What is your orgasm face?


The Face is the index of your mind. For sure it is. You cannot fake your true feelings. When it is real, face shows up. Whether it is true happiness, bitterness, sorrow, unpleasantness… whatever you feel inside, your face shows up. Same is the case with orgasm. When you have a perfect orgasm, it shows up in your face. The sheer joy of experiencing the orgasm will be writ large on your face, no way to hide it. We have heard that few women try to fake orgasms, but still their face can show it if you could watch closely.

Faces are highly expressive, no denying it. In many occasions people can feel exactly what we say by looking at our face, same is the case with us. We can find out what someone is feeling by looking at their face. No single word is required. When we are sad, angry, dissatisfied or frustrated your face indicates it clearly. The expression usually becomes more pronounced for those who don’t normally bluff. Some can hide their emotions and still can maintain a stony face.

But sex is one occasion where it is difficult to control your expression, more specifically, during the climax. Orgasm is the release of subdued erotic energy and perfect orgasm has a resonating effect in every cell of the body. We can never control our expressions during that moment of outburst when we experience a satisfying orgasm.

We show a wide range of unexplainable emotions. That is an outcome of true feeling and it is difficult to re-enact that moment and show an expression as natural as the one that shows when we experience orgasm. Sometimes our face might show as a shock when we experience extreme pleasure or joy. It is but natural. When we experience orgasm, which is the ultimate physical satisfaction, it might look like we are suffering.

Unless you have a camera fixed, it is practically impossible to identify how exactly your face looks during that hhaaaawww moment. You can’t bring back that experience consciously how much ever you try. It is something that naturally comes into.

Your expressions during orgasm can vary with person to person and with session to session. Your expressions may vary from being blissful to surprised, relieved, amused, intoxicated, amazed, grateful, appreciative, etc.,

So, what is your orgasm face? It is just the mirror of how your body feels about the experience inside out. It cannot be defined in singular terms or with any particular pattern of expression. As long as you both feel delighted, no matter how your face looks during the climax, your partner is not going to be concerned about it. After all, she knows it is an involuntary action of your nervous system and there is no way that you can control it. If you try to control it, you lose the best part of sex, which is heightened satisfaction and pleasure. What you experience is important in sex and not how you look during the climax. But don’t forget to wash your face after an orgasm.

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