Playboy Premium Long Lasting Pleasure Condoms - 12's Pack


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Across the world, every men and women wants to prolong their coital time. This is one thing that nobody wants to end it rather quickly.  Playboy has a premium long lasting pleasure condom which can help men prolong their intimacy. This comes with a special coating which can desensitize the tip of the penis allowing men to continue in their act for a longer period. This condom variant is best suited for those who find it difficult to control premature ejaculation.

This can help men prolong their coital time and enjoy the intimacy with their lady love. She in turn is going to be more than excited as her lover is going to indulge with her passionate for a longer than usual period. Thus Playboy Premium Long Lasting Pleasure is ideal for couples who are on a romantic date or honeymoon. They can be sure of a prolonged indulgence and enjoy the intimacy and warmth of each other for a longer period of time.

Material: Latex

Lubricated: Yes (Premium Silicone) with Benzocaine

Color: Natural Latex

Reservoir Tip: Yes

Rounded Tip: Yes

Width: 54mm

Length: 180mm

Texture: Plain