Extreme Pleasure Combo- Long Lasting


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Sex is all about giving and taking pleasure. Sex is enjoyable when both partners are thoroughly aroused and feel heightened sensation. To allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and exciting sex, we have lined up some exciting sexual wellness products as a combo.

The combo consists of a Kamasutra Long last delay spray, sexy nipple pasties, 12 sided naughty erotic dice and a lip stick shaped vibrating massager. You begin the foreplay with nipple pasties, which can give tingling sensation to her over her nipples. She will be completely aroused with that. Follow that with lip stick shaped vibrating massager. This small massager can make her quiver in pleasure when you run it over her clitoris or nipples. Running it all along her body can allow her to experience whole body stimulation. When you know that she is completely aroused, then add the long lasting spray to delay the ejaculation and prolong your sex. Use the dice to decide on the position that you both find it comfortable


  • Kamasutra Long Last Delay Spray X 1
  • Sexy Nipple Pasties - Black Color - 1 pair
  • 12 Sided Naughty Erotic Dice - 1
  • Lip Stick Shaped Vibrating Massager - 1