of healthy nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, zinc (important for secretion of sexual fluids), protein, fiber and antioxidants.

All the above healthy ingredients combine to provide increased energy, better circulation and enhanced ability for your body to feel stimulated.


Cherry, the sweet tasting fruit is known to enhance blood flow throughout the body, including genitals. Cherries are rich in essential vitamins, especially Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

Cherries contain anthocyanins, a plant chemical that helps in cleaning up of arteries, keeping them open for better flow of blood including to vital areas below the belt. When there is sufficient flow of blood in your genitals you can be sure of achieving fuller and firmer erections.

The Vitamin C content in the Cherry helps in the synthesis of sex hormones, while Vitamin B helps in reducing stress levels and enhancing libido. It is ideal to keep cherry as the best desk-side snack and can be consumed on any part of the day. So, make it a regular snack. One cup of Cherry can count fewer than 100 calories, but the B Vitamins and cancer-fighting flavonoids and fiber can make it count way up in your health scale. Cherries are known to cure muscle pain and athletes who had cherries before the start of the race were able to run faster and better without much pain in their leg.

So, you can count on it for longer performance in bed without any pain or fatigue.

14. WINE

A glass of red wine can be the most delicious way to boost your libido and calm down your anxiety before your action in bed. Wine is proven to elevate testosterone levels due the presence of quercetin, a compound found in wine.

According to a report published in Nutrition Journal, Quercetin blocks excretion of testosterone from the body thereby increasing the amount of T factor circulating in the blood. Wine is also known to have rich antioxidants which trigger production of nitric oxide, which relaxes artery walls leading to increased blood flow down south, giving you the rush of erotic excitement. Further, a glass of red wine helps her in getting the mood for a pleasurable sex and consuming two glasses of red wine increases sexual desire and natural lubrication in their organ.

But the research confirms that consuming more than 2 glasses of red wine, don't add sensual feeling, rather makes you fall asleep. So, drinking red wine in moderation is recommended for a lively bedroom action.


Salmon, the cold water fish has overflowing omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient not only is good for the heart, but also increases dopamine levels in the brain.

The increased dopamine levels trigger arousal by enhancing blood flow. Increased dopamine levels relax the mind and make you feel fresh and energized leading to enjoyable sex with your partner. Further, the Omega-3 inthe pink-fleshed Salmon prevents the buildup of plaque in the arteries thus allowing better flow of blood in the body. Trying to heat things up after your dinner date? Order the wild salmon.

The fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which aid nitric oxide production, helping you stay hard.


When you are vitamin B12 deficient it impacts your performance in bed negatively. Generally vitamin B12 deficiency comes with symptoms such as fatigue, low libido (many times including erectile dysfunction), weakness and frustration.

On the other hand, vitamin B12 is responsible for optimal mental function and high energy levels. It also maintains the health of our nerves, brain and red blood cells in our body. So, when you want to exert more energy in your bed, you essentially need sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 and Tuna fish is one among the sources that is rich in vitamin B12.

Need any more reasons to add tuna to your diet. Tuna is also one of the cheap fish varieties and it is readily available all day, throughout the year.


When your body lacks selenium, you are most likely to remain infertile with lower testosterone levels. So, an experiment was conducted among infertile men and those who had selenium supplements regularly had 56 percent more chances of conception compared to those who never tried selenium supplements.

Brazil nuts contain the trace mineral Selenium and that plays an important role in maintaining hormonal health. Only a tiny quantity of selenium is sufficient to get a healthy sperm, but this tiny deficiency can have a devastating effect on your overall reproductive health. Regular consumption of Brazil Nuts is also found to improve erection levels and ensured sound sexual health.


Sweet potato is an outstanding source of potassium, which is known to boost blood circulation, particularly to genital region and allow you to enjoy pleasurable encounter in bed.  It also works against salt-related bloating giving you a perfect shape and look good in bed without clothes.

The high levels of Vitamin E found in sweet potatoes can increase your sex drive leading to intense performance. Make it a routine to include sweet potatoes in your diet atleast once every week to have strong and firm erections.


