KamaSutra Strawberry Extreme Softness Personal Lubricant 100ml


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Dryness has no place in sex. Physical intimacy will become a complete 'NO-NO' when it is not sufficiently wet and soft. But there may be times when the natural lubricant produced in our body may not be sufficient enough to experience heightened pleasure. Adding an additional lubricant can make your act all the more pleasurable and extremely sensual. Kamasutra Strawberry Extreme Softness Personal Lubricant is one such wonderful lubricant which can make your to and fro movement all the more easy and allow you both to enjoy each other's act thoroughly.

Apply the lubricant just few minutes before you both are ready for the skinny dipping and then indulge. You can see things getting absolutely smooth and incredibly pleasurable. The lubricant can be applied by men and women of all ages and during all periods of the year. It is absolutely safe. When you want extra pleasure, the aromatic Kamasutra extreme softness lubricant is the safe bet.

          Water Based Lubricant

          Safe to Use on Condoms

          Safe to use without Condoms also

          Easy to Wash

          Non- Staining lubricant

          Strawberry Flavour

          Tested for Food Grade

          Natural Flavour


          Silicon Free

          Available in 100 ml bottle