Skore Condoms Review – Banana

Skore Condoms Review – Banana Flavoured Condoms

Condom Name :

Skore Banana

Brand :


Manufactured by :

TTK Protective Devices ltd.,

Length :

180 mm (min)

Width :

53 ± 2 mm

Colour :


Lubrication :


Features :


Skore Banana review Comment

Skore Banana condoms are flavored by sugars. If used for vaginal sex, may cause yeast/fungal infection in some women. Oral sex is what they are meant for. These condoms were manufactured in the factories that were earlier producing Kohinoor condoms and Durex Condoms

 He: I could feel her go bananas.
She: Don’t really feel the dots on the condom, when he is inside

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