Carrots have proven to enhance the quality of sperm. It helps in increasing sperm count and enhances sperm motility, which is the ability of sperm to swim towards an egg inside women's genitals. According a recent study, regular eaters of carrots reported a significant improvement in sperm performance.

The carotenoids, a powerful antioxidant present in carrots help our body to produce vitamin A and facilitate quality production of sperms in our system.

20.   PEPPER

Pepper, the steamy spice, contains capsaicin, a compound that is proven to increase heart rate, blood flow, body metabolism and sweat. You body gets the same effect similar to sexual experience when you consume little pepper with your favourite dish. Pepper helps in blood circulation, meaning, your genitals get necessary amount of blood flow which will aid in getting stronger and firmer erections.

Pepper should be consumed in moderation and having excess pepper is not good for the body. Capsaicin is known to improve arousal and revs up your libido. It also helps you in prolonging the duration of your performance under the sheet.


Pumpkin seeds are identified as one of the best dietary sources of zinc and magnesium—essential minerals proven to boost testosterone levels when combined. The seeds are also rich sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids shown to boost prostaglandins — a substance similar to hormone that plays a key role in giving us 'turned on' feeling.

Magnesium is known to reduce inflammation in blood vessels and increase blood flow leading to good arousal. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds can also help you increase your sexual stamina and perform longer in bed.

In addition to being a rich source of zinc, pumpkin seeds are packed with antioxidants selenium and vitamin E, which are good for the arteries.

22. MEAT

Including a variety of meat in your diet is a sure shot way to improve your sex life. Include a variety of chicken, beef and pork meat as they contain carnitine, L-arginine and Zinc. Carnitinine and L-arginine are amino acids that are proven to improve blood flow to the genital region.

For quality sexual response, uninterrupted blood flow to the genitals is a must for both men and women. So, when you get sufficient amount of blood flowing into your reproductive system, you can get harder, firmer and stronger erections allowing you to perform longer. The above two amino acids are also proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Animal-based protein need to be taken in moderation to keep the system running smoothly in the bedroom. Chicken Breast is a good source for L-arginine, though Turkey has little more of it, and it is recommended for enhancing your sexual health.

Every 3-ounce of cooked chicken breast contains26 gramsof protein. Additionally, it’s rich in B vitamins which can speed up your metabolism and enhance your energy levels. But care should be taken that you don't over eat chicken breast as the excess of animal-protein can affect your heart functioning.


Consuming steak in moderation can help you in boosting and maintaining your libido to a great extent. Grass Fed Beef has niacin (Vitamin B3) which is proven to treat impotence. According to a study reported in the Journal of Sexual Health Study, men suffering from impotence who took a niacin supplement reported a significant improvement in their bedroom performance than men who took a placebo. Just3 ouncesof beef will serve up 30 percent of your daily recommended intake.

In addition to being leaner and lower in calories than conventional cuts, grass-fed beef offers muscle-building, fat-burning and heart protection benefits. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin B12, which can play a significant role in increasing blood flow to our regions below the belt. There is a direct link between the levels of B12 and erection in our body. When the levels of B12 take a dip, the person is likely to face erectile dysfunction.

So, add this healthy meat to your diet to rev up your performance under the sheet. Beef liver is also loaded with zinc, which is essential for keeping testosterone levels up and prevents your body from converting testosterone into estrogen.


Celery is considered as a natural Viagra as it is proven to be among the 'sexiest' substance on Earth. Celery is a rich source of Vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, potassium and zinc, which are all required for improved sex life. Whereas Celery has sufficient quantities of all that is required for a great sex life.

Raw celery contains androsterone, a male pheromone released through perspiration that sends off scents and signals that make him more desirable to women naturally. The natural scent can literally attract women to him in the most effortless way. Androsterone can also boost male arousal and allow him to perform longer in bed with sufficient intensity. Celery also contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can expand blood vessels and ensure sufficient flow of blood to the regions below the belt (what Viagra does with artificial stimulants).

When women consume Celery, their genitalia become more responsive and thus they can enjoy sex to a great extent. The celery stick can stir up your sex life to a great extent. Celery is a low-calorie and high-fiber food that can be eaten as much as one can.

