Extreme Pleasure Combo- Tease and Tickle


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To give a pleasurable twist to your sex life, buy extreme pleasure combo - tease and tickle. This combo has an assortment of products intended to elevate the quality and intensity of your sex. The combo consists of ejaculation delay condoms 50s sampler pack, sexy nipple pasties - black colour, G Spot bullet massager and Tease Feather tickler. Each one has been included in the combo for a specific and special purpose.

You can indulge in some sensual foreplay and can have perfect arousal using tease feather tickler and nipple pasties. She is sure to turn wild after feeling the sensation as feather tickler can provide whole body stimulation. And then you can use G Spot bullet massager to provide quivering pleasure to her. If you are using it for the first time, you wouldn't have seen moaning so loudly before. Then ejaculation delay condoms can complement the excitement built and allow you to last longer and prolong the pleasure. Need we say more?


  • Ejaculation Delay Condoms 50s Sampler pack X 1
  • Sexy Nipple Pasties  Black Color 1 pair
  • G Spot Bullet Massager for Her 1
  • Tease feather tickler for shivering arousal 1