All about Condoms: The Definitive Guide

You don’t buy a shirt if it is a misfit, irrespective of its attractive design or quality of fabric.

Will you?

No right.

You give the showroom guy a hard time unless you find the right shirt that is an absolute fit, quality fabric and nice design.

Isn’t it?

You can do the same thing while buying your condoms too.

When you do it, your sexual life can be lot more comfortable and exciting.

Choosing the right condom is the first step towards habituating yourself with safe sex.

Choosing your condom is akin to buying your shirt.

This definitive condom guide is our humble effort to help you choose the right condom. Please be informed that this guide is prepared after extensive research and collection of valuable information about condoms from across the web. The guide carries several important information for condoms users of all genres… first-timers, to occasional and regular condom users.

Let’s dig deep.

Let’s start choosing the condom that is right for you.

 Definitive Guide to Condoms
Chapter 1Sizes of Condoms
Chapter 2Condom types
Chapter 3Condom Brands in India
Chapter 4Price of Condoms in India
Chapter 5How to Buy Condoms Online? cumming soon....
Chapter 6How to wear a condom? about to cum...
Chapter 7History of Condoms
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Chapter 8Condom Resources
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Chapter 1 – Sizes of Condoms

You think a surgeon is able to perform surgery with an unfit pair of gloves. How uncomfortable it would be for him when the gloves are loose and it falls down during an important surgery? When that is the case with a glove, needs no explanation that size of the condom can play a vital role for an enjoyable performance in bed.

Choosing the right condom is vital to enjoying your intimate time with your partner. It is a basic knowledge that you have to choose the size of condom that can hold onto the circumference of your penis.

When the condom is too large, it can slip off and dissolve the very purpose of wearing it. When it is too tight, you are not going to be comfortable and there is always a risk of condom tearing during the process.

The length of the condom too should match the length of your erect organ. The thickness of the condom can have significant effect on the comfort level. Lesser the thickness of the condom better it is for both partners.

A perfect-fitted condom makes everything all the more comfortable, offers much needed protection and allows partners to enjoy their intimacy without any worries about pregnancy.

When you want to use the condom that is a right fit, you should look at the circumference of the condom. Circumference is the most important element when looking for the best fitting condom

Know that most condoms in India come with a width 53mm and length 180mm. The circumference of such condom can be considered as an average size.

Why Circumference Matters ?

Well, a study published in the International Journal of STD & AIDS tried to find how penis size influence condom slippage and breakage. After conducting their experiments, the authors concluded that the ideal ratio between condom circumference and penis circumference should be from 80 to 90%.

More than that increases the risk of slippage, and if the ratio is less than 80% there is a greater risk of condom breakage

So, scan the pack for sizes. Most condoms brands display condom width on their packs. The width of the condom is a measure of the condom when it is laid flat on a surface.

It may not match the circumference of your penis. The one dimensional measure may not be sufficient enough to match the dimensions of your three-dimensional penis.

So, how do you find out the perfect-fitting condom for your penis? , Or how to establish the effectiveness of condoms? Let’s explore.

Effectiveness of Condoms

As explained by Gerofi, the condom effectiveness depends on a number of factors, of which the three most important are:

  1. The condom should be used
  2. The condom should not break
  3. The condom should not slip off during use

The actual pressure and force on the penis depends on the relative circumferences of the penis and condom, the thickness of the rubber, and its elastic modulus.

So the thickness of the rubber and its elastic modulus being constant, the determination of the correct size depends only on the ratio between the penis and condom circumference.

It has to be so that it is not unduly stretched (not comfortable), nor too loose (the pressure from the condom on the penis is not high enough, and the condom will slip).

The text below from the Condomerie Web site proves the consensus in the scientific community:

“The most important thing when looking for the best fit is the condom’s circumference. A condom that’s too large can easily slip off, but a condom that is too tight is uncomfortable and the risk of tearing is greater. The length of the condom isn’t as important, but should be as close to the length of the penis as possible. The condom’s thickness and elasticity can also make it less or more comfortable.”

Moreover we at drilled Google to know more about the relation between condom width and Penis girth, for effectiveness of condoms. We came across the following studies and we have listed down our observations from them below.

A detailed discussion on various studies on Penis size is given in the section “All about Penis size” coming below

What we observed ?

  • The condom size is often called the diameter, but in fact it is the semi-perimeter (width when flat). A 53mm condom is in fact a condom of 106mm circumference (33.74mm diameter).
  • The data from the studies vouch 10% to 20% is the perfect ratio between condom circumference and the average erect Penis circumference
  • If the above ration is below 10% the risk of condom slippage increases slowly until 5% and then drastically
  • When the ratio falls above 20%, the feeling of discomfort increases until 30%, from there on the risk of breakage increases steeply
  • The important observation which made in this drill is that, most of the Condom Manufacturers know this ratio, because their Standard Condom width of 52-53 mm are a perfect fit for the standard Penis size which is around 120 mm in circumference.

Following the above observation, here is a simplified matching table between condom and penis size.

Now you have an idea about the general size of the condom. Knowing the overall size and choosing the one that best fits your penis are two different things.

Choosing the right one is not that easy, particularly when you are bombarded with marketing ‘pulls’ like ‘thinnest’, ‘ultra soft’, ‘long lasting pleasure’ etc., Over and above all these, you should know a condom is useless when it is not fitting on to your penis properly.

So, first thing you should consider is the dimensions.

Unfortunately in India, only two condom sizes were available viz., 180±2mm length /53±2mm width and 170±2mm length/49±2mm width. Indian men have to choose any one of them that matches their penis width.

The choices of condom sizes were restricted, because the Indian condom manufacturers are governed by the legal rules and guidelines mentioned in Schedule R of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1942.

Schedule R of the act doesn’t have or is not updated, to allow the manufacturer (give manufacturing license) for producing other condom sizes.

What the Schedule R says about Condom Dimensions is as below

Schedule R stands for “Standards for Condoms made of Rubber Latex intended for single use and other Mechanical Contraceptives”

Point No. 8 – Dimensions – (1) The Length when unrolled (excluding the teat) shall be not less than,

  1. 170 mm
  2. 180 mm

(2) The Width of a condom when laid flat and measured at any point within 85 mm from the open end shall be,

  1. i) 49 ± 2 mm for 170 mm length
  2. ii) 53 ± 2 mm for 180 mm length

Interestingly we have come across a study that concludes that Consumers are interest in an expanded choice of condom sizes that fall outside the range currently allowable by national and international standards organisations.

All about Penis Size

Admit it or not, every guy has, at some point in life, wondered whether he is big enough. But something’s are just not in your hands (ahem!).

Your nationality and race plays a major role in determining your penis size. Don’t believe us? This world penis size map by charts the average sizes for 80 countries in the world.

Congo stands tall at 7.1 inches while North Korea finds a soft spot at 3.8. Guess where India is on the chart? Well, just above North Korea.

According to the study Indians have the second smallest penises in the world, but we disagree to this, as we have come across some Indian studies, that vouch for a much bigger size of average Indian Penis.

More than the length, it is the girth of the Penis and hardness of erection that matters to satisfy a woman.  The proof for Indian Men’s penile virility is our country’s population, which no study can disprove.

