Playboy Premium Ribbed Condoms - 12's Pack


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Playboy is a well known condom brand that is available in 127 countries. Though Playboy is the world renowned erotic magazine, the brand is an instant hit when Playboy condoms were introduced. Playboy Premium lubricated ribbed condoms are manufacturing using premium quality latex and are perfectly lubricated to make your sexual encounters pleasurable and sensual. The ribbed condom comes with raised ribs running across the entire length of the condom.

The ribs can give heightened pleasure to her when she experiences tiny small ribs touching the soft vaginal muscles causing quivering sensation when you move your shaft inside you.   It is an ideal product to bring romance and intimacy back in to your bedroom.  You can witness the ribbed condoms can give fresh lease of pleasure as you can see her enjoying as your moves thoroughly as you move your shaft inside out.   Try Playboy ribbed condoms -tonight and experience heightened pleasure

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes (Premium Silicone)

Color: Natural Latex

Reservoir Tip: Yes

Rounded Tip: Yes

Width: 54mm

Length: 180mm

Texture: Ribbed