Extreme Pleasure Combo Tickler


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Now you need not worry about not being able to arouse your partner completely before inserting your organ on to her. This has been the worry of few men who are either impatient to get her to a completed aroused state or lack of knowledge about the art of turning their women ON inside out. No, we are not asking you to master any technique nor intended to take you through a step-by-step learning process. It is just simple. All that you can do is to order 'extreme pleasure combo tickler' pack and you can be sure of flooring her down with it. Yes! The combo comes with a Butterfly Vibrating Ring which can give about 20 minutes of highly sensual pleasure, 1 tease feather tickler and one 10's pack of Carex Assorted Condoms. You can have an exciting foreplay with feather tickler and vibrating ring, which can arouse her completely. And with Carex assorted condoms, you can surprise her every time with a new condom.


  • Butterfly Vibrating ring for 20 minutes Quivering pleasure - 1
  • Carex Assorted Condoms 10’s Pack - 1
  • Tease feather tickler – 1