Skore Condoms Review – Shades

Skore Condoms Review – Shades colored Condoms

Condom Name :

Skore Shades

Brand :


Manufactured by :

TTK Protective Devices ltd.,

Length :

180 mm (min)

Width :

53 ± 2 mm

Colour :


Lubrication :


Features :


Skore Shades condoms Review Comment

When a 10’s pack of Skore condoms shades is open, we could find four numbers of Red colored, four numbers of Orange colored and two numbers of Yellow colored condoms. These dotted condoms were also packed as flavored ones. You can find the yellow ones in Skore Banana flavored condoms, the red ones in Skore Strawberry flavored condoms and the orange ones in Skore Orange flavored condoms.

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