Multi Texture Condoms Sampler - 55's Pack


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Not many know that condoms can double up as pleasure enhancers apart from offering complete protection. Dotted and ribbed condoms are created to make the love making extremely pleasurable and exciting. The dots are raised rubber studs that are created to make love making high sensual and exciting. When the dots rub against the soft muscles of her vagina it can make her quiver and moan in pleasure.

The assorted multi texture condom sampler 55's pack is ideal when you want your intimate time with your lady love as sensual, as pleasurable and as memorable as possible. The sampler pack consists of 55 condoms of different brands such as Moods, Kamasutra, Kohinoor, Durex, Carex and Score having dotted, ribbed and multi textured variants. It is also an opportunity to allow her to experience different brands during every encounter and know what pleases her more. Try now and experience and see how she reacts when she is completely aroused.

Product Description

  • Assortment of Dotted, Ribbed and Multi textured Condoms
  • Bulk Pack of 55 Textured Condoms (Repacked)
  • Brands and Variants Included
    • Moods - Dotted, Ribbed and 1500 Dots Condoms
    • Kamasutra - Dotted, Ribbed and Intensity Condoms
    • Kohinoor - Extra Dots and Triple Extra Condoms
    • Durex - Pleasure Max Condoms
    • Carex - Rough and Tough, Gold Condoms
    • Skore - Dots Condoms
    • Playboy – 3in1 Condoms
    • Invigra – Maxpleasure Condoms
  • Long Expiry
  • Image is for representation purpose only
  • You can find the variant name on the back of the condom Sachet