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No-Nos about Condoms

Condoms are an amazing gift considering today's fast pace lifestyle where we have no time for things that require careful attention and intricate upkeep. Condoms not only prevent us from unwanted pregnancies, but safeguard us from disgusting diseases which could pass on quite easily during unprotected sex. Hence, care should be taken to preserve our condoms safely so that it protects you all the time. Let us see some of the unsafe ways of storing condoms.

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Never store condoms in your car

We know it is customary for you to store condoms in your car, because you may not know when you could get time for a quickie one. Lucky ones even get time to indulge in the car itself. But, it should be remembered that condoms need to be stored in room temperature. Cars get heated up while you drive through hot days and cools down when your AC is on. Such fluctuating temperatures can affect your condoms. It could break during your sex giving you horrible times. Hence, it is advisable not to store condoms in your car for over a week for all practical reasons. Instead it is better to buy one from the store while you move along.

Never keep the condoms unused for a long time

You may have instances that you end up 'sex starved' for a very long time due to break up or transfer or for any other reason. Keeping condoms unused for a prolonged period where you go through a dry spell is not wise. Maximum you can store for six months to one year. And suddenly angels descend on your roof and you get an opportunity to use the rubber, it is advisable to buy a new pack instead of opening the one that you had been stocking up for a while. Chances are that old ones could break while you indulge hurriedly. You stock up only that is adequate.

Never apply the wrong lube

Condoms are effective only as long as it remains strong. Most of the condoms come with lubricants. But if you use water-based lubricants, it could weaken the latex and could spoil the very purpose for which it is used. You could end up screwing the whole thing. Experts advise you from staying off from applying moisturizers, creams, body lotions, body butter over the condom to get extra lubrication. These too can weaken latex. Hence be doubly careful with lubricants.

Never reuse condoms

It is common sense and most people know that. But still, we felt it is important to give a caution here that condoms should never be reused. It should not be reused even if you don't ejaculate. When it is done, it should be dumped. Condoms are made strong enough to withstand your thrust during sex. But when you wash it and reuse, chances are that some bodily fluids might stay in the condom or the washing could weaken the latex. In either case, it is dangerous. Even handling with hands while washing could damage its strength.