Extreme Pleasure Combo- Stimulating


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As the name indicates, extreme pleasure combo has an assortment of condoms, sex toys and sensation stimulator to allow you to experience heightened pleasure during your intimate time with her. The combo has 50 ejaculation delay condoms, sexy nipple pasties, naughty erotic dice and lipstick shaped discreet vibrating massager to experience shivering pleasure. The products have been carefully included in the pack to allow you to experience a fulfilling sex with your partner.

You have nipple pasties and vibrating massager to use in your foreplay. They can stimulate her and allow her to experience heightened sensation all over her body. Pasties and massager can build up excitement and makes her ready for the intercourse. The erotic dice can be used to choose the position that you both would love to indulge and can also decide who is going to take dominating position. You can use ejaculation delay condoms to prolong your coital time and enjoy sex for a longer time


  • Ejaculation Delay Condoms 60s Sampler pack X 1
  • Sexy Nipple Pasties - Black Color - 1 pair
  • 12 Sided Naughty Erotic Dice - 1
  • Lip Stick Shaped Vibrating Massager - 1