Extreme Pleasure Combo Blaze


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The blaze extreme pleasure combo can work wonders for couples who are looking for highly sensual encounters every time. The combo consists of sexual wellness products and pleasure enhancers along with Moods Blaze condoms, which are known for its properties that can help men, prolong their ejaculation and allow their partner to experience pleasure for a longer duration.

When you order this combo you will get a Butterfly vibrating ring that is good enough to give her 20 minutes of quivering pleasure when it is placed on her clitoris or other erroneous zones of her body, a tease feather tickler, which can be used to spank her gently or run it along the sensual parts of her body to arouse her inside out and 2 packs of Moods Blaze 3's pack condoms. You can fire her up during your foreplay and then use Moods Blaze condoms to give her a fitting climax.


  • Butterfly Vibrating ring for 20 minutes Quivering pleasure - 1
  • Moods Blaze Condoms 3’s Pack - 2
  • Tease feather tickler – 1