25. EGGS

Eggs are nutritional power house that is good for overall functioning of our body. Eggs contain 'choline' a powerfully naturally occurring chemical that helps in boosting the boner.

It is found that Choline triggers the production of nitric oxide, a chemical which relaxes arteries and ensures sufficient flow of blood to the genitals leading to stronger and firmer erections. Eggs also contain vitamin B5 and B6, which help us to balance our hormone levels and fight stress. Needless to say, stress can have a negative effect in the performance under the sheet. When you are stressed you may have difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections.

Consuming eggs can also help in mitigating pre-date anxiety. Whenever you're feeling anxious, jittery, or stressed out, B vitamins are the first thing your body runs out of. Scrambled, poached, or hard-boiled, whichever way you prefer to eat, eggs are a good source of B vitamins, a key nutrient for keeping your sex drive roaring and your mind stress-free. 


Naturally sourced Honey is packed with several beneficial compounds including 'quercetin' which is proven to aid stamina and suppresses depression. Despite its lingering sweet taste, honey doesn’t impact your blood-sugar levels so need not worry about sugary highs and lows disturbing your performance in bed. Honey can be added to your snacks, oatmeal or to your evening tea for taste.

The sweet nectar has17 gof sugar and 64 calories per tablespoon. Consume honey in moderation for good results in bed.


Blueberries are considered as a natural replacement for Viagra. Mother's natures' blue capsule can make you lot more potent and allow you to play with your stick naturally. Blueberries are one of the best foods for older men with erectile problems.

They are loaded with soluble fibers which pushes away excess cholesterol through our digestive tracks before they get deposited in our arteries blocking the flow of blood. Reduced cholesterol levels unclog our arteries leading to increased flow of blood to genitals leading to stronger and firmer erections. Further, blueberries are packed with compounds that relax our blood vessels and thus improve circulation of blood.

For increasing potency and performance, it is recommended to eat atleast one bowl of blueberries for 3 or 4 times a week.


According to recent research article published in the Journal of Nutrition regarding sexual health and sperm quality, men looking to boost their sperm quality should consume white fish regularly. Sperm size and shape — one marker used to evaluate male infertility — was better in men who ate the most white meat fish as compared to men who ate the least.

And total sperm count was about 34 percent higher among men who ate the most dark meat fish, like salmon and tuna, than men who ate the least amount of fish. Meanwhile, men who reported eating one to three servings of processed meat had worse sperm morphology (shape) than men who ate the fewest servings.


Clams are referred to as 'sea pistachios'. Clams are one of the rich sources of Vitamin B12, which are known for its erection-enhancing properties. Vitamin B12 is known to relax your blood vessels leading to increased flow of blood to your genitals.

The boner-boosting Clams are also high in L-arginine, an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide (NO), which causes blood vessels to relax and facilitate blood flow, helping you get and stay hard. Additionally, clams are high in muscle-building protein. So, consume Clams regularly for building your muscle and getting your pillar stronger and harder.


Turkey is high in protein and the single most abundant source of L-arginine, an amino acid that facilitates increased blood flow to the genitals. Researchers at the NYU School of Medicine gave L-arginine  to a group of impotent men, and found that six out of 15 men receiving the amino acid claimed an improved ability to achieve erections, while none of the 15 men in the placebo group reported any benefit.

Additionally, the bird is rich in DHA omega-3 acids, which have been shown to boost brain function, improve your mood and preventing fat cells from growing. A word of caution to choose only the turkey having white meat as dark meat contains too much fat. It is advisable to steer clear of prepackaged, sliced lunchmeat.


The oil fish herring are loaded with vitamin D, which can help you organ stand up and stay strong. Herring can help you greatly in putting things firmly in the bedroom. In addition to having 4 times your daily requirement of Vitamin B12, an average sized herring is also rich in magnesium, an important nutrient that is essential for sexual health.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Italian researchers examined 143 men with Erectile Dysfunction. 80% had suboptimal levels of the nutrient, and the men with severe Erectile Dysfunction had a 24% lower level of Vitamin D than those with a mild form of the condition.

This confirms the theory that low levels of Vitamin D promote dysfunctional blood vessels and a shortage of nitric oxide leading to poor erections.


