10 days sex challenge

10 days sex challenge

You all must be aware of the '10 year challenge' that is going viral and everyone is trying to post before / now related to something in 2009 vs 2019. No, we are not asking you to do anything related to that here.

What we are proposing here is to create a 10-day sex challenge for you? You may consider why it is required and what is the significance of trying that challenge?

We encourage couples to indulge in sex for 10 days continuously, without any break. Relationship experts opine that couples who have more sex are tend to remain closer and they develop an innate love and understanding towards others and they become more flexible in accepting the misdeeds, if any, of others.

On the contrary, lack of sex, or inadequate sex or lack of quality of sex becomes the cause of many divorces filed in the country. When the sex life of married couples is not good enough, it will certainly impact the quality and strength of the relationship.

The 10-day sex challenge is ideal for couples who are trying to bring in fresh energy and spirit of love and lust back into their bedroom. It is natural for boredom to set in the sex life of couples who are otherwise leading a busy professional life. They can make good use of this challenge to revive their spirit of love and lust and thus can infuse fresh energy back into their bedroom.

So, now you can discuss with your partner and make sure you both indulge in the 10-day sex challenge and make it work. If you are concerned about protection, you can buy many combo packs that are available at www.condombazaar.com and stock up sufficiently so that you need not break your challenge for want of condoms.

So, you both can choose the right time everyday and go to bed without fail to fulfill this challenge. For those couples who are not sure about how they are going to make this out, we present some practical tips.

  1. Choose the appropriate time to go to bed every day. Leave aside all your work, social media, television shows etc.,
  2. Go to bed and complement each other and discuss about good things that has happened and happening on their lives
  3. Recall the best sexual memories that you both share.., may be about the first night or that special moment during your honeymoon etc.,
  4. Try something new every night. Remember sex becomes better when you explore. Try some new position or do something that you not tried before.
  5. After the completion of the first night of the challenge, feel happy as you have accomplished the first day. But feel motivated to continue the same thing next day.
  6. Thus repeat the same on day 2, day 3….. until you complete the challenge on day 10.

Regular sex can strengthen the bond. When you are in a good relationship, your mind works better and  when your mind works better you can take better decisions and thus lead a happy life.

When you are done, try 100-day sex challenge and encourage people in your circle to indulge in 10-day sex challenge.