Ladies Condom – All you should know.

Female Condom or Ladies Condom or Condom for Women

Women empowerment is an overused term in our social circles. But if there is one thing that offers real empowerment to women in every sense, it is female condoms.

 Female condoms (FC) are specially made for today’s educated, free-spirited and upwardly-mobile women who would like to take absolute control over their life. Available in all major cities and states of India, female condoms offer complete protection against infections and unwanted pregnancy. The highly elastic Condom for Women ensures there is very practically no chance for a breakage. Clinically tested for side effects and allergic reactions, female condoms are ideal for every woman who wants to enjoy a healthy sex life without any worries.

Before we begin to address some common concerns expressed by women across the world with regard to using female condoms, let us see

What is a female condom?

Female condom is like a small pouch that can be inserted deep into vagina before intercourse. The condom has two flexible rings, one open ring and one closed ring. The closed ring should be inserted into the vagina and open end remains at the outside. Penis can be inserted from the open end and the closed end will hold the pre-cum and semen when the male ejaculates inside her vagina at the end of the intercourse. For anal intercourse, similarly, closed end should be inserted into the anal hole leaving the open end to remain outside.

How it works?

Female condoms are very effective in preventing pregnancy. When inserted properly, it can hold the semen from entering vagina and thus protects the woman from pregnancy. It also works effectively against sexually transmitted diseases by safeguarding the woman every time.

Let us address some common concerns expressed by women

  1. Is it right for me?

Female condoms are just perfect when you are looking at it as a birth control method. It can work wonders when you know how to use it properly. It can be used by women of all types and ages. Statistics show that only 5 out of 100 women became pregnant even after then know how to use the female condoms correctly. Another statistics confirm that 21 out of 100 women who don’t know how to insert female condoms properly became pregnant. While it prevents pregnancy, it greatly reduces STDs. Any woman who knows how to use a tampon can use Female Condoms.

  1. Is it safe to use female condoms?

 Female condoms are absolutely safe. They are clinically proven to be safe and free from allergies. They can also be used safely during anal sex.

  1. Benefits of using Female Condoms

 It is safe, simple to use and convenient.

 It gives women the freedom and responsibility for preventing infection and unwanted pregnancy

 It becomes an exciting foreplay when woman actually allow her partner to insert the female condoms on to her.

 It allows men who are allergic to latex condoms to ask their partners to use female condoms

 It can go well with water based or oil based lubricants.

 It doesn’t affect women’s natural hormones or menstrual cycle in any way.

 It can give highly sensual sexual experience to a woman, because the external ring may rub against the clitoris during active vaginal intercourse.

Women can remain safe even after the end of intercourse not waiting to see whether the man maintains his erection or not… condoms can get risky when semen can spell over the vagina when the man suddenly loses his erection after ejaculation.

  1. Disadvantages of female condoms.

For few women, it may cause vaginal irritation and irritation to penis

Condoms might slip into the vagina during vaginal intercourse or into the anus during anal intercourse.

During vaginal intercourse, it is normal for the female condoms to move from side to side. This might reduce the intensity of the intercourse.

Few men may find reduced stimulation due to the female condoms

However, most women who use female condoms finds it absolutely comfortable and have reported that their partners had no problems in indulging in vaginal or anal intercourse with them with a condoms on.

  1. How to use Female Condoms?

 It requires a little practice during the first few times. Then it becomes very easy and comfortable to use.

 We give you a step-by-step method to learn the correct insertion of female condoms

Step 1 – Open the sachet carefully at the top. Pull out the female condoms and see whether it is in good condition. Make sure scissors, finger nails, sharp objects, jewellery come into contact with condoms while opening.


Step 2 – Hold the inner ring between your fore finger and thumb, squeeze the sides of the inner ring to form a figure of 8 as shown in the figure.


Step 3 – Close the inner ring as shown in the figure and then insert it into the vagina slowly. This will hold the ejaculation inside during the intercourse while the outer ring will remain open at the opening of the vagina.


Step 4 – Slowly insert the condom on to your vagina. You can choose a position that is comfortable for you to insert – standing, squatting, raising one leg, sitting, or lying down.. just about any position that you find it comfortable to insert. Slowly push the inner ring into your vagina.


Step 5 – Push it as deep as it can go into your vagina. Use your finger to push the condom further in. When it is fully inserted, the outer ring will cover the outer lips of the vagina.


Step 6 – Allow your partner to insert his penis onto the mouth of the condom. Ensure the penis is going straight into the vagina and not on the sides between the vaginal walls and the condoms. If you feel condom is slipping into or out of your vagina, ask him to stop. Then place it right and then remove it after the ejaculation.


Step 7 – To remove the female condom safely after intercourse, you need to hold the outer ring, twist is at the top to arrest the seminal fluids in the middle and then pull it out carefully as shown in the figure.

       6.  Is it suitable for multiple uses?

No. Female condoms should be discarded after single use. It is meant for single use only. Wrap the condom in a sachet or paper and throw it in dustbin. It should not be flushed into your toilet.

       7.  Is female condoms are affordable?

Yes! They are affordable. It costs Rs. 100/- for three piece.

     8. Where can I buy female condoms? Do I require a prescription to buy it?

It can be bought just over the counter or in super markets without any prescription. It can also be bought in online stores such as

    9. What to do when semen enters vagina despite using a female condom?

If your partner has ejaculated outside the condom into your vagina, you are advised to immediately use emergency contraception pill or visit your gynaec for consultation. Emergency contraception pills are very effective if it is taken before 5 days from the date of unprotected sex.

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