Coming back to the world penis size map, here are some notable findings

  • The proper way to measure is from tip of the penis to the very bottom of the pubic bone.
  • The global average is 5.5 inches.
  • The most well hung country in our study is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (aka Congo), with an average of 7.1 inches.
  • On average, South America is the most well hung continent (6.36 inches)
  • North Korea has the smallest dick size on average (3.8 inches)
  • Only 3 percent of men worldwide are over 8 inches. Only 6 percent of men actually need extra large condoms


This is how the average size looks like according to


The scientific community has taken effort to determine the penis size from across the world, to arrive at the world average we have complied below a chart reporting the average penis circumference

YearCountryStudySample SizeGirth (mm)Sd (mm)Range (mm)
1994BrazilDe Ros et al150119-90-150
1996USWessells et al8012313,190-160
1999KoreaHan et al2791081078-137
2000GermanySchneider et al11112411,9494-157
2007IndiaK Promodu et al9311413,585-165
  Arithmetic Average 11713,0678-165


Let’s see what the other studies published across the world, say about Penis Size

Study 1 Herbenick (USA)

Erect penile length and circumference dimensions: a new internet survey – Need for a wider range of condom sizes

Conclusion from the study :
These data help showing once again the importance of having a wide choice of condom sizes, in order to better reflect the wide distribution of penis sizes. According to the Herbenick study, as many as 15% of the male population has an erect penile girth of more than 13.5cm (5.3in).

For this group, a normal sized condom is stretched 30%, which is really uncomfortable (for some, even painful) and accounts greatly for the high fail rate of condom usage.

The same can be said of the 15% of the male population whose erect penis girth is less than 10cm (4in). This group simply cannot wear a normal condom without experiencing severe slippage.

Condom producers have a great responsibility in proposing the greatest possible range of condom sizes. Producers like Theyfit, My.Size or Coripa are more than welcome.


Study 2 Shneider (Germany)

Does penile size in younger men cause problems in condom use? a prospective measurement of penile dimensions in 111 young and 32 older men.

Conclusion from the study:
To address the problems in condom use in younger men, a larger variety of condom sizes and better information about condom use may be useful.


Study 3 Kinsey study (USA)

The Kinsey study was conducted in 1948 by the Kinsey Institute of Sex Research, and in it men were asked: “How long is your penis, measuring on the top side from your belly out to the tip?”


Study 4  New penis survey from TheyFit: One size does NOT fit all!

Conclusion from the study:
Average erect penis girth: 120mm +-15.1mm (4.7in +-0.59in)
Average erect penis length (do not press the pubic bone with your ruler): 130mm (5.1in).
About 10 to 20% condom stretch is tolerable for most guys (18% being the optimum for comfort with TheyFit comdoms), and above 25%, you are going to have a bad time. It’s likely going to feel much too tight for you at the base.

Generally speaking, with store-bought condoms, above 135mm (5.3in) circumference you are going to be having issues with tightness and below 115mm (4.5in) a normal condom will likely be too loose and slip or fall off.

TheyFit – Reddit FAQ
TheyFit – National condom day
The Inaugural TheyFit UK Size Study Survey


Study 5 Ponchietti (Italy)

Penile length and circumference: a study on 3,300 young Italian males.

Conclusion from the study:
The median values of penile dimensions recorded in the present study are flaccid length 9.0 cm, flaccid circumference, at the middle of the shaft, 10.0 cm, and stretched length 12.5 cm. We also observed that the penile dimensions are highly correlated with height and weight.


Study 6 Soylemez (Turkey)

Relationship between penile size and somatometric parameters in 2276 healthy young men

Conclusion from the study:
To inform a man who perceives his penis as being in adequate, and before surgical planning for penis enlargement, urologists must know the normal penile length in their patients’ specific population. In this study, the mean flaccid, stretched and circumferential lengths were found to be 8.95, 13.98 and 8.89 cm, respectively.

Soylemez Study


Study 7 Aslan (Turkey)

Penile length and somatometric parameters: a study in healthy young Turkish men

Conclusion from the study:
The purpose of this study was to determine average penile length and to investigate the relationship between penile length and somatometric parameters in a group of young, healthy Turkish men. A total of 1132 men were included in the study.


Study 8 Szemat (Venezuela)

Penile dimensions in the Venezuelan population

Conclusion from the study:
For the group in general, the average penile length in flaccidity was 9.5 cm. (DE + 1, 7) and the elongated penis was 12.7 cm. (DE + 2.0). The mean proximal circumference was 8.8 cm. (DE + 1.2) and retroglanular was 8.2 cm. (DE + 1,2). The largest dimensions were seen in the black race, somewhat larger than in the white and mestizo.

Szemat Study


Study 9 Shahid Khan (Great Brittan)

Establishing a reference range for penile length in Caucasian British men: a prospective study of 609 men

Findings from the study:
Measurements from 610 patients aged 16–90 years were available for analysis.• The mean penile lengths were: pendulous length 8.7 cm ( SD  1.6 cm), penopubic length 10.2 cm ( SD  1.4 cm) and stretched length 14.3 cm ( SD  1.7 cm). The mean testicular volume was 19.8 mL ( SD  5.4 mL) for both left and right testicles.

Shahid Khan Study


Study 10 Kwanjin Park (Korea)

Penile Nomogram in Korean Males

Results of the Study:
The mean flaccid and erectile length were 7.76±1.19 cm and 11.88±1.32 cm, respectively. The stretched length demonstrated a more predictable relation to erectile length than flaccid length (Person correlation coefficient, R=0.648:0.549).

Kwanjin Park Study


Study 11 Choi (Korea)

Erect penile size of Korean men

Findings from the Study:
Mean length of the erect penis was 126.6 mm (95% Cl 125 to 128 mm, median 125 mm) and mean circumferences were 112.8 mm (95% Cl 83 to 141 mm, median 113 mm) at the base, 107.5 mm (95% Cl 78-137 mm, median 108 mm) at the shaft just below the shaft-glans junction, and 113.3 mm (95% Cl 77 to 146 mm, median 113 mm) at the glans.

Measurement variations with age (20-24, 25-29 and over 30 years) were not statistically significant. These Korean men’s penises on average had a more or less cylindrical shape which was narrower in the middle and they were smaller by all parameters than published samples of Caucasian men.

Korean men need a wider range of condoms than is currently marketed to them

Choi Study


Study 12 Awwad (Jordan)

Penile measurements in normal adult Jordanians and in patients with erectile dysfunction

Findings from the study:
The average flaccid penile length in adult potent Jordanians is 9.31.4 cm, while the stretched length is 13.52.3 cm. Patients with erectile dysfunction tend to have significantly shorter penises.

There was a significant correlation between height and midpoint circumference, and between flaccid, and stretched lengths in group 1, and between flaccid, stretched, and erect lengths in group 2.

Awwad Study


We have seen a good number of International studies on Penis Size, you may be asking us, what about India.

Here we go.

The below are two of the Published studies/surveys in India on Penis size.

Study 1 – By K. Promodu et al, – Published in International Journal of Impotence Research – 2007

Penile length and circumference: an Indian study

This study was conducted in Kerala, South India. Five hundred men, age ranging from 18 to 60 years were randomly selected from the sexual dysfunction clinic run by the principal investigator and outpatient clinic of the urology department at Medical College, Calicut, Kerala.

All the subjects who were willing to participate in the study have underwent clinical evaluation. Individuals with congenital or acquired genital abnormalities were excluded. Finally, 301 subjects were included in the study.

Conclusion from the study:

  • Mean flaccid, stretched and erected lengths are found to be 8. 21, 10.88 and 13.01 cm, respectively. Mean flaccid and erected circumference are found to be 9.14 and 11.46 cm.
  • Significant inter-correlations observed between all measures of penile dimensions.
  • Penile dimensions are found to be correlated with anthropometric measures such as height, weight and BMI.
  • Flaccid penile length is found to be most closely correlated with erected length.
  • Flaccid circumference and height are found to be most closely correlated with erected circumference.


Study 2 – Anonymous survey done by Dr Dr Vijaysarathi Ramanathan,

Conclusion from the Survey:
A total of 1670 people completed the survey and this has helped us reach a degree of consensus about the size of Indian men: Here are the main findings:

  • The average size of penis is 5.54 inches (14.07 cm) length and 3.11 inches (7.9 cm) girth
  • 52% of men wanted it longer and 34% wanted it thicker
  • 1 out of 3 men were ‘very worried’ about their size
  • Almost half of the men who responded said they would seek a sexologist’s help
  • 1 out of 10 men claimed to have bought penis enlargement pills or products online


Measure for Pleasure

Men are always worried about the size of their penis if it is big enough to make their women moan louder.