Walnuts are usually recommended for infertile men as it is known to enhance the quality of sperm. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to boost 'dopamine' referred to as pleasure chemical in the brain and L-arginine, an amino acid that facilitates the production of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring chemical compound that drives erections by opening up blood vessels and increasing flow of blood to genital region.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, scientists say that a walnut-rich diet can improve sperm quality and reduce lipid peroxidation, a process that can damage sperm cells. The polyunsaturated fats in the cells are only found in walnuts that they can be eaten to increase the sperm count and quality of the sperms.

One of the main criteria’s for a healthy sperm is the motility (movement) and morphology (form) and walnuts contribute to both, leading to a healthy sperm.


Oyster is known for its aphrodisiac properties since ages and according to legend, Casanova, he regularly ate 50 oysters as breakfast. In addition to being high in B12, oysters contain more zinc (76.7 mg in 6 medium oysters) than any other food source.

B12 is essential for testosterone production and when there is a dip in your T levels that signifies the closing down of your business in bedroom. Oysters are high in D-aspartic acid, an amino acid is known to boost testosterone levels and improve sperm quality in infertile men. Research shared at a 2005 conference of the American Society of Chemists confirmed that oysters contain compounds that increase testosterone levels.

A boost in hormone production translates into heightened sexual desire in many cases. Oysters are also an excellent source of zinc, which aids blood flow to sexual organs in both genders. Don’t care for mollusks? Feast on lobster or crab instead. Both types of shellfish are loaded with zinc.


Fortified breakfast cereals such as Kellogg’s All-Bran, Special K, Smart Start and Whole Grain Total are good source of vitamin B12, which are good for decreasing cholesterol levels and increasing blood flow to genitals.

Having high cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, a condition in which arteries are clogged and blood flow is inhibited leading to heart problems. Having fortified cereals can help in reducing cholesterol levels and increased blood flow throughout the body including genital region. So, you can have better and sustained erection.


Since ages Almonds are associated with male fertility and it is a natural medicine that people prescribe to young married couples. Almonds are known to induce passion and work as a sexual stimulant among men. Almonds are known to be nutrient-dense and rich in several trace minerals such as Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E that play a vital role in maintaining sexual and reproductive health. 

Zinc is known to enhance libido and stimulate sexual desire to a great extent. So, when you are not feeling horny enough, then consume a handful of almonds to rush your way to bedroom.


It may be difficult to associate yogurt with bedroom performance. But it is proven that Green Yogurt can play a significant role in getting your pillar stronger and harder. A serving of greek yogurt can provide you with sufficient amounts of B12, few grams of protein and potassium. All the three can work wonders in keeping your heart healthy and facilitates better blood circulation throughout your body including your genitals. Greek Yogurt is also ear marked for weight loss and weight management. When you want to stay in shape and maintain your weight, then adding it to your daily diet can do wonders.

Staying in shape also gives you a good feeling about you, which can have tremendous effect in your bedroom performance. So, now you know why you shouldn't miss Greek Yogurt.


Quinoa is one of the world's most popular health foods. It is very high in protein content and also contains all essential amino acids. When you want to perform longer, really longer in bed, then adding Quinoa to your diet can do the trick. Quinoa is one of the plant based sources of high quality protein and fiber.

The nutrient-dense food allows your body to get extraordinary energy levels allowing you to go on and on and on. Quinoa is not only high in fiber, but has abundant amounts of magnesium, B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants.


Garlic is known for its outstanding medicinal values and it is well known for its heart-friendly properties. Garlic is very good for preventing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart diseases.

But many may not be aware that it can add much-needed spice to your sex life as well. Garlic's pungent taste it not only good on your mouth, but it is good for your body, skin and libido. Garlic has got a compound called 'allicin' which improves blood flow to the organs. Enhanced blood flow triggers more sensitivity leading to more feeling of pleasure during intimacy.  According to historians, ancient Egyptians used garlic to boost their stamina and thus performance duration in bed.

Researchers have confirmed that consuming the plant helps stop the formation of new fatty deposits, called nanoplaques, inside arterial walls. Keep your heart healthy and your erections strong by adding garlic to your every day dishes.


