How to have a healthy Vagina.

Tips to maintain perfect Vaginal Hygiene

This article is intended to help women understand the importance of vaginal hygiene as these topics are not openly discussed or available in mainline magazines in India. Vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. It is prone to bacterial or other infections due to several reasons such as menstruation, hormonal changes, wardrobe choices, sex, lingerie and others.

Further, a vagina is home to certain special communities of bacteria, which actually protects it. Hence, maintaining vaginal health is very important for a woman as it may lead to several other problems.

Keep it dry – Make sure you clean your vagina when you find vaginal discharge or sweat. It is important that you clean it after urinating. Leaving it wet for some time can cause bacteria to develop resulting in infection and bad odour.

Replace your sanitary napkins after every 6 hours – It is recommended that

sanitary napkins should be replaced after every 5-6 hours. Wearing napkins for a longer period can lead to infections, rashes and bad odour.

Avoid tight clothes – Wearing tight or synthetic panties can prevent air circulation leading to sweat. It is good to wear cotton inners.

Keep it dry – As vagina is prone to infection due to various reasons, the cardinal rule to avoid vaginal infections is to keep it dry. While washing the vaginal area, wash it from front to back, that is, from vagina to anus. Washing it from the back will result in dragging some infectious bacteria from the anus to vagina. After urination, clean your vagina thoroughly with water and wipe it dry using a soft cloth or towel.

Clean it after intercourse – During an intercourse, either with condom or without, body fluids and small particles from condoms are likely to get settled in your vagina, which can potentially cause infection if it is not cleaned properly. Hence make sure to clean your vagina thoroughly after an intercourse.

Never use chemicals or hard soaps – Vagina maintains an optimum temperature and moisture with a specific pH balance. When you use chemicals or other hard soaps to wash your private part, this will affect the natural pH balance of your vagina leading to itching, irritation and infections. When you find irritation after washing with a chemical fluid or hard soap, wash again with plain water. If the irritation persists, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Remove pubic hair – Whether to keep or remove pubic hair? This is the most debatable question. From the hygiene point of view, it is recommended that you can remove your pubic hair completely. Or you can keep it short.

Don’t scrub it – The skin around the vagina is very sensitive. When you scrub it with a harsh product, in all likelihood, the skin could peel off causing pain and infection.

Be wary of vaginal discharge – Vaginal discharge is normal. But if your inner wear stinks due to vaginal discharge and / or when the discharge is in green or yellow in colour, then it is not normal. You should consult your doctor immediately.

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