Most men have no idea about what actually should be the average size of the penis and keep on worrying about their manhood.

In order to know the size of the penis, one should stop comparing themselves to other men, instead they should take a measuring tape and analyse their length, erection size and erection angle.

Once you are done with the measurements, compare your answers with the average size of the penis, to know your penis well and most importantly you can choose the right size of condoms.

How to Measure your Penis

How to measure penis size properly is not a rocket science, but there are a few tips that you should know about in order to get correct measurements, like to shave the pubic hair prior to measuring the length ensure that you are measuring form the correct starting point.

We will show you below how to measure the four important parameters of Penis, viz. Length, Girth (Circumference), width and the angle of penis shaft, so that you can know, where you stand among your fellow men or use the measurement to buy the best fitting condoms.

Let’s start measuring now.

Measuring the length of Penis

Make sure your penis is erect and straight before starting the measurement. 

You can measure the length of your erect penis by pressing a ruler into your pubic bone.  Pressing hard into the groin for maximum length is justified by the fact that some men have more fat and more pubic hair.

The difference could be significant. Hence shaving the pubic bone as mentioned earlier is a good idea. Please note that the ruler angle at which you measure may produce skewed results.

In order to fix this, make sure that you press the ruler firmly into your pubic bone at a ninety-degree angle.

Record your results by measuring from the pubic bone all the way to the very tip of your penis.

For best results we recommend you do this test three times in a day at different time intervals, for roughly three days. Then simply take the average of the results you’ve recorded.

Measuring the Girth (circumference) of Penis

You can measure the girth (circumference) of your erect penis with a flexible tape or even with a string. Locate the thickest part of your penis’ shaft – this is exactly, where you have to measure.

Gently wrap the tape around the thickest region of your penis until it has completed one full rotation.

Record the measurement and repeat this procedure three times throughout the day, for approximately three days.

If you are using a string, wrap it around your penis in the thickest region, mark the beginning and the end and then measure it with a ruler. This will give an accurate measurement of penis girth.

If the head of your penis is significantly larger, measure it as well. When you look for condoms, go for flare shaped condoms, which provide more room for penis’ head /glands.

According to us Girth of the Penis is the most important parameter, than the length, because girth of the erect penis is going play a major role in satisfying your women, and off-course girth is what is required to choose your perfect filling condoms more than the length.

Measuring the Width of Penis

This step isn’t very important; it’s still something that most men are curious about.  The width is nothing but the diameter of the cylinder shaped Penis.

Circumference/Girth is what you have measured in the previous step and the formula to find the width is

Width or Diameter = Circumference/π

Simply divide the girth what you have measured by 3.14.  This is how you’ll find the correct width of your penis.

Measuring the Angle of the Penis

With your back against a wall and a mirror in side view, estimate your angle. A 90-degree angle would point directly out in front, 180 degrees up at your chin. An average angle is 105.7 degrees – slightly up from horizontal.

For further help on measuring your Penis, you can use the following references


Now you have measured the Length and Girth of your penis.

What is that you are going to do now?

Either you can compare your measurements, with other men across the world or choose the right condom size for you.

We have simplified this for you.

Below are two tables, simply write your measurement and get to know where you rank in the world or simply choose your condom size.

According to us, Girth is more important than length, so purposefully we have not included the length in the tables.

Country Girth (mm) Range (mm) My Girth in (mm)
Netherlands 122 90-161 Write your measurement here…
Brazil 119 90-150
US 123 90-160
Korea 108 78-137
Thailand 113
Germany 124 94-157
India 114 85-165
Average 117 78-165


Choose your condom size

My Penis Circumference is __________mm and my matching Condom width is _________mm.

Now you know your best fitting condom size, choose your fitting Condom Brand or the Variant from the table below.

Condom Sizes in India

Sl. NoBrandVariantLength mmWidth mm
1KamaSutraKamaSutra Smooth Condoms170 mm (min)49 ± 2 mm
2KamaSutraSKYN Original Condoms170 mm (min)49 ± 2 mm
3KamaSutraSKYN Extra Lube Condoms170 mm (min)49 ± 2 mm
4KohinoorKohinoor Pink condoms170 mm (min)49 ± 2 mm
5CarexSuper 3 in 1 condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
6CarexSuper thin Condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
7CarexPower Shot Condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
8CarexAssorted Flavoured Condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
9CarexRough and Tough Condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
10CarexCarex Gold Condoms160 mm (min)52 ± 2 mm
11DurexDurex Extended Pleasure Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
12DurexDurex Feel Thin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
13DurexDurex Pleasure Me Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
14DurexDurex Excite Me Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
15DurexDurex Taste Me Apple Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
16DurexDurex Jeans Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
17OkamotoSkin less Skin Ultra Thin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
18OkamotoSkin less Skin Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
19OkamotoSkin less Skin Vanilla Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
20OkamotoSkin less Skin Mint Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
21OkamotoSkin less Skin Blueberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
22OkamotoSkin less Skin Orange Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
23SkoreSkore Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
24SkoreSkore Orange Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
25SkoreSkore Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
26SkoreSkore Banana Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
27SkoreSkore Cherry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
28SkoreSkore Pinacola Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
29SkoreSkore Cool Mint Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
30SkoreSkore Blue Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
31SkoreSkore Shades Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
32SkoreSkore Dots Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
33SkoreSkore Easy Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
34SkoreSkore Not Out Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
35SkoreSkore Skin Thin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
36SkoreSkore Time Less Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
37SkoreSkore Zig Zag Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
38ManforceManforce Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
39ManforceManforce Coffee Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
40ManforceManforce Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
41ManforceManforce Black Grapes Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
42ManforceManforce Hazelnut Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
43ManforceManforce Game Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
44ManforceManforce Butter Scotch Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
45ManforceManforce Green Apple Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
46ManforceManforce stayLong Pine Apple Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
47ManforceManforce stayLong Organge Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
48ManforceManforce Guava Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
49ManforceManforce Mix Fruits Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
50ManforceManforce Rose Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
51ManforceManforce Banana Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
52ManforceManforce Bubblegum Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
53ManforceManforce Jasmine Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
54ManforceManforce Litchi Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
55KamaSutraKamaSutra Ribbed Condooms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
56KamaSutraKamaSutra Dotted Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
57KamaSutraKamaSutra LongLast Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
58KamaSutraKamaSutra SuperThin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
59KamaSutraKamaSutra Intensity Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
60KamaSutraKamaSutra WetNWild Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
61KamaSutraKamaSutra Warm Intimacy Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
62KamaSutraKamaSutra Chill Thrill Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
63KamaSutraKamaSutra Strawberry-Blueberry Bi-Flavoured condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
64KamaSutraKamaSutra Choco-Vanilla Bi-Flavoured condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
65KamaSutraKamaSutra Rum and Raisin Bi-Flavoured condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
66KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Vanilla Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
67KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
68KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
69KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite ButterScotch Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
70KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Coffee Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
71KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Banana Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
72KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Grapes Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
73MoodsMoods Regualr Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
74MoodsMoods Eye Candy Ultra Thin condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
75MoodsMoods Eye Candy Dotted Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
76MoodsMoods Eye Candy Allnight Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
77MoodsMoodsy Eye Candy Ribbed Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
78MoodsMoods Ultra Thin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
79MoodsMoods Dotted Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
80MoodsMoods Allnight Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
81MoodsMoods Ribbed Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
82MoodsMoods Strawberry condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
83MoodsMoods Choco Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
84MoodsMoods Absolute Xtasy Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
85MoodsMoods Aloe Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
86MoodsMoods Melange Flavoured Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
87MoodsMoods Blaze Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
88MoodsMoods Cool Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
89MoodsMoods 1500 Dots Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
90MoodsMoods Joyride Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
91MoodsMoods Electrify Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
92MoodsMoods Silver Blaze Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
93MoodsMoods Silver Cool Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
94KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Time Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
95KohinoorKohinoor Triple Xtra Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
96KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Dots Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
97KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Time Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
98InvigraInvigra Banana Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
99InvigraInvigra strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
100InvigraInvigra Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
101InvigraInvigra Feather Touch Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
102InvigraInvigra Kool Blue Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
103InvigraInvigra Hi Performance Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
104InvigraInvigra Alphonse Mango Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
105CobraCobra Bubblegum Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
106CobraCobra Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
107CobraCobra Butter Scotch Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
108CobraCobra Mint Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
109CobraCobra Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
110CobraCobra Coffee Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
111PlayboyPlayboy Ultra Thin Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
112PlayboyPlayboy Long Lasting Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
113PlayboyPlayboy 3in1 Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
114PlayboyPlayboy Ribbed Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
115PlayboyPlayboy Dotted Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
116PlayboyPlayboy Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
117xxxXXX Erotic Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
118xxxXXX Naughty Banana Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
119xxxXXX Seductive Grapes Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
120xxxXXX Orgasmic Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
121xxxXXX Tasty Bubblegum Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
122xxxXXX Stamina Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
123Skin LoveSkin Love Mango Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
124Skin LoveSkin Love Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
125Skin LoveSkin Love Chocolate Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
126FireFire Xtasy Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
127FantasyFantasy Paan Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
128FantasyFantasy Chocolate condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
129FantasyFantasy Strawberry Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
130ZaroorZaroor Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm
131ZaroorZaroor TimeMax Condoms180 mm (min)53 ± 2 mm

