4 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex before Marriage

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex before Marriage

In India, sex before marriage is considered a sin. Sex is still considered a taboo in India. Though people love it, they avoid talking about it openly. In the conservative Indian family setting, young men and women are brainwashed into thinking that abstinence is the way to have a successful married life and good people wait until they get married to have a healthy sex life. But things are changing in India.

However, we have valid reasons to prove that sex before marriage is good in some ways and it is sure to help you know your partner better and connect with him or her at a very deep level physically and emotionally. These are some of the important reasons to try sex before putting your ring. Of course the decision is yours. Communication is an important aspect of any relationship. So, it is better to talk to your partner openly and ensure there is no guilt feeling after indulging in sex. We are just highlighting the positive aspects of indulging in sex before marriage. That doesn't mean we are advocating or forcing you to indulge in sex before marriage. It is entirely upto you and your partner to decide whether to do it or not before marriage.

So, here are the 4 reasons why you should have sex before marriage.

Sexual compatibility

For a strong relationship to build and thrive, sexual compatibility is essential. When the sexual chemistry between partners are not working fine and when partners have 'bad sex' regularly, it may lead to stress and may eventually strain the relationship. Having sex before marriage helps you understand what 'type' of sex your body enjoys and you will know what to give and what to expect.

Sex too needs practice

Though everybody dreams about sex, it rarely is good during the first time. Out of anxiety and rush of emotions first time sexual experience of many young and women may not be as exciting as they dreamt about it. So, a little practice helps you perform well during your first night. Knowing what makes your partner go crazy is certainly a great strength and it can help you build a lifelong relationship with your partner.

Know yourself better

You can know about yourself better when you are in bed with your partner. Sex brings about natural instincts and you can know about yourself clearly. You can fake your personality through dressing or behaving in certain ways socially. But the true instincts will be revealed during sex. So, you can know about yourself better and know exactly what to expect from your partner, this way you can choose the right person for your life when you have sex before marriage.

Sexual issues

What happens when you find your partner is suffering from premature ejaculation or flaccid penis or vaginal dryness or some semen allergies after your marriage. Knowing beforehand helps you take better decisions. When you don't have any sexual experience, you may not be able to pick out abnormal behavior of your partner during your first night and this can ruin your life. So, little experience helps you understand sexual issues in your partner and know what to do.