Velvet Female Condom 3's pack


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When you don't like wearing condoms, you can always ask her to wear it to get uncompromising protection during your love making. Female condoms can be bought over the counter or online. It is slightly expensive compared to male condoms. Few women like it because it is entirely women-controlled and they can take initiative to protect themselves. Though it may be little awkward in the beginning, female condoms are equally comfortable when you get used to it.

The entire act of sex can be exciting for women with female condoms on as it can rub against her clitoris giving her intense pleasure. Female Latex condoms are all the more convenient as it comes with lubrication on both sides. For first timers, they need to know how to insert female condoms and then they can go about repeating it. Female condoms are simple and easy to use. It can be used by almost every woman who can use a tampon. Female condoms can also be used for anal intercourse.