Do you need any further support or have suggestions on condom sizes,

don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below….



Chapter 2 – Condom types

The sexiest thing on bed can be to whip out a condom for a saucy, steamy, wet & wild sex that is safe too. For your experimentation and preference, there are all kind of condoms available out there. Check out the different Types of Condoms available for the pure purpose of your pleasure.



Natural Rubber Latex has outstanding elastic properties: and condoms made of latex may be stretched in excess of 800% before breaking. While the advantages of latex have made it the most popular condom material, it does have some drawbacks. Latex condoms are damaged when used with oil-based substances as lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, cooking oil, baby oil, mineral oil, skin lotions, suntan lotions, cold creams, butter or margarine. Additionally, latex allergy precludes use of latex condoms and is one of the principal reasons for the use of other materials.

Non Latex Condoms

Non-latex condoms are ideal for those who are allergic to latex condoms. Non-latex condoms are known to conduct heat better than latex ones and thus help couples enjoy a sensational sex.


The most common non-latex condoms are made from polyurethane.

Polyurethane condoms tend to be the same width and thickness as latex condoms. Polyurethane can be considered better than latex in several ways: it conducts heat better than latex, is not as sensitive to temperature and ultraviolet light (and so has less rigid storage requirements and a longer shelf life), can be used with oil-based lubricants, is less allergenic than latex, and does not have an odour.

However, polyurethane condoms are less elastic than latex ones, and may be more likely to slip or break than latex, lose their shape or bunch up more than latex, and are more expensive.


Polyisoprene is a synthetic version of natural rubber latex. While significantly more expensive, it has the advantages of latex (such as being softer and more elastic than polyurethane condoms) without the protein which is responsible for latex allergies. Like polyurethane condoms, polyisoprene condoms are said to do a better job of transmitting body heat. Unlike polyurethane condoms, they cannot be used with an oil-based lubricant.

Lamb Skin

Lamb Skin Condoms are made from sheep intestines. They are generally effective as a contraceptive by blocking sperm, but are likely less effective than latex in preventing the transmission of viruses, because of pores in the material. This is based on the idea that intestines, by their nature, are porous, permeable membranes, and while sperm are too large to pass through the pores, viruses—such as HIV, herpes, and genital warts—are small enough to pass through.

Some believe that lambskin condoms provide a more “natural” sensation, and they lack the allergens that are inherent to latex. Lambskin condoms are more expensive than other types and as slaughter by-products they are also not vegetarian.

Lambskin condoms are one of the older methods of pregnancy prevention. They have been used for many hundreds of years, and possibly as far back as the early days of the Roman Empire


Popularly called as Nitrile Rubber, nitrile is a synthetic rubber copolymer, and is mainly used for the production of Female Condoms


Non Lubricated

They are mostly used for Sperm collection in infertility clinics


Almost all condoms are lubricated with silicone oil to facilitate smooth penetration.  Based on the additive in addition to the lubricant used, you get the different pleasure sensation

Ejaculation Delay condoms

Delay condoms, help men to prolong the love making session by delaying the ejaculation. It is the best bet for those with ejaculation problems and for those who really want to prolong the act. Sales data of various brands show that this is the most selling variant and is also the same in our website condombazaar.

Extra Lubricated Condoms

Extra Lubricated condoms come with double lubrication to get your act smooth and easy. There is no fun in dry sex. Extra lube can make your whole act highly sensual and exhilarating.

AloeVera Lubricated Condoms

Aloevera is a shrub that produces sticky and transparent gel. Condoms with Aloevera lubricants can provide you with excellent lubrication and help you both enjoy a highly sensual love making.

Warming Condoms

It is a condom that is lubricated with a special warming lubricant which generates gentle heat on contact. This can make the partners enjoy the warmth of love and intimacy and not the condom.

Cooling Condoms

These condoms come with a special coating which can give cooling sensation during the intercourse and allow partners to enjoy a highly sensual and exciting sex. It is safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex.


This section of “The Definitive Guide to Condoms” is to help people know what condom shapes are available in the market and to find the right fit.  Another important factor about condom fitting is SHAPE.

We’ve researched a lot about condom sizes and the importance of knowing the width that matches your penis size (view dimensions table).

Knowing condom shape is particularly relevant to guys who find they are in between sizes or fit the width of regular condoms but still experience “problem spots”. Some penises have a wider base width compared to head girth, hence a tapered fit at the bell end is required, rather than a classic straight walled condom. Shape should be factored in if you often experience the head on the condom being too tight or too loose. There are condoms in the market with unique shapes to solve these fitting issues.

Many manufacturers now put on the condom box the base width and shape. To know what shape will suit you, the best thing to do is experiment with different styles. Condoms come in at least four main shapes: Straight walled, flare, large head, and tapered head. Here we will elaborate on each category and offer examples. Links to condoms are not affiliate links and they are not of any commercial value to us, they are just to guide you.

Anatomically Shaped

This condom is contoured to give an anatomical fit and is easy to roll off. Reflecting the shape of a male organ, it can give extra pleasure to women during love making.

Straight walled

This is a traditional shape that has been around since at least the 1930s. They are usually 53 mm wide from the opening all the way up to the teat. In other words, the base width and head width are the same. Usually thin condoms are straight shaped.

Spiral Head

This unique shaped condom has spring action because of its bulbous curves and spiral shape. When used, the design creates a sliding, frictionless motion around the tip of the condom, which helps increase sensitivity.

Large Head Room – “Comfort Fit”

There are a variety of shapes for larger headed condoms. Some are designed with a wider bell-shaped head that tapers in at the shaft. Examples of this include ONE Pleasure Dome, Kimono Maxx, LifeStyles KYNG and Durex PleasureMax.

For other “comfort shaped” condoms, it is less anatomically contoured but more “roomy”. The width expands very wide along the shaft, tapering just at the base for a secure fit- similar to a light bulb shape. Most of the XL condoms are designed this way, such as Trojan Magnums and Durex XXL.

There are also condoms out there that are designed with a “pleasure pouch” at the bell end- kind of like an extra foreskin -to add more stimulation for both partners, such as ONE Pleasure Plus.

