Delay Condoms Sampler - 90's Pack


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Physical intimacy and love making are the most addictive things in the world. Everybody is keen to prolong the excitement and delay the ejaculation to ensure it lasts for as much duration as possible. Delay condoms are for those who want to prolong the session. Imagine how much more wonderful when you get 60 delay condoms from 6 different brands.

Yes, you can get it in Sampler 60's pack of Delay condoms. Delay condoms are specially made to prolong the act and take her to the peak of her erotic journey every time. Having 6 brands is a sure shot way to try, mix and match to ensure the surprise element is retained and which will further drive her wild. These condoms come with long expiry dates so you need not worry about stocking it. The pack consists of 10 delay condoms each from Durex, Carex, Moods, Kamasutra, Skore and Manforce.

Product Description

  • Ejaculation Delay Condoms of Nine Different Brands
  • Included brands (Any Nine)
    • Durex Performa Condoms
    • Carex Power Shot Condoms
    • Moods All Night Condoms 
    • Kamasutra Long Last Condoms
    • Skore Not Out Condoms
    • Manforce Pine Apple Staylong Condoms
    • Playboy – Long Lasting Pleasure Condoms
    • Zaroor Time max Condoms
    • Fantasy – Pan Flavoured and Delay Condoms
    • Invigra – Hi Performance Condoms
    • XXX -Stamina Condoms
    • Kohinoor – Xtra time Condoms
  • Bulk pack of 60 condoms (Repacked)
  • Long Expiry Date
  • Prolongs the act really long and you can take her to the peak every time
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