Broccoli is a wonder herb that is known to boost testosterone production in men by breaking down and flushing out excess estrogen, which inhibits the production of male sex hormones.

In general, as men age, their estrogen levels gradually increase, while testosterone levels falls leading to placid erections. Broccoli is particularly rich in indoles, a compound that promotes testosterone production. A study proved that supplementing indole-3 for 7 days among aging men helped them cut estrogen hormone to half.

The study also proved that indole supplementation also facilitated urinary excretion of estrogens. Adding broccoli to your every day diet can do a world of good in getting and sustaining strong erections.


You must have beard that Peanut is good for health and it provides you with strength. Peanuts contain a treasure trove of L-arginine, an amino acid, which is one of the building blocks of nitric oxide, which facilitates sufficient flow of blood to our genitals and thereby facilitating higher sexual drive.

Peanuts help in reducing cholesterol levels, a lesser cholesterol in the system ensures easier and better blood circulation to the genitals (and throughout the body) to allow a firmer and longer erection. Peanut has Niacin and Vitamin E, two nutrients that are directly linked to bedroom performance.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Health, men suffering from impotence who took a niacin supplement reported a significant improvement in their sexual performance compared to men who took other medicines. Peanut butter is also a good source of folate, which improves sperm quality.


Because of its scrotum-like shape, Avacados are referred to as testicles by Aztecs. The green fruit is a rich source of potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, nutrients that are specifically associated with increasing libido.

Avocados have good amount of monounsaturated fats that are known to protect heart health and boost blood circulation, while the abundant minerals and carotenoids supply energy and stamina required to perform longer in bed. When you are concerned about promoting your penile health, then you should include this superfood in your every day diet. Anxiety and stress can play havoc during your performance. Avacados can come handy as it has stress-relieving B vitamins.

Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat, making them good for your heart and your arteries. Anything that keeps the heart beating strong helps in blood flowing to all the right places. 


Chili Peppers allow us to get heated up naturally. It contains Capsaicin, a natural chemical that offers serious fat-burning and libido-boosting benefits.

Chili Peppers are proven to boost testosterone levels and increases blood circulation - something that can aid erection and enjoy pleasurable sex. Capsaicin also facilitates release of endorphins, a happy hormone, which can stimulate desire and allow us to enjoy our time in bed. Chili Peppers can not only make your food spicy, but can add spice to your sex life as well.

43.   APPLES

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it could also improve your love life. Apples, along with berries, cherries, onions, and dark-colored grapes, are rich in quercetin. This antioxidant, a type of flavonoid, may offer a number of health benefits.

As far as sex goes, quercetin plays a role in controlling symptoms of prostatitis and interstitial cystitis (IC), and it promotes circulation. Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It sometimes causes testicular discomfort and pain with ejaculation. IC, or painful bladder syndrome, may also make sex difficult for men and women. Sexual-related symptoms of IC include genital pain, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, and low desire.

Chop em’ up or grab em’ whole to scarf down on the go. Not only does this powerfood boost muscle strength and size in old age per research Opens a New Window., but they could save your private parts, too. “Apples contain the flavonoid quercetin that inhibits the secretion of the prostate-specific, androgen-regulated, tumor markers in the prostate cells, decreasing the risk of prostate cancer,“ Scritchfield says. 

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away; it may also help to extend your sexual stamina. It’s all thanks to apples’ high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid that has been found to play a role in improving endurance. And since your body goes through many of the same physical changes during sex as it does during exercise—elevated heart rate, increased metabolism, burned calories, and muscle contractions—you can equate endurance with extending your time in bed.

According to Nashville-based nutritionist Sarah-JaneBedwell, RD, LDN, quercetin “can help to create new mitochondria in the body’s cells and increase one’s oxidative capacity, which signifies the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can use.” That’s not all. Quercetin can also help prevent the release of cortisone, which causes muscle breakdown, meaning you’ll be able to go at it longer without experiencing premature fatigue.