Flare Shaped

Flare shape means that the base width is a few mm wider than the mid-shaft and has a contoured, anatomically shaped head. More and more condoms are being manufactured this way because of the easy roll-on design. Flare shape is ideal for guys who want a bit more room at the head of the condom

Tapered Head – “Close Fit”

As the name suggests these condoms taper at the head and can be either narrower or wider at the base. Close fitting condoms are popular because many people like the tightness. For some, it makes their penis feel harder. This is a good choice for any guy who experiences the head of condoms being too loose.


Ultra-Thin Condoms

This condom can give near natural skinny dipping sensation for women. Ultrathin doesn’t mean the condom is fragile and can break during love making. They are absolutely safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

Thick Condoms

Unlike thin condoms that can increase pleasure, thick condoms can  decrease the sensation for Men with premature ejaculation problem.

Besides decreasing the sensation, thick condoms are more tear resistant, therefore they are considered a bit safer than regular condoms and can be used for anal sex. People who want to feel extra safe can also use them.

You won’t usually find condoms being labelled as “thick” or “thickest”, but extra strength condoms are usually thicker than average.

Thickest Condom

LIfestyles extra strenght

One of the thickest condoms is Lifestyles Extra Strength, with the thickness of 0.09 mm. For comparison, regular condoms are usually around 0.07 mm thick, while ultrathin latex condoms are around 0.05 mm thick.

Others thick condoms worth mentioning are:

  • Okamoto GOKU-ATSU – (0.1 mm thick)
  • Sagami 0.09mm + Super Dot Condoms (0.09mm thick)
  • Durex Extra Strength (0.08 mm thick)
  • Trustex Assorted Flavors Extra Strength (0.09 mm thick)
  • Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed (0.08 mm thick)
  • EXS Extra Safe (0.072 mm thick)
  • Durex Performax (0.07 mm thick) – this one also contains a special lubricant that helps you last longer
  • Trojan Magnum (0.07 mm thick)

Condoms that have an “extra safe” label should also be somewhat thicker than average. Durex Extra Safe is one such example (it’s 0.08 mm thick) and they say that this condom is also a good choice for first timers. This condom is, primarily being sold on the UK and EU market.

Dotted Condoms

Dotted condoms are those tiny studs protruding on the outer side of the condom. When it rubs against the moist and soft tissues on the vaginal walls, it will give heightened pleasure to women.

Multitextured Condoms – Dotted, Ribbed and Shaped

Multi textured condoms usually come with ribbed surface, dotted tip and anatomically shaped. The combination of the three can pave way for a highly sensual and exhilarating sex.

Ribbed Condoms

Ribs are the tiny projections placed as circular ribs on the outer surface running along the length of the condom. The ribs friction created due to the soft and rigid ribs is sure to make her quiver in pleasure.

Her Pleasure Condoms

Colored Condoms

Available in plethora of colours including rainbow colours, coloured condoms can make your love making vibrant and exciting. Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, brown, Orange and even Gold colour condoms were available. Multiple colours on a single condom is also available.

Scented Condoms

Scented condoms are created to allow women to enjoy sex better. Few women are averse to the natural rubber smell of latex condoms and scented condoms can give a fragrant alternative to it.

Jasmine scented Condoms

Jasmine is one of the flowers that is loved by Indian women from all walks of life. Jasmine scented condoms can be tempting for women to indulge in oral sex and enjoy the love making wholeheartedly.

Rose scented Condoms

Rose is the symbol of love. Rose scented condoms can set the mood and sufficiently arouse women as soon as the condom pack is opened. It is sure to allow her to indulge in oral sex without any hesitation.

Glow Condoms

Glow condoms can add a surprising variety to your otherwise monotonous love making. The instant glow of light emanating from a condom in your dark bedroom will be truly exciting.

Flavoured Condoms

Chocolate Flavoured condoms

Chocolate is something that is loved by women world over for its unique taste and flavor. No wonder chocolate flavoured condoms are specially made to allow women enjoy oral sex thoroughly.

Strawberry Flavoured condoms

Strawberry is known to enhance sexual drive and strawberry flavoured condoms are created to make the oral sex pleasurable and exciting for women.

Coffee Flavoured condoms

Coffee has won the fascination of men and women for hundreds of years. Coffee flavoured condoms can render a refreshingly fresh twist to your oral sex and love making altogether.

Vanilla Flavoured condoms

Women enjoy oral sex as much as men do. She can indulge in it more willingly when you have flavours that she normally prefers. Vanilla flavoured condoms are made to make your oral sex delightful and exciting.

ButterScotch Flavoured condoms

Butterscotch is an exciting flavor that is liked by women world over for its buttery flavour and distinctive taste. No wonder butter scotch flavoured condoms can make your love making all the more special.

Mint Flavoured condoms

Mint is a cool but strong flavour. It gets all the more better when she can feel the exotic mint flavour and natural cooling sensation down her throat when she holds your manliness on her mouth.

Blueberry Flavoured Condoms

Made using the natural blueberry fruit extracts, Blueberry flavoured condoms are the best bet for an invigorating oral sex. The exotic blueberry flavour can set the mood for a romantic sex with your partner.

Banana Flavoured condoms

Banana has a sweet taste and pleasant fragrance. Banana flavoured condoms can invigorate her sensuality pleasantly and will make her indulge in oral sex with pleasure.

Orange Flavoured condoms

Orange has a distinctive flavour and refreshing taste. Orange flavoured condoms can not only ignite your passion but can make your love making refreshingly different and all the more enjoyable.

Apple Flavoured condoms

Apple flavoured condoms have an intense flavour and intriguing taste. The mild sweet flavour can ignite her taste buds and her passion that she will hold your manliness as long as possible.

Black Grapes Flavoured condoms

Black grape has a perfect combination of sweet and sour taste. The sweet fragrance of Black grapes flavoured condoms can excite her and make her indulge in oral sex passionately.

Bubble Gum Flavoured condoms

Bubble gums come with sweet taste and distinctive flavour. Bubble gum flavoured condoms are perfect for a passionate blow job. The invigorating taste and flavour of bubble gum can make her go intensely wild.

Paan Flavoured condoms

Paan is a popular Indian mixture of betel nut and tobacco concoction. Paan flavoured condoms evoke that pungent taste while she indulges in oral sex. The condom is absolutely safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex.






Un Flavoured Condoms

As the name denotes, it is a plain condom that is intended to enjoy penetration. These condoms usually come with lubrication and ribs which can allow women to experience heightened pleasure.

Spermicidal condoms

N-9 or nonoxynol 9 is the spermicide use in the spermicidal condoms. Spermicides kill sperm in the vagina to prevent them from ascending higher into a woman’s reproductive tract where they could potentially fertilize an egg. However, WHO states that research studies have found no difference in contraceptive effectiveness between condoms with or without a spermicidal coating.

Female Condoms

Female condoms truly empower women to take control and allow them to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy. Suitable for women of all ages, female condoms require little practice to insert and take out.

Innovative and Strange Condom Types

Edible Condoms

As the name suggests, these are made of food grade edible material, which can be licked and swallowed. These condoms do not provide contraction, they are only for the fun and hot oral sex.

French Ticklers

French Ticklers are condoms with extra bumps, nubs, ribs, ridges or shapes for extra sensation mainly for her. French ticklers are a great way to add fun to your bedroom.

Invented by a Tibetan Monk, french ticklers are a exciting way to keep things playful. There are many different styles of french tickler available. Some ‘ticklers’ are condoms with small bumps or ribbing to add a mild change in sensation without losing any of the protection a condom offers, since most french ticklers will not protect against unwanted pregnancy or STI’s. We repeat, a french tickler is not a condom and will not offer any protection against unwanted pregnancy or STI’s.

