Manforce & Kohinoor Condoms Sampler 50 pcs


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We don't experience double delight often in our life. But now you can get it as many times as you want. You can actually buy it. Yes! Manforce and Kohinooor condoms sampler pack can guarantee you the double delight as you get her to experience different condom every time. She is sure to go wild with every new condom. The pack comes with a mixture of 35 Manforce and 15 Kohinoor condoms. You get 35 flavoured condoms with an assortment of flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, banana, black grapes, coffee and jasmine.

You also get Manforce 'Climax Delay Condom', Kohinoor's Extra time and Triple Xtra variants. Since, it is a repack; you need to look at the back side of the pack to know the variant. Just try our new variant every time. When you know she likes to taste your shaft introduce flavours that you think can make her go mad. When you have so many options, you can rule the game.


  • Manforce Chocolate Flavored Condoms
  • Manforce Strawberry Flavored Condoms
  • Manforce Banana Flavored Condoms
  • Manforce Black Grapes Flavored Condoms
  • Manforce Coffee Flavored Condoms
  • Manforce Jasmine Scented Condoms
  • Manforce Last More Condoms
  • Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms
  • Kohinoor Triple Xtra Condoms
  • Kohinoor Jasmine Scented Condoms

Product Description

  • Contains 10 different Varieties of Kohinoor & Manforce Condoms
  • Pack of 50 condoms (Repacked)
  • Long Expiry Date
  • Choose the variety that suits you the best
  • Image is for representation purpose only
  • Variant name printed on the back of the condom Sachet