Extreme Pleasure Combo Scented


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This scented combo is meant to make your love making sessions all the more exciting, eventful and memorable. The combo comes with a Butterfly Vibrating Ring that can give 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to her, 10's pack of Kohinoor Jasmine Scented condoms and a Man force Stay Long Gel 10g Pack. Begin your act with a sensual foreplay using vibrating ring. Let her experience quivering pleasure and feel completely aroused. Then you can apply Manforce Stay Long Gel on your shaft and begin the play with Kohinoor Jasmine scented condoms.

The unique jasmine fragrance will soothe her further and she will be completely immersed into the act. Further the stay long gel will help you prolong the act and allow her to experience intense pleasure as you speed up your to and fro motion.  The combo is ideal to experience extreme pleasure during every time you indulge with her. Order this combo and give her extreme pleasure every time.


  • Butterfly Vibrating ring for 20 minutes Quivering pleasure - 1
  • Manforce Stay Long gel 10g Pack - 1
  • Kohinoor Jasmine Scented condoms 10’s pack - 1