Tantric Style

These condoms are embellished with tattoo-esque designs, also are textured for extra pleasure. These can give you a pretty look for your penis.

Grooved Condoms

Groove Condoms are the new, premium condom for extended lubrication. The condom manufacturer specifically designed this patent-pending condom for long-lasting lubrication, using a raised texture to help keep the lube in place throughout use. Groove Condoms give you 2X better lubrication, giving you long-lasting, uninterrupted pleasure, so you can get your groove on.

For more details visit the link below

Winged Condoms

The Winged condom, as suggested, has “wings” which allows the condom to be put on with one hand, in the dark and without touching the condom itself to decrease potential ripping. One has to open the condom packaging as usual, hold the plastic wings to pull it over the penis and to the bottom of the shaft before discarding of the wings once the condom is in place. The condom material has been developed so that is it thinner for a more natural feel, a safe possibility due to the design of putting on the condom without hand contact to the condom itself.

Electric Eel Condoms

In order to make condom use more appealing, many researchers are looking for ways to make condoms a pleasurable experience. The inventors of the Electric Eel are looking to turn them into a kind of sex toy. The Electric Eel is a digital condom prototype that, for now, is basically a sleeve with electrodes in it. These electrodes are controlled by a microcontroller — a small, programmable computer — which send low current signals that feel like vibration or tingling. Depending on the data a person chooses to stream to the Electric Eel, they can create stimulation patterns based on anything from their own breathing to a stock ticker.

Both the user and their partner can feel the stimulation. Ideally, the Electric Eel would someday be a condom with circuitry that is open source

Printed Condoms

Bacon Condoms

Pot Flavoured (Marijuna) Condoms

This can give a whole new meaning to “smoke a fatty.” These green condoms apparently have a realistic smell and taste that will be sure to please all pot heads. You can try as many as you like, but they probably will not get you high. Although, your partner might say he’s feeling a bit high after everything…for different reasons, though.

Cola Falvoured Condoms

Continuing with the drinks theme, there are these cola-flavored condoms. After they’ve covered most of the fruit flavors, it makes sense that they move onto drinks. A water-flavored condom would basically be pointless, so it seemed like cola would be the next logical starting point.

Garlic Flavoured Condoms

You know how most people avoid eating garlic whenever they’re going to be all up close and personal with their partners? These condoms are basically the opposite of that. If you love yourself a pasta sauce that is loaded with garlic, or you’ve been known to eat a raw clove of garlic now and again, this is your condom.

Anti Rape Condoms

A South African doctor has created a female condom that puts teeth in the fight against rape.

The anti-rape condom, called “Rape-aXe,” features rows of jagged hooks designed to attach to a man’s penis during penetration. Once attached, the condom can only be removed by a doctor

Condometric Condoms

The Condometric is a condom with a measuring ruler printed on the side that will accurately determine the size of the wearer’s penis. The condom is available in four flavours (lime, cherry, banana and prophylactic rubber) and in both metric and imperial measurements (centimetres and inches).

Galactic Cap Condoms

The Galactic Cap is essentially a prophylactic disk that serves as a cap for the tip of the penis. One part of the condom cap is U-shaped polyurethane film that can be placed on the penis days before intercourse and the other component is an adhesive-backed reservoir cap that is put on top of the film securely. When a man ejaculates, the tip fills up, just like usual condom.

Hydrogel Condoms

Researchers have designed a next-generation condom with tough hydrogel materials to more closely replicate human skin. The redefined condom, replacing latex with new skin-like substitutes, will preserve and enhance sexual pleasure in order to improve uptake and regular use.

Origami Condoms

ORIGAMI Condoms are made of silicone and function differently than the latex condoms.  ORIGAMI Condoms function with a reciprocating motion that allows moving inside the soft, lubricating silicone condom the way it would feel without a condom. It provides the equivalent of the fluid environment that is the natural condition for sex.

It’s referred to as ‘direct tactile sensation’ instead of the dulling ‘indirect transferred sensation’ with a latex condom, transferred through the rubber barrier.

It is also the first NON-rolled condom ever designed.

Spray on Condoms

Vinzen Krouse is the inventor and creative mind behind the spray on condom, which he modelled after the drive-thru car wash. It’s bizarre to associate a drive-thru car wash with sexual activity, but it makes sense considering Krouse is a part of the Institute of Condom Consultancy (ICC).

During his time with the ICC, Krouse traveled far and wide educating people on the importance of safe sex and condom usage. During his travels, he was exposed to the many challenges people faced when attempting to properly use a condom. Some found it incredibly difficult to correctly apply the condom. Others felt it wasn’t really successful in preventing unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted disease. Then there were those with unusually sized or shaped penises.

So he created the spray on condom. With the spray on condom, a man would insert his erect penis into a spray contraption. He would push a button and the contraption would spray the entire length of the man’s penis with latex. The man would then remove his penis from the contraption and wait 2-3 minutes for the latex to dry. Once the latex was completely dried, sexual activity could be performed as usual.

By spraying the penis with latex, the man could get a better fit. It would minimize the chances of the condom tearing or slipping off; and best of all, a man would get a condom that was perfectly fit for his penis.

Wacky Rubbers

These are Hand-painted novelty condoms that come in a baffling array of styles, shapes and designs. In addition, the condoms play music and lighted up, when the tip is touched.

Tuxedo Printed condoms

VivaGel – STD – Killing condoms

The VivaGel condom is sold under Ansell’s LifeStyles Dual Protect brand. The physical barrier of the condom provides primary protection against sexually transmitted infections, while the condom is lubricated with VivaGel lubricant which is a proven antiviral agent. Vivagel can inactivate HIV, herpes simplex virus (HSV) and human papillomavirus (HPV), which are STI causing viruses.

Lelo Hex Condoms

LELO HEX comes with a structurally different design, which delivers strength, thinness and sensation through the hexagonal structures present across the condom

Lelo Hex condom uses the thinnest, strongest material known to science – graphene – and integrated its hexagonal molecular (honey comb) structure into the latex condom. They have used hexagons because they are strong and symmetrical.

With 350 individual hexagons applied throughout each condom the surface tessellates and molds to the unique shape of the wearer. The result as claimed by the manufacturer is a “New feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condoms before”.


Chapter 3 – Condom Brands in India

The Condom Brands Available in India can be broadly divided into three categories as

  • Commercial brands
  • Social Marketing brands &
  • Brands under Government program

Apart from this many imported condom brands are also available.
The commercially available condom brand in India come in various textures, flavours and with different type of lubricants.
We thought of compiling the list of Condoms in India for you.

The major commercially marketed brands include..

Manforce Condoms

Manforce Condom is one of the premium quality Condom Brands in India which uses Sunny Leone as brand ambassador.  It is the No.1 selling condom brand in the country, hence the category leader.

Marketed By:

Mankind Pharma ltd.,
208, Okhla Insutrial Estate – 3,
New Delhi  – 110020

Customer Care Number: 18001034400
Official Facebook Page:

Manufactured By:

Penta Latex
Plot No.49&50, Sector -2, SIDCUL Ranipur,
Haridwar, Uttarakhand – 249403

The brand does not have its own manufacturing plants and outsources it requirement from third party manufacturers.


Skore Condoms

Skore is TTK’s trophy product and a condom brand that is very quickly becoming popular with couples across India. Skore is a refreshing, stylish and cool brand that fits in among the youth.

Marketed By:

TTK Protective Devices Limited, Chennai
Customer Care Number: 044-28115800
Official Facebook Page:

Manufactured By:

TTK Protective Devices Limited
Factory 1
20- Perali Road, Virudhunagar 626001
Factory 2
12, K.P. Natham Road, Thiruvandarkoil,
Puducherry – 605102


KamaSutra Condoms

KamaSutra condom is India’s fourth (2016-17) largest condom brand. It is manufactured by J.K. Ansell Ltd. (JKAL), which is a 50:50 joint venture between Raymond Group and Ansell Limited. It is remembered for its launch campaign in 1991, featuring two of India’s top models of the time – Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson.