44.  BASIL

This tangy leaf isn’t just for spicing up bland pizza–and we couldn’t be more thankful. “Basilhas anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce swelling in the body, making blood flow easier to all body parts, including those sexual organs we want to excite,” saysNikkiSharp, author of “Five Day Detox.” “It has also been known to promote sexual desire in men just by smelling it. It increases blood flow and heart rate.” While Sharp recommends adding basil to smoothies, water, soups, or salads, we think the occasional mouthwatering slice could just as easily drive anyone wild. RECIPE:BasilMojitosAnd Nine Other Takes On The Mojito.

You can use this sweet, pungent herb to liven up your meals and your sex life. Sprinkle a little chopped, fresh basil over tomatoes or top off a homemade vegetable soup with it. It not only adds fresh flavor, but it could also enhance sexual desire by increasing heart rate and improving blood flow.


It has been proven beyond doubt that Cinnamon can give the much-needed zest to your sexual health. Cinnamon contains good amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A & C and phosphorus. We have historical evidence dating back to 2500 BC that Chinese used Cinnamon as a medicine and as a sexual stimulant, proof enough that it can be tried even today for its natural aphrodisiac properties. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and has the potential to reduce blood glucose levels and helps men have steady blood sugar levels allowing him the much needed energy (without any spikes and/or crashes) to perform under the sheets.

It is loaded with antioxidants and manganese, a nutrient essential to sexual health. According to ancient medicinal texts, a drop of cinnamon oil rubbed onto the genitals can help in producing powerful and sustained erections for required period.


Strawberry is a fruit that is loaded with folic acid and Vitamin B that is known to help pregnant woman deliver a healthy baby. According to a University of California study, strawberries are known to increase sperm counts in men. Strawberries contain methylxanthines which are known to boost libido and sexual drive.

They are also rich in anthocyanins, a colourful plant chemical which clears clogs in arteries and boosts free circulation of blood not only to genital region but throughout the body. Strawberries are also rich in Vitamin C, which is linked to higher sperm counts and heart health.

So, try strawberries dipped in dark chocolate during this Valentine and she how she reacts to your enhanced power and performance.

47. FIGS

When a fig is split open at the center and placed in your palm, the pink fleshy portion is said to resemble the shape of a woman's organ. In ancient Greece, fig was considered as a symbol of love, owing to its shape. Rumoured to beCleopatra's favourite fruit, fig has long been associated with sexuality in almost all cultures in earlier days.

Leaving aside history and old fables, the soft and plump fig is a rich source of iron, potassium, antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber and other minerals. It has a long history of being used as a fertility booster; figs are rated as very good for the heart health as it has both soluble and insoluble fiber content in it.

To enhance your sexual health, fig should be taken drizzled with honey.


Citrus fruits are known for their super rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, all of them are known to strengthen male reproductive health. Have a salad every day including a citrus like grapefruit, orange or use a lemon or lime dressing over it for taste. But you will also be loading great strength to your sexual ammunitions inside.

Citrus fruits play a vital role in rejuvenating our body cells and thus can play a great role in helping us enjoy a stimulating session.


We have historical evidence that ancient Romans used beetroot as an aphrodisiac and newly weds and young men consumed beetroot juice in Rome as a tradition.  Due to its nitrate content, beetroot is known to increase blood flow to the genital areas.

Nitrates not only help in increasing the blood flow to the genital region, but also throughout the body. A recent research has confirmed that beetroot juice has increased blood flow to the brain significantly. The nitrates found in the beetroot get converted into nitrites, which helps in increased flow of blood.

Beetroot has high amounts of boron, a mineral, which influences the production of sex hormones and improves the immune system to a great extent.


Asparagus is a highly nutritious and fibrous plant. It is low in calories and an amazing source of nutrients including fibre, folate, vitamins A,C and K. It aids in weight reduction, improved digestion, lower blood pressure and facilitates healthy pregnancy outcomes for pregnant women.

If you are convinced that sex is 90% mental and only 10% physical, then asparagus can do wonders to your sexual health. Being rich in Folate, Asparagus helps in enhancing oxygen levels in our blood and thus facilitates production of healthy cells. It allows us to enhance our focus, energy and mental alertness.

More folate intake makes our brains sharp and gives us an increased sense of focus. So, add asparagus to your daily diet and enjoy a healthy sex life.

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