Carex Condoms - Mega Combo


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Women enjoy sex as much as men do. They don't like being just a bang bang affair always. Sometimes it can get rough and tough, sometimes it need to be ultra slow, sometime you get her down through some passionate indulgence. Intensity work sometimes, while gentleness score over power pack sometimes. There is no tailor made or proven method to please her. All the modes excite her as much. Buying Carex Condoms combo pack can help you try several exciting ways to please her.

The combo pack consists of 70 condoms, comprising of 6 variants each in 10's pack. Assorted flavor is part of the combo where you can get several exciting flavours in a pack. Go all out and indulge in exciting time with her and make her quiver in pleasure every time with a new variant of Carex condoms. The condoms are ideally made to help you get maximum pleasure during your intimate time with her. You can find her wanting more with every counter. 


  • Carex Rough and Tough Condoms 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Super Thin Condoms 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Three in One Condoms 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Power Shot Condoms 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Gold Condoms 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Condom Collection 10's pack X 1
  • Carex Assorted Flavors condoms 10's pack X 1