Marketed By:

J.K Ansell Private Limited
Customer Care Number: 912406611364
Official Facebook Page:  NA

Manufactured By:

J. K Ansell Private Limited
G-35 & 36, MIDC, Waluj,
Aurangabad – 431136

Okamoto Condoms

OKAMOTO the Number 1 condom brand in Japan has been pursuing and challenging an ultimate “Nothing-like” feelings over 80 years with the belief that the essential factors for the feelings are “Thinness” & “Softness”. In addition to these factors, needless to say, “Safety” is the most important factor for condom according to Okamoto.

Imported and Marketed By:

Coral Healthcare Private Limited
71 BRBB Road, Kolkata 700 001

Customer Care Number: +91 33 22350191

Manufactured By:

Okamoto Rubber Products Co., Ltd.,

Carex Condoms

Carex Condom brand belongs to Karex Industies, Malaysia, who is the largest condom manufacturer in the world.  Karex manufactures condoms for the leading brands in UK, US and in Europe. Carex Condoms were imported from Malaysia and marketed in India.

Imported and Marketed By:

Coral Healthcare Private Limited
71 BRBB Road, Kolkatta 700 001.

Customer Care Number: +91 33 22350191

Manufactured By:

Karex Industries Sdn. Bhd.


Kohinoor Condoms

Kohinoor is one of the first condom brands in India. Launch in 1979 by TTK limited, is currently marketed by Reckitt Benckiser (RB). The marketing rights of the brand changed hands to RB, when TTK Group had decided to buy out the entire interest of its foreign collaborator in TTK-LIG Ltd, a joint venture which had the licence to manufacture Kohinoor and Durex.

Marketed By:

Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
227 Okhla Industrial Estate
Phase III, Okhla, New Delhi 110020

Customer Care Number:  +91 124 4028222
Official Facebook Page:

Manufactured By:

TTK Protective Devices Limited
Factory 1
20- Perali Road, Virudhunagar 626001
Factory 2
12, K.P. Natham Road, Thiruvandarkoil,
Puducherry – 605102


Durex Condoms

Durex is truly an international condom brand known for its exotic range of condoms for variety of love making options. Durex has been serving mankind and allowing millions of men and women across the world enjoy safe sex for the past 85 years.

Marketed By:

Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
227 Okhla Industrial Estate
Phase III, Okhla, New Delhi 110020

Customer Care Number:  +91 124 4028222
Official Facebook Page:

Manufactured By:

TTK Protective Devices Limited
Factory 1
20- Perali Road, Virudhunagar 626001
Factory 2
12, K.P. Natham Road, Thiruvandarkoil,
Puducherry – 605102


Moods Condoms

The Moods brand, from the stable of the public sector enterprise (PSE), HLL Lifecare Limited, operates in the premium segment. Moods is present in nearly 30 countries such as Africa, South America and Gulf Countries. Due to its global presence, it maintains high quality standards and confirms to a range of international standards.

Marketed By:

HLL lifecare Limited
Velacherry Chennai

Customer Care Number:  +91 9381886597
Official Facebook Page:

Manufactured By:

HLL Lifecare Limited
Peroorkada PO., Thiruvananthapuram 695005


Playboy Condoms

Playboy is a leading condom brand that enjoys patronage of young men and women in over 127 countries.  Playboy has a rich legacy dating back to 1953 when Playboy magazine was launched.

Distributed in India by:

Espro Lifestyle Pvt Ltd.,
World Trade Centre, 22nd Floor, Unit No N2201,
Brigade Gateway Campus, Bangalore 560055

Customer Care Number: +91 9739239269

Manufactured By:

Cupid Limited
A-68 MIDC (Melagaon) Sinnar,
Nashik – 422113


Cobra Condoms

This is a very strong local brand in the Hindi Speaking Belt of Northern India. They have a very strong distribution network in this region.

Manufactured and Marketed By:

Anondita Healthcare
A-33/A, Sector – 8, Noida – 201301

Customer Care Number: 0120 – 4520301



Other Lesser Know Condom Brands available in India

Fantasy Condoms

This brand is marketed by one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world Cupid Limited. This brand has the unique Paan Flavoured Condoms

Manufactured and Marketed By:

Cupid Limited
A-68, MIDC, Sinnar,
Nashik – 422113.

Customer Care Number: +91-2551-230 280

Fire Xtasy Condoms

This brand claims to have six features in single condoms viz. Super Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured, Pink Coloured, Flavoured & Extra time Lubricated.  This brand comes from the Indian arm of Population Health Services International.

Marketed By:

Population Health Services (India)
M.C.H. No. 6-3-1090/1/1, Units No. A.B.C & D,
4th Floor, Uma Hyderabad, Raj Bhavan Road,
Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500082.

Customer Care Number: +91-40-30680661

Manufactured By:

MHL Healtcare ltd.
Budhana Road, Muzaffarnagar,
Uttar Pradesh – 251 001



XXX Condoms

XXX is a premium condom brand of DKT International, which is based in the USA and has affiliate offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia

Marketed By:

DKT India
(An Affiliate of DKT International, USA)
Hem-Dil, 67-A, Linking Road, Opp. St.Lawrence
High School, Santacruz(W), Mumbai 400 054.

Customer care Number: 022 64556770

Manufactured By:

J.K Ansell Pvt ltd.
G-35 & 36, MIDC Waluj,
Aurangabad  – 431136

Bangkok Nights Condoms

Sensex Condoms

Skin Love Condoms

Mithun Condoms

Convex Condoms

Naughty Time Condoms

Joystick Condoms

Stay-on Condoms

Skinn Condoms

Apollo Condoms (Brand from Apollo Hospitals and is mainly available in Apollo Pharmacies)

Love-Me Condoms

Kik Condoms

Version Condoms

Midnight Condoms

Exotic Condoms

Condom Brands  in India under Social Marketing

Zaroor Condoms

Zaroor is another condom brand marketed by DKT International, with economic pricing

Marketed By:

DKT India
(An Affiliate of DKT International, USA)
Hem-Dil, 67-A, Linking Road, Opp. St.Lawrence
High School, Santacruz(W), Mumbai 400 054.

Customer care Number: 022 64556770

Manufactured By:

J.K Ansell Pvt ltd.
G-35 & 36, MIDC Waluj,
Aurangabad  – 431136


Ustad condoms

Saajan condoms


Government Free Supply

Nirodh Condoms

Delux Nirodh Condoms


Chapter 4 – Condom Prices in India

Sl. NoBrandVariantPackMRP Rs.
1DurexDurex Extended Pleasure Condoms3's/10'sRs.55/Rs.165
2DurexDurex Feel Thin Condoms3's/10'sRs.55/Rs.165
3DurexDurex Pleasure Me Condoms3's/10'sRs.55/Rs.165
4DurexDurex Excite Me Condoms3's/10'sRs.55/Rs.165
5DurexDurex Taste Me Apple Condoms3's/10'sRs.55/Rs.150
6DurexDurex Jeans Condoms2'sRs.25/
7OkamotoSkin less Skin Ultra Thin Condoms3's/10'sRs.50/Rs.150
8OkamotoSkin less Skin Strawberry Condoms3's/10'sRs.50/Rs.150
9OkamotoSkin less Skin Vanilla Condoms10'sRs.150
10OkamotoSkin less Skin Mint Condoms10'sRs.150
11OkamotoSkin less Skin Blueberry Condoms10'sRs.150
12OkamotoSkin less Skin Orange Condoms10'sRs.150
13CarexSuper 3 in 1 condoms10'sRs.120
14CarexSuper thin Condoms10'sRs.120
15CarexPower Shot Condoms10'sRs.120
16CarexAssorted Flavoured Condoms10'sRs.120
17CarexRough and Tough Condoms10'sRs.120
18CarexCarex Gold Condoms10'sRs.120
19SkoreSkore Chocolate Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
20SkoreSkore Orange Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
21SkoreSkore Strawberry Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
22SkoreSkore Banana Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
23SkoreSkore Cherry Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
24SkoreSkore Pinacola Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
25SkoreSkore Cool Mint Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
26SkoreSkore Blue Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
27SkoreSkore Shades Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
28SkoreSkore Dots Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
29SkoreSkore Easy Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
30SkoreSkore Not Out Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
31SkoreSkore Skin Thin Condoms3's/10'sRs.40/Rs.120
32SkoreSkore Time Less Condoms3's/10'sRs.40/Rs.120
33SkoreSkore Zig Zag Condoms3's/10'sRs.40/Rs.120
34ManforceManforce Chocolate Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
35ManforceManforce Coffee Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
36ManforceManforce Strawberry Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
37ManforceManforce Black Grapes Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
38ManforceManforce Hazelnut Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
39ManforceManforce Game Condoms3's/10'sRs.30/Rs.90
40ManforceManforce Butter Scotch Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
41ManforceManforce Green Apple Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
42ManforceManforce stayLong Pine Apple Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
43ManforceManforce stayLong Organge Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
44ManforceManforce Guava Condoms2'sRs.20
45ManforceManforce Mix Fruits Condoms2'sRs.20
46ManforceManforce Rose Condoms2'sRs.20
47ManforceManforce Banana Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
48ManforceManforce Bubblegum Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
49ManforceManforce Jasmine Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
50ManforceManforce Litchi Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
51KamaSutraKamaSutra Smooth Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.15/Rs.50/Rs.100
52KamaSutraKamaSutra Ribbed Condooms3's/12's/20'sRs.25/Rs.100/Rs.150
53KamaSutraKamaSutra Dotted Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.25/Rs.100/Rs.150
54KamaSutraKamaSutra LongLast Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
55KamaSutraKamaSutra SuperThin Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
56KamaSutraKamaSutra Intensity Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
57KamaSutraKamaSutra WetNWild Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
58KamaSutraKamaSutra Warm Intimacy Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
59KamaSutraKamaSutra Chill Thrill Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.110/Rs.180
60KamaSutraKamaSutra Strawberry-Blueberry Bi-Flavoured condoms3's/12's Rs.25/Rs.100
61KamaSutraKamaSutra Choco-Vanilla Bi-Flavoured condoms3's/12's Rs.25/Rs.100
62KamaSutraKamaSutra Rum and Raisin Bi-Flavoured condoms3's/12's Rs.25/Rs.100
63KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Vanilla Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
64KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite strawberry Condoms3's/10's/20'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.150
65KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Chocolate Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
66KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite ButterScotch Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
67KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Coffee Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
68KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Banana Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
69KamaSutraKamaSutra Excite Grapes Condoms3's/10's/12'sRs.25/Rs.80/Rs.90
70KamaSutraSKYN Original Condoms3's/6'sRs.50/Rs.100
71KamaSutraSKYN Extra Lube Condoms3's/6'sRs.50/Rs.100
72MoodsMoods Regualr Condoms3'sRs.20
73MoodsMoods Eye Candy Ultra Thin condoms3's/10'sRs.20/Rs.80
74MoodsMoods Eye Candy Dotted Condoms3's/10'sRs.20/Rs.80
75MoodsMoods Eye Candy Allnight Condoms3's/10'sRs.20/Rs.80
76MoodsMoodsy Eye Candy Ribbed Condoms3'sRs.20
77MoodsMoods Ultra Thin Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.100/Rs.140
78MoodsMoods Dotted Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.100/Rs.140
79MoodsMoods Allnight Condoms3's/12's/20'sRs.30/Rs.100/Rs.140
80MoodsMoods Ribbed Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
81MoodsMoods Strawberry condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
82MoodsMoods Choco Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
83MoodsMoods Absolute Xtasy Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
84MoodsMoods Aloe Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
85MoodsMoods Melange Flavoured Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
86MoodsMoods Blaze Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
87MoodsMoods Cool Condoms3's/12'sRs.30/Rs.100
88MoodsMoods 1500 Dots Condoms3's/12'sRs.50/Rs.150
89MoodsMoods Joyride Condoms3's/12'sRs.50/Rs.150
90MoodsMoods Electrify Condoms3's/12'sRs.50/Rs.150
91MoodsMoods Silver Blaze Condoms3's/12'sRs.50/Rs.150
92MoodsMoods Silver Cool Condoms3's/12'sRs.50/Rs.150
93KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Time Condoms3's/10'sRs.30/Rs.90.2
94KohinoorKohinoor Pink condoms3's/10'sRs.24.40/Rs.72.60
95KohinoorKohinoor Triple Xtra Condoms3's/10'sRs.30/Rs.90.2
96KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Dots Condoms3's/10'sRs.30/Rs.90.2
97KohinoorKohinoor Xtra Time Condoms3's/10'sRs.30/Rs.90.2
98InvigraInvigra Banana Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
99InvigraInvigra strawberry Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
100InvigraInvigra Chocolate Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
101InvigraInvigra Feather Touch Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
102InvigraInvigra Kool Blue Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
103InvigraInvigra Hi Performance Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
104InvigraInvigra Alphonse Mango Condoms3's/12'sRs.25/Rs.90
105CobraCobra Bubblegum Condoms10'sRs.80
106CobraCobra Strawberry Condoms10'sRs.80
107CobraCobra Butter Scotch Condoms10'sRs.80
108CobraCobra Mint Condoms10'sRs.80
109CobraCobra Chocolate Condoms10'sRs.80
110CobraCobra Coffee Condoms10'sRs.80
111PlayboyPlayboy Ultra Thin Condoms12'2Rs.96
112PlayboyPlayboy Long Lasting Condoms12'2Rs.96
113PlayboyPlayboy 3in1 Condoms12'2Rs.96
114PlayboyPlayboy Ribbed Condoms12'2Rs.96
115PlayboyPlayboy Dotted Condoms12'2Rs.96
116PlayboyPlayboy Strawberry Condoms12'2Rs.96
117xxxXXX Erotic Strawberry Condoms3'sRs.20
118xxxXXX Naughty Banana Condoms3'sRs.20
119xxxXXX Seductive Grapes Condoms3'sRs.20
120xxxXXX Orgasmic Chocolate Condoms3'sRs.20
121xxxXXX Tasty Bubblegum Condoms3'sRs.20
122xxxXXX Stamina Condoms3'sRs.24
123Skin LoveSkin Love Mango Condoms12'sRs.96
124Skin LoveSkin Love Strawberry Condoms12'sRs.96
125Skin LoveSkin Love Chocolate Condoms12'sRs.96
126FireFire Xtasy Condoms12'sRs.96
127FantasyFantasy Paan Condoms4'sRs.30
128FantasyFantasy Chocolate condoms4'sRs.30
129FantasyFantasy Strawberry Condoms4'sRs.30
130ZaroorZaroor Condoms6'sRs.20
131ZaroorZaroor TimeMax Condoms10'sRs.60
132PlaygardPlaygard Strawberry Super Dotted Climax Delay condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.80
133PlaygardPlaygard Chocolate Super Dotted Climax Delay condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.81
134PlaygardPlaygard Strawberry Super Dotted Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.82
135PlaygardPlaygard Chocolate Dotted condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.83
136PlaygardPlaygard Butter Scotch Super Dotted condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.84
137PlaygardPlaygard Orange Super Dotted condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.85
138PlaygardPlaygard Icemint Multitexture Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.86
139PlaygardPlaygard Pineapple flavoured Dotted Condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.87
140PlaygardPlaygard Coffee flavoured Dotted condoms3's/10'sRs.25/Rs.88

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